The Communications Tech list is now open!

One of the themes brought up at the first Town Hall was the confusion about the digital communication tools, and how to make suggestions and/or improvements to the tools PDF has available, including:

We've started a mailing list where we can discuss how to outline and streamline the processes and tools so that it's clearer when and how information gets out to the community. If you'd like to contribute to this discussion, please sign up for the list at

PDF Town Hall Survey Results

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Town Hall. We're fortunate to have people invested in working on moving forward & making a better event. Here are the results of the survey we put out in full. If there are any questions, please let us know by contacting us at bod[at] (replace the [at] with the appropriate symbol, of course).

Download a What Where When Guide

The What Where When Guide has been sent to the printer and is now available for download. This edition features the beautiful and dynamic art work of Deena aka Painter. Print it out, commit it to memory, whatever works for you. Based on what made it into the printed guide it looks like an action packed event.

Due to time constraints, the final Theme Camp and art placement maps were not ready and not included in the WWW Guide. but you can find the maps on Theme Camp's page.

Please click HERE to view/download this fall's What Where When



PDF Funds a Record Breaking 27 Arts Grants

Congratulations to the Art Grant recipients of Fall 2013.  

The Arts Grants Committee congratulates 27 artists who are receiving grants for works that will be displayed and enjoyed at the upcoming Playa Del Fuego fall burn. The Committee would like to say thanks to those artists and all the applicants for their hard work, and also to the community that makes it all possible.  See below for the list of Artists and descriptions of their art.

