Spring 2017 Art Grants Recipients Announced

Dear PDF Community,

The Playa Del Fuego Art Grants Committee would like to announce and extend our congratulations to the art grant recipients for Playa Del Fuego Spring 2017! They are as follows:

Fire Jenga - by Michele Christiana

World Peace & Universal Love - by Christey Marie Curran

Pieces of My Heart: A Puzzle for Everyone - by Jamilah Dalton

LuminUS - by Anatoliy Kaverin

Sounds of the Rainbow - by La'Quita Denson

Humble Origins: Keeping PDF Great Again - by Enrique Pina

Shadow puppet crankie performances and exhibit - by Katherine Fahey

Tetrahedron Tower - by Nathan Dawley

Burning Cube - by Alan Silverman

Flower of Life - by Jessica Fleming

Offering to Our AI Overlord (O.toO.AI.O) - by Quentin Davis

Solar System Walk - by Theresa Dower

Swirls - by James Payne (Bxiie)

Connect Far - by Chris Feineis

Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Rex - by Asha Veeraswamy



We look forward to seeing their projects come to fruition at the upcoming PDF, and hope that all of you in attendance will enjoy them as well!

St. Greg & Ursula

Playa Del Fuego Art Grants Co-Coordinators


As of this spring there will no longer be dumpsters at PDF.  In the spirit of the Burning Man principle of Leave No Trace and to further lock in our regional status we will be eliminating public use dumpsters and trash cans starting this spring.  
This means you are responsible for leaving with anything you come in with.  More details and suggestions on how to lighten your garbage footprint will be posted here, shared on the facebook and the Burning Pony Express in the upcoming months.

Spring PDF Ticket Sale Dates

Spring PDF Ticket Sale Dates:

Round 1 - Sunday, February 26th (noon)
Round 2 - Wednesday, March 15 (9 PM)
Reserves open - Sunday, March 26
Reserves close - Tuesday, April 25 (4 weeks before PDF)

Wristbands, Wristbands....

Who wants fabulous wristbands at Spring PDF 2017? 
PDF community members we read your post about wristbands being too tight or not coming off easily after the burn. After PDF we saw your pictures and comments of wristbands. Well, we heard your suggestions….We will be ordering fabric smart-lock wristbands, pending the Gate budget approval.
We still need your design to make this happen.  
Who in the community would like to be the person who sees their artwork on 90% of the PDF community?
We are opening submissions for artwork to design the fabric wristbands at Spring PDF 2017.
We have a template from the vendor that must be adhered to for the artwork design of the wristband.
The opening dates for artwork submissions will be from February 2, 2017 and will close April 2, 2017.
If you are interested in submitting artwork for the fabric wristbands for Spring PDF 2017, send an email to Gate-lead@playadelfuego.org for more information and template.
I can’t wait to see what our community can create )*(
Smartie Martie
Gate Lead


Upcoming PC Meetings

Spring PDF Planning is upon us.  Join in on the fun by participating in our monthly PC meetings.

Upcoming PC Meetings: 

Times for future meetings will be published the week prior to the meeting.


Spring 2017 Pony and Art Grants application processes are now open!

Every burn needs great art to be made for the community, by the community. Playa Del Fuego is seeking some great projects to enhance the community's experience of the Spring 2017 event, including one special artist team to design, build and burn our signature effigy, the Pony!

Do you have an idea that you want to see come to life? Are you organized? Can you help us help you make your project happen? Well then, what are you waiting for? Apply now!

To apply to build the Pony, please make sure you are signed into an account on www.playadelfuego.org, and then go to: http://playadelfuego.org/ponyeffigy
To apply for an art grant, please make sure you are signed into an account on www.playadelfuego.org, and then go to: http://playadelfuego.org/ArtGrantApplications

Important Dates:
February 21st - Deadline for applications
March 14th - Grant recipients announced

If you have any questions on Art Grants, please send them to artgrants-lead@playadelfuego.org
If you have any questions about the Pony, please send them to burningart-lead@playadelfuego.org


A Message To Our Community

Dear Playa del Fuego Community,

On Monday afternoon, our community experienced a tragic loss.

During our post-event breakdown efforts, we discovered that one of our participants had passed away in his tent.

Our team called emergency services, and we have and will continue to cooperate fully with the authorities involved. Thank you to our hosts who were prepared to support us with anything we needed.

It is very important for all of us to avoid speculation. We will release his identity once we’re certain the next of kin have been notified, as well as any additional information we receive.

This is a terrible loss and our thoughts and prayers are with his family, friends and the Playa del Fuego community.

With much sadness,
The PDF Board of Directors