Available Leadership Positions for PDF 2020

The beginning stages in planning Playa del Fuego 2020 are happening now!
First steps are reviewing opening and available leadership positions.

New or vacant positions available include:
*  Acculturation Coordinator
*  Conclave Safety Coordinator
*  Planning Committee Co-Coordinator
*  Planning Committee Secretary
*  Planning Committee Treasurer
*  Conclave Drum Coordinator
*  Signage Coordinator

"Leadership" is sometimes a daunting word to read. People can get intimidated by the responsibility and pressures the words insinuate. However, many roles are considered Leadership that are stepping stones in the progress of being comfortable and confident in your abilities. Some people are even just afraid of using a Radio to communicate.
Our team of experienced Coordinators and community members are here to help you learn, and grow, and be a part of PdF growing.

Many skill sets are needed from manual labor and engineering, to clerical work and information sorting, to helping design and define the event layout and art itself, and anyone can be a part of it! You just have to step up and be a part of the team!
Join us.

Many of the following positions are also available, the Departments are not vacant and you will be co-coordinating:
*  Art Grant Co-Coordinator
*  Art Grant Committee Members
*  Communications Co-Coordinator
*  Conclave Co-Coordinator
*  Effigy Perimeter Co-Coordinator
*  First Aid Co-Coordinator
*  Parking Co-Coordinator
*  Greeters Co-Coordinator
*  Lamplighters Co-coordinator
*  Participation Co-Coordinator
*  Placement/ City Planning Co-Coordinator
*  Rangers Co-Coordinator
*  Sanctuary Co-Coordinator

So whether the position you are interested in is listed above, or you just want to help in any way you can, please take some time and fill out our form linked here!


Tamaqua Memorial Day Parade

Tamaqua has a memoral day starting on Monday May 27 @ 10am.  The parade is run by the American Legion.

The route is Broad Street, from St. Jerome’s Church to the YMCA (most of the Main Street).  You can make the first right in town, go up Stadium Hill, make the second left, and the second light puts you on south 309.

For more information please contact the American Legion.

Online Volunteer Signups are now Closed!

Thanks to everyone who signed up pre-burn for a volunteer shift.  There are still tons of opportunities available, just head on over to Participation Station during the burn to see what's available and sign up.  Also check out details on our new and improved volunteer reserved ticket program.

No Trampolines

Trampolines are banned from FPCS events. The legal liabilities and compromise to participants safety overshadow any community desires to have such items on site.  For additional information go to the Trampoline Policy Page

Art Grant Recipients

Congratulations to our 2019 Art Grant Recipients

  • Syno Synaptic Synchronicities - Ramirez
  • PUber - ShariBerie
  • Don Quixote's Dumbells - Balance & Forest Fire
  • Toilet Cats - ClownShoe
  • Spool of the Dawn - Laura
  • Giant Rideable Unicorn - Nataraj
  • 23 Kazoo - Peter
  • Sweep - Quentin
  • Pony Express - Saint
  • aMAZEing Principles - Sheck
  • Before I Die... - Sheck
  • Mini Burn - Heidi
  • VIP Porta-Pots - Sean
  • Native Spirit - Aura Love
  • Killadelphia Experiment M.V & Art Garage - Drew-cifer
  • Temple of the Fallen Pony - Monk-E
  • The Orphanage - Xavier
  • Make Your Own Sock Muppets - Snuggle and Mojo
  • Shitposts! For Science? - Pockets
  • WagWeg - Burning Rabbit
  • Tabula Rosa - Bugster
  • Prayer Pinecone - Positive Pineapple - Chimera11


Onsite Parking Applications are Due May 10th!

If you're camping with a Theme Camp, and your Theme Camp has requested a vehicle pass for your vehicle through the Theme Camp Placement application, please do not submit an Onsite Parking Request for that vehicle. Onsite Parking requests are only needed for vehicles NOT requested to be parked in placed Theme Camps. 

If you are planning on parking a vehicle anywhere other than the parking lot, be sure to submit an onsite parking application by Friday!

You must pre-register to park on-site. A limited number of passes are available on a first come first served basis, and receipt of a pass is not guaranteed. Only vehicles that contain beds (RVs, etc), or that are needed for medical reasons may park on site.