Title Artist Description
A Biomimetic Reflection laurenraske "A Biomimetic Reflection" is an intimate shade experiment; the walls and roof are paneled with a light-manipulating material that will both capture attention and reflect the surrounding environment. The design of the structure is inspired by a box to think in & outside of, and a bus stop. This structure will be sunlit in daytime hours, while charging a battery system through a solar panel charger kit. This energy system will power a landscape of delicately programed RGB LED's. The biggest inspiration of this artwork is the developed material: "Recent discoveries in photonic crystals (PCs) have generated significant attention and enthusiasm due to the ability to manipulate controllably the photonic band gaps (PBGs) of these materials…When these dielectric mirrors are designed to reflect light in a narrow range in the visible region, the resultant phenomenon is often referred to as ‘‘structural color’’. Many brilliant colors found in the living world such as with fishes, butterflies or birds are a form of structural color arising from the interference of light reflected from periodic biological nano- structures." Paper: 'Pinar Kurt,ab Debasish Banerjee,*c Robert E. Cohenb and Michael F. Rubner*a, Structural color via layer-by-layer deposition., 2009 This project is a collaboration between Lauren Raske, Leigh Olesen, and Svaya-Nano founder, Ben Wang.
A Mazing Camp jeffomega This project will consist of a grand entrance to a magical maze of tunnels filled with art and experience. The winding paths you choose, will be decorated and illuminated in different ways. Some may lead to dead ends or awesome chill spots, but others will bring travelers to the main exit. The main exit will be an 8ft tall deck structure with a slide that slips you right onto the dance floor. Picture a fun house maze complete with psychedelic themes, lighting, and music.
Balloon Chain Designmc Balloon Chain is a tethered helium display that will paint the sky with colors. The line will be lit up with light at night.
Black Ops R&D - Yearly Demonstration and Performance Report of Viable Pyrotechnic Armaments For The Glory Of The Empire shardy The Coat Rack is a free-standing flame effect system with eight flame effect heads pointed diagonally across a central pilot. 2XL is a free-standing flame effect system with a single large effect head. The flame effect systems are swappable and will have a collection of control systems, including: Motion sensing gloves - including gesture recognition Pyrokinesis v2 - a brainwave visualizer using a wireless EEG headset CRC - a multitouch tablet interface BBR - a Dance Dance Revolution pad Line In - an audio input for synchronization with music Pyrofridge - if the beer gets too warm, freeze the fuel tank to chill it so we can give everyone cold beer There may be an additional surprise of a giant flaming skee ball lane from Riskee Ball.
Converse with the Universe Laffy & Taffy Converse With The Universe will be a hexagonal plywood structure, approximately 6' across and 8' tall. Two opposing sides will have "crawl through" door openings that will be about 4' high. (More "hunch through" than "crawl through".) The outside panels will have cutouts of star and comet shapes to add visual appeal both prior to and during the burn. The cut out portions will also be placed strategically to assist with ventilation during the burn. The outsides will then be painted with planets, nebulas, galaxies, the milky way, stars (speck stars like when you actually look at the sky), and constellations. The inside will be draped with fabric and "metallic curtains". The streamer curtain pieces will be placed over the entry points to make entry and exit easier. The fabric will be shiny/sparkly/spacey and visible through the cut outs. They will also be used intentionally to help block ambient light at night and encourage people inside the piece to look up through the open top of the piece and contemplate the night sky. Hung along the walls in front of the fabric will be a multitude of paper stars on which participants will be invited to write their questions and comments to The Universe. The stars will be burned, the fabric will be recycled into future PDF art projects or infrastructure. Pyrotechnics will be limited to ground fountains with a 6'-8' spray (the height of the piece) and sparklers. Nothing that will launch and then go boom.
Gathering of Elders Scout This art project is comprised of five fiber sculptures, larger than human size, with faces resembling wise elders. The elders are arranged in a serene, intimate, temple cave like setting, surrounded by a few simple objects such as a small vessel of water, a large urn, a candle lit lantern. The five elders are seated in a circle, with room enough for people to sit with them. The primary intention is for the elders to give the viewers a blank slate to contemplate their lives. The elders are ancient, neither good nor bad,not happy or sad. They are cosmically wise. They offer people an opportunity to delve deep and reflect. A black robed, masked usher will welcome and encourage people to meet with the elders.
Honoring Those in Fields of Service Rumrunner This will be a life size "model" of a person. This model will be wearing a nursing school uniform. This is to honor all those persons that have dedicated thier lives to the service and care of others. Many of these persons go to school for years and work in a field of service and sacrafice to assist other to live and have better lives.
