Tickets are Sold Out But Scalping Is Sad

Second round tickets have sold out. As you look for aftermarket tickets remember the following which comes straight from the Grand Unified Doc 'Scalped and counterfeit tickets violate core principles of our event and are not tolerated.  Scalped and counterfeit tickets are void and will not be accepted for admittance or exchanged for a wristband. Wristbands obtained with scalped or counterfeit tickets or in any other nefarious manner will be voided and the wearer ejected.'

Bring It Home Grant

The 2013 Bring It Home Grant is a trial run of a community art grant, sponsored by Playa del Fuego. The idea behind the Bring It Home Grant is to provide artists who participate in community art events to apply for funding for projects that they will display at both their local event and at PDF. This is a trial run of the "Bring it Home Grant" where we'll be ironing out how multiple curators evaluate projects that meet differing requirements. If this trial run is successful, the PDF Board of Directors, to further their mission of supporting art, may explore ways to extend similar community art grants to the regional Playa del Fuego community year round.  
In order to qualify, projects for the Bring It Home Grant must go to FIGMENT DC 2013 or FIGMENT Philly 2013 as well as Playa del Fuego's upcoming Fall Burn of 2013.  Individual grants may be up to a maximum of $1000, with a total of $2000 distributed. Up to four grants may be distributed between FIGMENT DC 2013 and FIGMENT Philly 2013.
Projects for the Bring It Home Grant must attend either FIGMENT DC or FIGMENT Philly 2013 as well as Playa del Fuego, Fall 2013.  Grants can be up to a maximum of $1000, with a total of $2000 distributed. Up to four grants may be distributed between both cities. 
Projects must meet requirements for both PDF and FIGMENT, with applicants completing both submission forms.  Projects for the Bring It Home Grant may not involve fire, and must be family friendly and interactive. 
Details about the application:
  1. Complete the Playa del Fuego Art Grant Application by midnight, July 31, 2013. This application will include the details of your budget.  
  2. Submit your project through the DC or Philly Artist Portals for FIGMENT by midnight, July 31, 2013.  
    Artist Portal for FIGMENT DC:
  3. Send an email to the PDF Art Grant team at by midnight, July 31st, to inform them of your intention to apply for the Bring It Home Grant.

Additional Information:

  • Projects must attend both FIGMENT DC or FIGMENT Philly, 2013 AND Playa del Fuego, Fall 2013. 
  • Decisions will be made by the leads of the PDF Art Grant Committee in conjunction with the curatorial directors of FIGMENT Philly and FIGMENT DC. 
  • Transportation for projects will be considered on an as-needed basis.  
  • Artists will need to sign a contract with both PDF and FIGMENT DC.
  • Upfront funds may be provided on a case-by-case basis, and will be distributed by August 15th.
  • All grant recipients must submit original, physical receipts with line items listed on the Expense Report. Credit card statements or cancelled checks are not an acceptable substitute (they are not specific enough).
  • If you have received money, but have not turned in receipts from a prior PDF art grant, you may not receive any advance funds, nor will you receive any funds for the Bring It Home Grant until all receipts from the prior project are turned in. If you have previously received an art grant, were not awarded funds, but did not submit receipts to receive your grant money, you many not receive any advance funds until such time as receipts have been successfully submitted on a grant.
  • No funds will be dispersed without a signed contract between PDF, Inc, FIGMENT DC or FIGMENT Philly, and the artist.
  • Grants are intended to cover materials and transportation.  They are not intended to cover labor costs or durable equipment.
  • Final Reimbursements will not be issued until the artist has attended both events and turned in all receipts with a detailed Expense Report. 
  • Each grant recipient will have up to two tickets reserved for PDF.  Additional reserve tickets are at the discretion of the Art Grants Committee.
  • Since the contracts constitute a legal agreement between the artist, the PDF, Inc 501c(3), and FIGMENT DC, the template for the contracts must be approved by the Board and is not subject to change by the Art Grants Committee, with the exception of calendar dates.
  • The contract template will be kept in an on line document repository (Google Docs currently).
  • The final decision for the Bring It Home 2013 Grant will be made by the leads of the PDF Art Grants Committee and the Curatorial Directors of FIGMENT DC and FIGMENT Philly. 
  • If at any time a member of the PDF BOD decides that the policy is not being followed, the process will be examined and the grant(s) may be cancelled.

New Ticket Sales Cap is 4

The ticket cap is now reduced from 6 tickets to 4 tickets per transaction. This decision was passed at the most recent Planning Committee meeting to allow more people a fair chance of buying a ticket.