Do NOT show up planning to park on-site if you haven't pre-registered. RVs are not permitted in the parking lots, so if you show up without a pass you may be sent home!

Pre-registration does not guarantee on-site parking in the event of extremely muddy conditions.

You must be signed in to apply for onsite parking.


Can't find what you're looking for?

Image result for image login redAccess to some content is disabled or hidden if you are not logged in.  If there is an application or information you are looking for that you can't find, try logging in and looking again.

What Where When

What Where When submissions are now open for PDF 2019.  Click What Where When under Participate in the Main Menu, or click http://playadelfuego.org/whatwherewhen

PLEASE NOTE: In order to submit new entries you must be logged into the website.

Deadline For Inclusion In The Printed Guide was May 1st.  New submission will be included in the online version only!

Volunteer Sign Ups Are LIVE!

Hey, hey you there, did you know that PDF is a 100% Volunteer run event and anyone and everyone can be a mad sexy  rockin' volunteer.  We heart volunteers and volunteering just makes you feel good and that's a yay ;-)

The True Experience of a Burn comes from being Pro-Active. The more you give the more you will receive.

Schedules this year are being managed by Signup Genius.  Click here for links to each of the department signup pages.

Tickets ROUND 2 (SOLD OUT)

Tickets for PDF 2019 are Sold Out!


The time has come! It's time to start plotting and planning, dreaming and building. But first things first - it's time to buy your ticket! 




Reserve Tickets: Coordinators and Art Grant Recipients will be given an opportunity to purchase reserve tickets at the Tier 1 price of $65 at a later date. 


Hardship Ticket

Hardship tickets for 2019 Playa del Fuego are now being accepted. 

Please go to Event / Ticketing Information from the main menu, then click on Hardship Tickets to see more information about applying.

Wear your Art! Calls for Wristband Designs

Artists! Want to radically express yourself to every single person at PDF, whether they like it or not? Why not design our wristbands?!

Have an idea? Submit a design that meets the specifications below to tickets@playadelfuego.org before May 1st to have a chance to become part of Playa del Fuego history!

The chosen design will get the number of their choice reserved for them (you'll still have to have bought a ticket to redeem it, though) and will have the satisfaction of seeing their art on the wrist of every person on the playa!

Important Details:

  • Completed image must be provided as a scalable vector graphic (SVG)
  • Image dimensions should be 350mm x 16mm
  • Can be reduced to 180mm x 16mm with tileable background
  • Wristband must say "Playa Del Fuego" or "PDF" along with the current year (2019)
  • Wristband must have space for optional numbering at least 25mm x 10mm
  • Image palettes should contain no more than 8 colors
  • 3 variations should be possible for 21+, 18+, and Minors
  • Finished artwork must be kept secret until Monday, May 27th at 12pm EST

Dream big!


Pony Applications Are Now Closed

Every burn needs great art to be made for the community, by the community. Playa Del Fuego is seeking some great projects to enhance the community's experience of the 2019 event, including one special artist team to design, build and burn our signature effigy, the Pony!

Do you have an idea that you want to see come to life? Are you organized? Can you help us help you make your project happen? Well then, what are you waiting for? Apply now!

For Dates, Links and Addition information click Participate / Build Art in the Menu at the top of the page.



PRE-SALES OF ICE AND RE-ENTRY PASSES ARE NOW CLOSED.  You can still purchase passes and ice on site.  See below for information.

  • ICE delivery will be around noon on Saturday at the Participation Station. 
  • ICE and RE-ENTRY passes will be available for purchase onsite with Jim at Camp Re-Charge (first camp in Open Camping).  
  • On-site ICE sales will close Friday at 4pm (sharp!) with delivery of the ICE at the Participation Station around noon on Saturday.  Please plan pick up your ICE promptly, as there is no refrigeration on site to keep the ICE cold. 
  • RE-ENTRY will be available throughout the event with Jim at Camp Re-Charge (first camp in Open Camping).  
  • If you purchased a RE-ENTRY pass prior to the event, you will be able to pick up your pass at Camp Re-Charge.  RE-ENTRY passes are a contractual obligation, SO please be nice to the folks at the gate and at Camp Re-charge regarding the passes.  RE-ENTRY passes are $20 per car, per trip. 

All sales (pre-event and on-site) will be via  a swiped credit card.  NO CASH TRANSACTIONS allowed.  Please be prepared.