Hot Brass Kostaz Have you ever seen a musician playing, or a DJ spinning and thought to yourself this needs more fire, blinky lights, or electricity shooting out in time to the music and frequency? Hot Brass will be a flame effect mounted on a microphone stand and triggered by a trumpet or other analog instrument played by somebody outside the safety perimeter. Loud sounds within a 6 inch radius is picked up by a wireless microphone that is clipped onto the instrument and triggers an arduino circuit that sets off the effect in time to the sound. In future versions, this project will be expanded by adding in other outputs beyond flame effects such as LED's and Tesla Coils. The sound circuits will be able to trigger any visual display. Technical Bits The flame effect will be comprised of two 1/2" solenoid valves connected to 2 propane accumulator tanks with gas regulators and shut off valves on each solenoid.
La Cage aux Feu (The Bird Cage) fritz.kitz A conical cage, resembling a hollow tree, rises from a hexagonal wooden base, or stump pedestal. Formed from sticks and dried vines, the cage is a thin veneer of steel chicken wire. Inside the cage are branches holding nests and birds of many shapes and sizes. The base will also resemble a bird nest when firewood logs are placed around it, and atop the cage will be a nest of vines and twigs. Sprouting from this nest are curving branches remiscent of The Man, as a Bird. Whether it's a parent tending to the nest, or a rising young hatchling yearning to fly, is in the mind of the beholder. This Burning Art will be 12 ft. tall overall and about 5 ft. wide at the base. It will burned on the track (i.e. does not require 'main' burn pit) on Sunday night, preferred. It will be built in a manner making it stable in winds up to ~40MPH, but movable by a crew of 3 to 4 persons. Attachment points hidden in the top nest will support a custom tarp to make the sculpture quickly "rain-resistant" if weather requires. Lighting at night will be solar and/or battery powered LED (no generator required) and all electrical components will be removed for the Burning, and replaced with sparkler and fountain pyrotechnics that will emit sparks only, and not exceeding 15 ft. of height or width. A perimeter of minimum 20 ft. radius should be sufficient, and the art will be ignited at a single fuse-point.
Laser harp electricdjinn 100+ string laser harp, aluminum and polycarbonate with LEDs. It's about 6 feet tall, 8 inches wide, and 4 feet long. If I have time, it will also contain a few meters of individually addressable RGB LED strips to react to the playing.
Mischief Monsters synz I am going to build an array of 10 speakers (depending on budget and subsequent fundraising). Then, using a corn starch mixture that will be placed on each speaker, a special tone will be sent to the speakers making the mixture “dance” and rise up out of the speaker like the rising of flowers.
Pagoda of the Sacred Fragments m_verdon The Pagoda of Sacred Fragments is a community vision realized through re-purposing of old materials. Built on a new frame and using previously cut pieces, participants adorn their temple with tools provided. These old pieces from temples of the past, including Sanctuary of the Heart (PDF), Temple Vortex (PDF), Temple of the Elements (Freeform), and Temple of Harmony (Transformus). With almost a 1000 scrap pieces of lovingly, hand-cut wood shapes, participants are taught and invited to place but a single piece and add to the temple - experiencing and placing themselves as the builders. The strong framework will be built and assembled by Friday and await further transformation.
PDF Participation Scavenger Hunt Damian The idea is create a scavenger hunt, particularly tailored towards virgin burners, geared towards exposing participants to the people and landscape of the playa as well as creating teaching moments for the ten principles. The scavenger hunt would consist of ten theme camps, with each theme camp adopting one of the ten principles. As people arrive at back gate they would get a card listing all of the participating theme camps (Though if it were possible to get this printed in the WWW it would be cheaper and more MOOP friendly), they would bring their card to each theme camp to get a stamp, in order to get a stamp that would have to perform an action or hear a lesson pertaining to the principle that the camp had adopted. When they finish their card, they come find me at back gate or wherever I happen to be to get a PDF Participation Merit Badge sticker.
Pigment of the Imagination diana-smiles I want to bring Radical Self Expression and Immediacy to all participants via ART by providing a space where any participant can paint a picture at any time. I envision a space like an artists studio, where paint, markers, and crayons are available 24/7. I want to provide IMMEDIATE artistic impact to a participant by having 3inch by 3inch mini canvases for people to paint and take with them. Picture this: a simple 10x10 pop up... I have my own (while it lasts) and it's painted underneath, so when you look up, it looks like a sunny sky with clouds. Underneath there are two 6ft x 6ft table pushed together, and in the center is a smorgasbord of art and craft supplies: paints mostly, also brushes, tools, markers, construction paper, a basket of little found objects and texture makers, mini canvases, paper, and whatever else cool things I find. All around the table are participants making arts and crafts as they see fit. String with clothes pins can hang up art work while it dries or just to share. The mini canvases are key, though. I brought a dozen to another regional, and people who've never painted in their life happily made art and got creative. It was SUCH an amazing thing to do. :-))))) I want to bring that to everyone!!!!
Port-a-TARDIS Sheck I'd like to make the outside of the end port-a-potty of three different rows of potties look like a TARDIS. I'll construct a wall for the side and back, and will have to design the front door part on site.
