Theme Camp / Art Placement Extension

The Imperial Fleet has taken control of your Theme Camp and you've forgotten to get your Theme Camp / Sound camp / Art application in, and now the deadline has passed!

Just like Luke, City planning has come to the rescue and extended the deadline until this Friday.  It's only a couple days away, so remember to get those applications in!



What Where When

What Where When submissions are now open for PDF 2018.  Click What Where When under Participate in the Main Menu, or click

PLEASE NOTE: In order to submit new entries you must be logged into the website.


PDF 2018 Wristband Design Contest!

Artists! Want to radically express yourself to every single person at PDF, whether they like it or not? Why not design our wristbands?!

Submit a design that meets our specifications to before May 1st to have a chance to become part of PDF history!  The chosen design will get the number of their choice reserved for them (you'll still have to have bought a ticket to redeem it, though) and will have the satisfaction of seeing their art on the wrist of every person on the playa!

Here's the details:

  • Completed image must be provided as a scalable vector graphic (SVG)
  • Image dimensions should be 350mm x 16mm
    • Can be reduced to 180mm x 16mm with tileable background
  • Wristband must say "Playa Del Fuego" or "PDF" along with the current year (2018)
  • Wristband must have space for optional numbering at least 25mm x 10mm
  • Image palettes should contain no more than 8 colors
  • 3 variations should be possible for 21+, 18+, and Minors
  • Color variations must be clearly identifiable from a distance
  • Finished artwork must be kept secret until Monday, May 28th at 12pm EST
  • The email subject line should contain "PDF WRISTBAND DESIGN"

We look forward to seeing your designs!

Tickets Sales and Transfers are Closed!

Ticket sales and transfers are locked and loaded!  Time to pack all the things!

When arriving at the gate:

You MUST show up with VALID LEGAL PHOTO ID that matches the info on the waiver you signed for your ticket, and your ticket alone.

If you have more than one adult ticket associated with your ticket account, you’re did it wrong, and your friend(s) will be sad.

No print outs or other forms of ticketing will be accepted at the gate.

Your ID is the only acceptable means of entry. Have it handy when you come to the gate. The gate entry is a single-lane road. Don’t be "that guy" who has to tell the gate crew, "oh, my ID is my bag in the trunk."

Did we mention that you need your ID?




Congratulations to these Art Grant Recipients!!!

Wine Man, Scott Crum

Sticks, I, Quentin Davis

It's a Trap!!!, Stilted Saint

Authentic Souvenir PdF Relic, Miss Fidget

Harmonic Temple Lotus, Nataraj

Eleven, Kailah

Water on Fire, Balance

Megaphone Typewriter Love Letter, Juniper Bunny

Points of Contention, bxiie

Playatel, Rechner

Voyage of the Maiden, Ikatz

Wish!, Cidkid


The Pony, Sean Pietras


Congratulations to all Art Grant Winners!


Round 2 of Art Grants Now Open!!


Art Grants open until April 30th or the budget runs out!


Suggested Art Projects Include:

* Street signs/area signs (be part of the team that names them!)

* City beautification (whatever that means to you)

* Principles/education

* Decorate a Port-a-potty!  (up to $30)

* Anything you were thinking about doing, but missed the deadline!


A second round of Art Grants is open through April 30th, or until the budget limit is reached.

Your options for the second round are:
- Street signs/area signs (join a PC call to get names being used, and to suggest a name!)
- City beautification (whatever that means to you)
- Principles/education
- Adopt-a-potty! Decorate a Port-a-potty! (budget limit is $30 for this)
- Something you had in mind, but you missed the deadline, so here's your second chance


Apply here:


We know that everyone is super excited about Ticket Sales tonight.  Right below this article is a bunch of information on Ticket Sales, please be sure to read it so you don't miss out.

Also, we've opened up several of our applications just in time for ticket sales, but we're still working on a few of them.  Check out what's new and what's ready to go below.

NEW SITE FAQ:  Why'd we move?  What's going on with this "new" pdf site?  Inquiring minds what to know.  Click on over to the New Site FAQ to get some information about our new home.

TICKETING INFORMATION: In addition to some of the awesome information in the post below.  You can find out even more by going to our Ticketing Information Page.



Theme Camps and Theme Camp Placement

Art Placement

On Site Parking



What Where When

Sound Camp Applications

Volunteer Schedules



Ticket Sale Date: April 4th, 9pm EST

Ticket Sale Link:


  • Adult tickets, and minors 13-18: $65
  • Minors 12 and under - free

Payment Method:

  • To purchase tickets to Playa del Fuego, you must have a PayPal account. We recommend that you log into your PayPal account before joining the ticket queue.

# Available to Purchase:

  • A total of 750 tickets will be available in Round 1.
  • Each adult may purchase up to 4 adult / minor (13-18) tickets at once.
  • Each adult may select as many minor (12 and under) tickets as needed.

Addition Details:

  • You'll need to sign a waiver to claim your ticket
  • Depending on the performance of this sale, a second round at $80 a ticket might be added
  • ALL participants who have earned a reserved ticket are encouraged to go into this sale
  • More information is included on the Ticketing FAQ
  • You will be required to have a valid ID which matches the name on your ticket to gain entry into PDF this year.

Art Grants are Closed - But Pony Applications are still live!

We're sorry that you missed your chance for an Art Grant this year, however if you are interested in building our Pony applications for the Pony Builder are still open!

Head over to the Build Art (Link is under Participate at the top) page to read more about our application process and fill in our Grant Forms.

As always, you must be signed in to access the forms!