Are you someone who would like to join the Playa del Fuego Board of Directors? Do you know someone who would make a great addition to the Playa Del Fuego Board of Directors?  Then we want YOU!

The PDF Board Nominations are now open and will close on Tuesday, June 30th.  This will be followed by a public comment period in which community members may submit testimonials about those who have been nominations for consideration.  We will be speaking with individual nominees to discuss the role of the position so that expectations are fully understood. The final selection of new directors is made by the existing board, strongly taking into account community feedback and the results of the interview.


We encourage you to reach out to current Board Members at the BOD and Coordinator Meet and Greet, Sunday at Camp Eat and Beat (near the barn) from 2 - 3:30pm on Sunday. Board members will be around to answer any and all questions you may have. In addition, if you are unable to make this event or are still asleep from Saturday nights shenanigans, look for the Spring 2015 Mayor Dove aka Starfish; she will be wandering around making herself available at all times to speak with you about joining the BOD. She can be found at Camp Sexy, walking around at night patrolling Sound, or performing as a member of the Camp Sexy Synchronized Swim Team on the Slip n Slide at 2:15 on Saturday. Just look for the giant top hat all weekend long!


The responsibility of the Playa Del Fuego Board of Directors is to handle the larger issues related to non-profit management for Playa Del Fuego, Inc.  This includes:


-        handling the paperwork and tax filing needed to remain in good standing as a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation

-        managing the organization's finances

-        supporting organizational long term goals and strategic plans, including Land Purchase, restructuring of the organization, and increasing community art grants

-        managing art and community grants


You can read the minutes from past BOD retreats at


Expectations of BOD members include:


-        Sign a contract agreeing to the duties and expectations

-        Read the BOD minutes, bylaws, and documents prior to joining

-        Attend all meetings (1x month, 1-1.5 hours)

-        Attend the yearly retreat

-        Respond to emails in a timely manner

-        Be willing to use technological resources to communicate, manage tasks, and stay current on the goings in between meetings

-        Work on additional projects outside of meetings

-        Serve on sub-committees

-        Work closely with the PC and Coordinators

-        Be active in strategic planning and long term goals

-        Work on succession planning policies for both the BOD and coordinators


While ANYONE AND EVERYONE should feel welcome to nominate ANYONE AND EVERYONE including themselves, it would be useful to the organization if we had a number of “specialists” who were willing to serve on the BOD. These include but are not limited to:


-        Individuals with backgrounds in other nonprofit work,

-        Individuals who have experience with strategic planning

-        Individuals who have experience with monitoring and evaluation

-        Individuals with experience in grant writing

-        Individuals with a legal background


Again, we welcome anyone and everyone to join; however, we feel that often there is a lack of understanding as to what the BOD does and what skills we may need. We are hoping listing these things will help to reach individuals who may not have realized they could be an asset to the organization.


PDF board members are volunteers.  Despite this, BOD members are expected to be actively involved year round, starting immediately after joining. BOD members leave the board when they choose, or can no longer fulfill their responsibilities.  New members are considered each year after the Spring Burn.  Members may choose to take a leave of absence status if they need to take a break from their board responsibilities, but plan to return to active status in the future. Members may also choose to step down and join the newly formed Advisory Board if they wish to continue to provide input to the BOD but no longer wish to take an active role.


You may submit your nomination via e-mail to BOD Secretary Dove “Starfish” Russo ( with your nomination any time during the nomination period.  Please include the name of the person you are nominating (both playa name and real name if possible), their e-mail address, your name, and a few sentences about why you think this person should be considered.

Print WWW

Greetings all! The What When Where has gone to print! You can find your copy here. Save a tree - bring your own copy electronically, or if you must, print it in advance. Copies will be at the gate as well.



New Art and Community Grants from PDF!

Playa Del Fuego is pleased to announce a new grant program to provide artists and organizations around the mid-Atlantic region with funding to further the mission of Playa del Fuego, Inc. These grants are specifically meant to support participatory, interactive art, and community projects beyond the Burning Man Regional Event, Playa del Fuego. Eligibility: Artists and organizations that share a passion for the burner ethos and demonstrate a commitment to bringing participatory, interactive art, or forward-thinking collaborative projects to their communities may apply. Priority will be given to individuals and teams that have demonstrated a commitment to the Playa del Fuego community. Applicants may apply as an individual or as an organization. Organizations must be a registered non-profit in the US in good standing. 

Please see full details in the file below and the example contract below.  To apply, fill out the application here.

Spring 2015 Registrations Closed (Volunteer Schedule Still Open)

Our 2015 Theme Camp, Sound Camp, and What Where Registrations have come to a close to give our coordinators time to organize all the awesomeness our community is bringing.  

Never fear though, we know the real reason you came by is to volunteer and that will remain open until the Sunday prior to the burn.  There are still plenty of prime slots available so get them now before they are gone!!!

Spring 2015 Art Grant Recipients Announced

Ladies, Gentlemen and Sparkleponies,

The Playa Del Fuego Art Grant Committee would like to announce and extend our congratulations to the art grant recipients for Playa Del Fuego Spring 2015! They are as follows:

Playa Del Fuego Marquee Sign - by Ursula Sadiq Hanging Balls 2.0 - by Gary Sparks
Strawberry Jam - by Mitch Delsack PDF - by Alan Shechter
6 X 6 Gallery - by Debi "Crackerjack" Mansour Totem 3 - by Quentin Davis
Hall of Mirrors - Giant Pachinko - by Alexander Griffin Pigment of the Imagination - by Diana Svendsen
Saucy See-Saw - by Daniel Ricciotti Evolution - by Peter Willis
Communillage - by Scott E. Frias The Moon - by Robert Jones
Color Changing Building Blocks - by Darren Sontos Philly Phreak Show & Oddities Emporium - by Kimberlee Traub
Galileo's Revenge - by James Thanh Duy Ha Flaming Boptagon v2.0 - by Devin J. Thompson
Intensegrity! - by Benjamin Gardiner  

We look forward to seeing their projects come to fruition at the upcoming PDF, and hope that all of you in attendance will enjoy them as well!

~St. Greg & O Man

Playa Del Fuego Art Grant Co-Coordinators


The Communications Tech list is now open!

One of the themes brought up at the first Town Hall was the confusion about the digital communication tools, and how to make suggestions and/or improvements to the tools PDF has available, including:

We've started a mailing list where we can discuss how to outline and streamline the processes and tools so that it's clearer when and how information gets out to the community. If you'd like to contribute to this discussion, please sign up for the list at

PDF Town Hall Survey Results

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Town Hall. We're fortunate to have people invested in working on moving forward & making a better event. Here are the results of the survey we put out in full. If there are any questions, please let us know by contacting us at bod[at] (replace the [at] with the appropriate symbol, of course).