Propane Dancefloor knagi.saki Array of 8 flame effects set in a circle to create an immersive stage that can be used by performers of all types to put on a more individual and focused performance. 
Pyramid of Possibilities dougtinva We face many choices and are affected by many influences as we move through life. The possible path combinations are infinite. From the first influences at birth (parents, genetics, environment, culture), we grow and learn and explore and love and grieve through an ever expanding myriad of possibilities. The Pyramid of Possibilities illustrates a small number of the options and branches that affect our paths. Participants can climb up and down among the platforms: each one an artistic representation of a set of choices that they may face at some point in their lives. The structure also provides shady spots and places for reflection. Physically, the project consists of ten 4 ft hexagonal platforms, arranged in a pyramid formation (6 on the bottom tier; 3 on the middle tier; 1 on the top tier). Each is supported and accessed by three different ladders. Each platform is at a different height. Every ladder is set at a different angle. No metal fasteners are used during fabrication and construction. Each platform will be created by a different artist based on a preselected set of themes. Artistic mediums and methods will be left up to the interpretation of the individual artists (within predetermined dimensional and safety guidelines). This installation is a proof of concept for larger project planned for 2014 Burning Man: seven tiers; 86 platforms; 258 ladders; max height 28'. The goal is to (1) experiment with efficient fabrication techniques; (2) work through the logistics of interacting with many different, independent artists; (3) test-out on-site construction methods; (4) experiment with lighting; (5) work out optimum burn ignition patterns.
Save & Continue francoocnarf The project I'd love to bring to PDF and Figment is a Save & Continue station. From far away, someone would see a 10ft lamp post with a rotating EL wire lit-up cube on top. Below that lamp post would be a platform with a pulsing white light in the middle, beckoning someone closer. Upon further inspection, the ~3ft wide, 6" high, octagon-shaped wood platform is a button that someone would step up onto and when they do, it would activate a crescendo of sound that rumbles the platform and a pattern of lights coming up around and below their feet to signal that their progress in life has been saved. Then the lights would calm back down to let them know they are free to continue on. Like a video game, only brining the concept to life. The goal of the project is to give a moment of reflection and calming to those who interact with it. In a video game, a save point reduces anxiety, it signals good progress, and it allows for a confident and more care-free exploration directly after the save. I'm excited to witness participants interact with the button to save their progress before exploring what the night has to offer.. and maybe even on the way home too!
Sisyphus 2.0 NYCMelanie Sisyphus was a daring and clever mortal who outwitted the gods on numerous occasions. He lied, stole, and murdered for fun and profit. He was also a brilliant navigator and inventor whose knowledge surpassed many limits. Zeus, affronted by his insolence, sentenced him to an absurd fate: Overseen by Persephone, Queen of the Underworld, Sisyphus must forever push a boulder up a mountain only to have it roll back down. This work envisions a layered network of constituent parts that uses the myth of Sisyphus to explore questions of futility, temporality, fragmentation, and self-realization. Sisyphus’ overreaching exacts a terrible price, but one which he willingly pays. He views his endless torment as a kind of victory in that Zeus was so afflicted by his cunning he assigned Sisyphus a unique punishment, equal in scope and ambition to his mortal offences. The anti-hero relishes his stubborn pride. He is, from his perspective, a superstar of his own making. When seen from a distance the image of a person pushing a large sphere naturally evokes the core ideas of the myth involving humankinds eternal and futile struggle. PDF affords the distance needed for that image of man against nature to potentially happen in total isolation. My goal is to open the participant-viewer’s mind to a few added ideas surrounding this myth, especially the duality of punishment and the emotional reward made available by such personal struggle. The idea of claiming one’s destiny in all things. Radical self-reliance. By making the sphere public unsupervised art in the context of PDF, play can naturally occur. Although an individual may roll the ball, a group will have an easier time of it, which also invites questions about the specific punishment levied by Zeus of separating this man from his community. I'm most interested in the experience of the viewer being drawn to participate in the work, the urge to touch and to roll it. It rewards such interaction by creating a personal sound and light experience for each participant. If they choose to spend time with it, they can learn to play it like an instrument. Such time spent with the object allows the mind to open to questions inherent to the work.
