Reserve Tickets

Apply for an art grant! Build the pony effigy! Get involved with the event planning and organization!

Because Playa del Fuego believes that all participants are equal, the event does not give out comp tickets to anyone. However, reserve tickets are sold to a small group of eligible participants based on their involvement with the event.

Coordinators and assistant coordinators (up to 4 per department), members of the Board of Directors, and a small number of essential volunteers are eligible to purchase a reserve ticket. The pony effigy team and arts grants recipients are eligible to purchase 2 reserve tickets (per grant awarded), and there are also 10 volunteer reserve tickets that are raffled off at each event. Theme camp organizers, DJs, and performers are not eligible for reserve tickets at this time.

For coordinator and BOD reserves, tickets are assigned by department, not to the person who holds the position.

The number of reserve tickets sold is based on the number of positions currently active, plus the volunteer raffle and pony builder reserves. The total number of reserve tickets for arts grants recipients are limited only by the number of grants approved!

The current number of reserve tickets, as of February 2014 is shown in the attached document below.

Reserve tickets are sold as an additional round of ticket sales (Round 3), outside of the event cap (currently 1,275). The Round 3 ticket sales are open for a 3-week period and end no less than 4 weeks before the beginning of the event to allow for a final tabulation of the total number of tickets sold. Any reserve tickets not purchased by this deadline will be forfeited.

How to buy: If you are supposed to get a reserve ticket, all you need to do once the tier is open is log in to your account and buy it. There is no special code - it's linked to your email address. If you get an error that a reservation is required, check the number you are trying to buy, and if it still doesn't work, contact so we can troubleshoot.