Spring PDF future PC meeting schedule

Upcoming PC meetings:

February 20 (Sat), March 13 (Sun), April 9 (Sat)

*Times* for the meetings will be announced before each on the PONY (and are often at noon, but not always).

Fall 2015 What Where When Guide is here!!

Thanks to the What Where When team for another awesome guide.  To see the guide in its glorious entirety, just click the Cover image to the right.

If you have trouble viewing the guide online, you can download the guide by right clicking the image and choosing "Save File as" or "Save Link As" (depending on your browser) then follow the prompts.




Fall 2015 Art Grant Recipients Announced

Ladies, Gentlemen and Sparkleponies,

The Playa Del Fuego Art Grant Committee would like to announce and extend our congratulations to the art grant recipients for Playa Del Fuego Fall 2015!

They are as follows:

Talk to God – by Princess Mirabal  Art Inside: The Big Box – by Michael Canepi
Dick Poetry – by Andrea Morris  The Confessional – by Liza Shankar
Connies Cantina – by Mary Hickok  Cock Cannon – Timothy Dougherty
Soap Box/AntiBox – by Andie Oswald Knick Knacks, Paddle Whacks, Give Our Dog Your Bone – by Taya Dianna
CHURCH – by Colin Carroll Nemma: the lantern project – by Quentin Davis
Patchwork Painting – by Victoria Chapman Seahorses Forever – by Jeffrey Owens
Dear Future Me – by Zoe Deroo Ark of the Covenant – by William Donelson (Bourne)
Alyse Firefly Art's PDF portrait project – by Lauryll Alyse Russell  Tapestries with Dharma Dye – by Cheryl Erickson

We look forward to seeing their projects come to fruition at the upcoming PDF, and hope that all of you in attendance will enjoy them as well!

Registrations Are Open!

The following registrations for Fall PDF are now open:

Need to manage your applications, registrations and What Where When submissions?  This is the place to go to view and manage it all!

Volunteer Schedule
Sign Up Early, sign up often!  Did you know that Playa del Fuego is a 100% volunteer run event and everyone can be a mad sexy rockin Volunteer!  Check out the volunteer schedule and pick a shift that suits your style, then pick another just for fun!

Theme Camp Registration
Bringing a Theme Camp to PDF, creating it here will make sure it is displayed in the What Where When for all to see.  If you've previously brought a Theme Camp to PDF, instead of creating a new camp, click on My PDF and update your camp information for the upcoming burn.

Theme Camp Placement
If you would like your Theme Camp placed in the main Theme Camp area, please request Theme Camp Placement by clicking on the link above.

Sound Camps
PDF limits the number of Loud Sound Camps playing at PDF.  If you would like to bring a Sound Camp, please fill in this Application. For additional information about Sound, check out our Sound Policies

What Where When
The What Where When Guide is the participants' guide to all the many silly, inspiring, delightful, loud, quiet, thoughtful, foxy, exotic, expressive, interesting, beautiful, humbling, and yummy things that happen at Playa del Fuego.  Click here to read more about it and get your Events or Art in the guide.

Art Placement
New this year!  In order to help with the placement of Art installations through the burn, we are asking anyone who has received an Art Grant, is bringing art to burn, or will have an art piece that needs to be placed outside their own Theme Camp to please fill in a placement application by clicking the Art Placement link above.

On Site Parking Requests
Interested in sleeping in your RV or Van?  Not part of a Theme Camp?  There is VERY limited space available for RVs at playa del fuego, so get your application in early.

Ticket Sales for Fall PDF

Ticket sale dates for Fall 2015:
Round 1 - Sunday, July 12 at Noon
Round 2 - Wednesday, August 5 at 9pm
Reserves Open - Saturday, August 15
Reserves Close - Tuesday, September 8
Fall PDF will be held Columbus Day Weekend October 8th @5pm - October 12th @ noon.

June Planning Committee Meeting Information

Planning Committee Meeting – Sunday June 14 – Noon
The Planning Committee (the PC) will have its first meeting of the summer cycle on Sunday, June 14, 2015 at Noon.   The PC is comprised of literally anyone who calls in and attends the planning meeting call.  Everyone is already a member of the PC, just call in!  All are welcome to join in.
The June PC meeting will be discussing After-Burn Reports for the Spring 2015 event.  After-Burn Reports are typically submitted by Coordinators regarding their respective department, however anyone is welcome to submit a report.  If there is time, there may be some items of new business discussed. 
You can find information for the current meeting on the PONY here:
A thread for After-Burn Reports has been started on the PONY here:
General information about the PC and the calls can be found here:


Self Expression and Cooperation require a social contract to make our event a safe place to play. These rules apply to everyone regardless of their gender or sexual orientation. Remember that not everyone wants your attention so be courteous and always ask for consent.

What do we mean by consent? Consent is an affirmative, unambiguous, and conscious decision by each participant to engage in mutually agreed-upon activity. The consent has to be ongoing throughout any encounter. While consent is generally spoken about in terms of sexual activity, it extends beyond this at PDF - we apply the same guidelines to taking pictures of others, hugging, entering a camps private space, etc. 

While we strive to make PDF a safe place for everyone, assumptions can be made (sometimes from those who have never been to a Burn before) about what is acceptable and what is not. The following is PDFs stance on consent and “best practices” for protecting yourself and others. 

- NO always means NO. Only YES means YES. Get an enthusiastic YES before proceeding with anything that might infringe on someone else's boundaries.

- After someone has said NO, cajoling, pleading, or any form of emotional blackmail is UNACCEPTABLE.

- YES can turn into a NO at anytime and that needs to be respected. You or the other person don’t have to go along with something, even if it was previously agreed on. If you change your mind you should speak up, and if someone else changes their mind you should act in accordance with that new boundary. 

- Before you assume someone wants your physical attentions, ASK. Being direct is OK. This includes anything from hugs, spankings, kissing, etc. Some people do not want to be touched, and that should be respected. Asking is expected protocol, and sexier than you might think. Not respecting these boundaries can be considered sexual assault, and will not be tolerated at the event. 

- Respect the moment. Comfort levels vary at different times and with different people. Even if a person seems comfortable with one person touching them does not mean they are ok with everyone touching them.

- If you’re not sure if what you’re about to do is ok, either where you are, or who you are with, ask. Not everything is a good idea everywhere.

- Being under the influence is not an excuse for infringing on others boundaries. Consider your level of sobriety. Are you able to ask permission and respect an others boundaries? Consider the other persons level of sobriety. Are they able to give consent? TIP: You can say that you would rather wait until you both have your full judgment before doing anything you may regret later.

- Don't hesitate to check in with others around you. If someone looks uncomfortable, don't be afraid to say hello and ask how they're doing. 

- If you are uncomfortable, ask for help. We are a tight knit community and look out for each other. Look around - are there friends close by? Theme camps? Random people walking around? Let them know that you aren’t comfortable in the current situation. 

- Rangers are trained in mediation techniques and can diffuse any number of situations. In addition, if there is a violation of your boundaries, Rangers can intervene and will keep a log of the incident in case the offending party continues this type of behavior. Assault or repeated harassment may lead to ejection from the event; reporting incidents helps us spot predators. Rangers are the cool kids walking around in khaki with walkie talkies. 

- Practice saying YES as well as no. We know it can be challenging to communicate your feelings or boundaries verbally. And no one should assume they understand someone else body language. Being clear about what you want or don’t want can help avoid situations where boundaries are being violated.

- Remember, respecting personal boundaries includes taking pictures or video, as well as physical and verbal interaction.