sunprint prayer flags willow The artwork will be a workshop in cyanotype sunprints, with individual PDF citizens using sunlight and a rubbermaid bin full of wash water in the field by the pavilion to create 9x12 inch blue cotton flags with the outlines of carefully arranged found objects shadowed in white. Each flag is decorated with the silhouette of words, lace, feathers, shells, handprints, leaves, and other found objects, representing the hopes and wishes of a citizen of Playa Del Fuego. Each flag is hung with binder clips on a line of paracord strung across flagpoles at eye level, or in case of mud or moderate wind, simply wound around the pillars in the pavilion or by the stage, above head height. Once set up, they will wave in the breeze for passersby to enjoy for the rest of PDF, the flagpole bases and guy lines illuminated at night for safety. A number of pre-made sunprint flags will already be available, some of which I make myself beforehand as backup and some of which participants of prior iterations of the workshop have already chosen to leave behind. In the unlikely event there is no sufficient sunlight for the workshop at any of the primary or backup times, there will still be flags to fly. (Reduced height and stringing it around the pavilion or by stage front as a backup are a lesson learned from the first iteration of the workshop in Fall 2012, where mud and participants pulling on the poles to reach their art and take it home with them early lead to placement in a safer, more out-of-the-way space to avoid falling damage, but fewer people saw the completed project.)
The Crypto Lotus waxpraxis YES! It's baaaaack! After getting beaten to crap by the horrific weather at the spring burn I'm bringing the lotus (WORKING THIS TIME!) back to my first fall PDF! Here's the original description: The Crypto Lotus is a plant whose pollen is math, patterns, and logic. It uses dazzling lights to attract it's pollinating symbiote - human beings. It then teases them with puzzles of light, color, and time. As the humans work together to solve the puzzles the Crypto Lotus will gloriously blossom while rippling with vibrant colors. The Crypto Lotus will be an approximately 8' tall animatronic sculpture of a lotus that will glow from the over one thousand independently controlled RGB LEDs embedded inside it's petals. It will be surrounded by 6 pressure sensitive hexagonal lily pads that potential pollinators will use to communicate with the Crypto Lotus.
The One Thing earthtosputnik What is the one thing you would do to make the world a better place? 'The One Thing' art project asks passersby to reflect on the ways they hope to have a positive impact in the world. Participants will be presented with a single large canvas and finger paints. They are invited to use their hands to name the ways they hope to make a personal imprint.
The Painters' Sanctuary deena.sazman This project is a hexagonal building, approximately 12 feet tall with a perimeter of 24 feet. It will be open for people to lounge inside. The outside will be a continuous mural, painted by various artists. My inspiration for this piece was the desire to provide a way for participants who consider painting to be their primary art form (myself included) to contribute to a community which generally focuses more on performance and sculpture. Rather than me drawing out the mural before hand, this will be the organic and spontaneous collaboration between all of the painters who work on the project.
The Principles reggeenoble I would like to make signs depicting the 10 principles. I remember seeing signs around the stage during past events that were pretty cool. This fall I'm signing up for a few greeter shifts and the coordinator was looking for ways to use greeting to engage people on the topic of the 10 principles. Outside of the games we came up with I thought it would be nice to make signs for each and post them along the path from parking to the rear gate. These would be small signs no more than 2'x2' on 1"x2"x48" wooden stakes. At the coordinator's request I attempted to include some of the symbols being associated with the principles in at other burns. Color scheme will be orange and white.
The Toll Booth Quentin The Toll Booth is a 4'w x 5'd x 8'h blue booth similar to a toll booth in the real world. It has a window for the Toll Collector to look out and interact with citizens. It also has a moving toll gate. There are orange safety cones leading up to the booth to direct the traffic.
Try Lumber sage Try Lumber is a game, a puzzle, a toy. Three poles, 8' high each, are arrayed in a triangle layout. On the poles are cut pieces of 2x4" lumber, cut in various lengths. The lumber is stacked up, on piece on top of the other, all the way up the poles. The lumber is freely rotating around the poles - or is it? There is some freedom of motion, but the poles are close enough and some of the lumber long enough that sometimes the pieces will lock by pressing on each other, inhibiting rotation. Changing the configuration is necessary to unlock the pieces -- but will that cause further inhibition somewhere else? The butt ends of the lumber are painted, each in brightly color pairs. These colors can inspire attempts to make interesting patterns or challenges to try to solve. For example, all of the red faces showing outward at the same time might be a configuration people try to make. See 3 images included.
You! Best at Space! A picture! boatdrinkus It's the moon! It's the mother-effing moon! This is a set modeled after paper moon backdrops used in old photo studios. People sit on it and get their pictures taken. And they look awesome. And then they post their pictures on the PDF Facebook page. It also used to glow in the dark. But now it doesn't, and that's why I'm asking for a grant. This project was originally funded by myself, and set up at Transformus. I planned to take it to PDF, but then I had a car accident leaving Transformus that left black marks all across the moon's surface. The moon was painted with high-grade glow in the dark paint, and that needs to be replaced.

Here's the gallery from Transformus: The project consists of a 8' x 4' plywood moon, a 2' wide access platform with stairs, and a 10' tall x 12' wide backdrop. The footprint is 12' wide by 8' deep.


Theme Camp Placement Requests and Book of WWW Events Submission closed

The deadline for submitting requests for theme camps to be placed has passed and you can no longer apply for theme camp placement for the Fall 2013 burn.  However, you're still welcome to bring your theme camp to PDF and set up in open camping, and you're also able to add your theme camp to the on-line theme camp list and indicate where you're planning to set up at PDF.  You'll need to have an account and login to the site to do both of these things.

The bug that was preventing some WWW event submissions from being viewed has been found and resolved, and all submitted What Where When events are now viewable on the site once you've logged into the site

You're still welcome to submit your WWW events to the site but note that they likely will not be included in the printed book of WWW provided at the event.  They will be viewable on the web based WWW event listing.


Community Art Grants Now Available

Art is absolutely integral the mission of Playa del Fuego, and we're happy to announce that Community Art Grants are now available. Look for details on the website soon.  If you have questions in the meantime, don't hesitate to contact your favorite Board member to learn more about how you can bring art to your community.

Tickets are Sold Out But Scalping Is Sad

Second round tickets have sold out. As you look for aftermarket tickets remember the following which comes straight from the Grand Unified Doc 'Scalped and counterfeit tickets violate core principles of our event and are not tolerated.  Scalped and counterfeit tickets are void and will not be accepted for admittance or exchanged for a wristband. Wristbands obtained with scalped or counterfeit tickets or in any other nefarious manner will be voided and the wearer ejected.'

Bring It Home Grant

The 2013 Bring It Home Grant is a trial run of a community art grant, sponsored by Playa del Fuego. The idea behind the Bring It Home Grant is to provide artists who participate in community art events to apply for funding for projects that they will display at both their local event and at PDF. This is a trial run of the "Bring it Home Grant" where we'll be ironing out how multiple curators evaluate projects that meet differing requirements. If this trial run is successful, the PDF Board of Directors, to further their mission of supporting art, may explore ways to extend similar community art grants to the regional Playa del Fuego community year round.  
In order to qualify, projects for the Bring It Home Grant must go to FIGMENT DC 2013 or FIGMENT Philly 2013 as well as Playa del Fuego's upcoming Fall Burn of 2013.  Individual grants may be up to a maximum of $1000, with a total of $2000 distributed. Up to four grants may be distributed between FIGMENT DC 2013 and FIGMENT Philly 2013.
Projects for the Bring It Home Grant must attend either FIGMENT DC or FIGMENT Philly 2013 as well as Playa del Fuego, Fall 2013.  Grants can be up to a maximum of $1000, with a total of $2000 distributed. Up to four grants may be distributed between both cities. 
Projects must meet requirements for both PDF and FIGMENT, with applicants completing both submission forms.  Projects for the Bring It Home Grant may not involve fire, and must be family friendly and interactive. 
Details about the application:
  1. Complete the Playa del Fuego Art Grant Application by midnight, July 31, 2013. This application will include the details of your budget.  
  2. Submit your project through the DC or Philly Artist Portals for FIGMENT by midnight, July 31, 2013.  
    Artist Portal for FIGMENT DC:
  3. Send an email to the PDF Art Grant team at by midnight, July 31st, to inform them of your intention to apply for the Bring It Home Grant.

Additional Information:

  • Projects must attend both FIGMENT DC or FIGMENT Philly, 2013 AND Playa del Fuego, Fall 2013. 
  • Decisions will be made by the leads of the PDF Art Grant Committee in conjunction with the curatorial directors of FIGMENT Philly and FIGMENT DC. 
  • Transportation for projects will be considered on an as-needed basis.  
  • Artists will need to sign a contract with both PDF and FIGMENT DC.
  • Upfront funds may be provided on a case-by-case basis, and will be distributed by August 15th.
  • All grant recipients must submit original, physical receipts with line items listed on the Expense Report. Credit card statements or cancelled checks are not an acceptable substitute (they are not specific enough).
  • If you have received money, but have not turned in receipts from a prior PDF art grant, you may not receive any advance funds, nor will you receive any funds for the Bring It Home Grant until all receipts from the prior project are turned in. If you have previously received an art grant, were not awarded funds, but did not submit receipts to receive your grant money, you many not receive any advance funds until such time as receipts have been successfully submitted on a grant.
  • No funds will be dispersed without a signed contract between PDF, Inc, FIGMENT DC or FIGMENT Philly, and the artist.
  • Grants are intended to cover materials and transportation.  They are not intended to cover labor costs or durable equipment.
  • Final Reimbursements will not be issued until the artist has attended both events and turned in all receipts with a detailed Expense Report. 
  • Each grant recipient will have up to two tickets reserved for PDF.  Additional reserve tickets are at the discretion of the Art Grants Committee.
  • Since the contracts constitute a legal agreement between the artist, the PDF, Inc 501c(3), and FIGMENT DC, the template for the contracts must be approved by the Board and is not subject to change by the Art Grants Committee, with the exception of calendar dates.
  • The contract template will be kept in an on line document repository (Google Docs currently).
  • The final decision for the Bring It Home 2013 Grant will be made by the leads of the PDF Art Grants Committee and the Curatorial Directors of FIGMENT DC and FIGMENT Philly. 
  • If at any time a member of the PDF BOD decides that the policy is not being followed, the process will be examined and the grant(s) may be cancelled.

New Ticket Sales Cap is 4

The ticket cap is now reduced from 6 tickets to 4 tickets per transaction. This decision was passed at the most recent Planning Committee meeting to allow more people a fair chance of buying a ticket.