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Art Grants Guide

We promote participatory and unique art.

The mission of the Art Grants committee is to promote participatory and unique art at Playa del Fuego through funding. Art enables humans to grow and thrive and learn and love. The best art projects for our event provoke thought, feelings, movement and participation by all who wish to join in. Art Grants is dedicated to providing small grants to help defray the cost of creating art for Playa Del Fuego.

Art Grants FAQ

Q: So what is PDF art grants anyway?
A: Playa del Fuego is a 501c(3) non-profit organization that among other things promotes art at our twice yearly event. One way we do this is through cash grants to artists.

Q: OK, so I'm an artist and need money to realize my project. How do I get a grant?
A: You will need to apply using the standard application form available on the PDF web site. Once you have filled out the application, send it to the address on the web site.

Q: I've heard that not all applications get approved.
A: Correct. Each application is considered for artistic merit, safety considerations, community interaction, originality, and budget. Send your application using Microsoft Word (.doc) or a text file.

Q: So will mine get approved or not?
A: There will most likely be some back and forth discussion as the Art Grants Committee reviews your application and asks further questions. Burning art in particular is scrutinized due to safety and liability issues.

Q: It sounds like a lot of stuff goes on behind the scenes!
A: Yes, we take efforts to be as fair as possible with the limited budget and safety concerns of the Fire Team and our VnVMC hosts.

Q: I got approved, yay! When will I get my money?
A: Checks are given out soon after receiving your receipts, after the event takes place. No funds will be given out unless you have receipts.

Q: But I need money in advance!
A: You may apply for an advance of up to 50% of the total cost of the project. You will need to download, sign and return the contract template to the PDF Treasurer before any funds are given out. If you need more than 50%, this must be approved by the Art Grants Committee. SAVE ALL YOUR RECEIPTS!

Q: So what does the grant cover?
A: Materials only. We encourage community participation and involvement with art projects. If you need additional professional help to realize the project, we cannot fund that. You can reduce costs by recycling materials and recruiting friends and other artists to help.  PDF does not commission art outright. Labor is your gift, your contribution. Grants do not cover outright equipment purchases like tools, generators, vehicles, etc. Grants are not for funding theme camps or camp infrastructure.

Q: So will I get the full amount I'm asking for?
A: For a very small project, you may get close to that. For larger projects - definitely not all of the material costs will be covered. We often have many large scale applications and a limited budget. In order to maximize amount of art at the event, we try to fund as many projects as possible. This means not fully funding all of them. Artists are expected to bring their skills and resources.  PDF helps cover the gap to make it happen.

Q: Are there any restrictions on what I can create?
A: Very few. We try hard to be hands off on the creative process and expression of artists at PDF, but there are a few things we draw the line at:
Fireworks are forbidden! This is not only a site rule from our VnVMC hosts, but a legal restriction as well. We are serious about this!
Anything deliberately hateful, racist, etc.
Anything deemed a potential hazard (fire or otherwise.) There is a state law height limit of 18 ft for anything that will be burned.
Note that these guidelines apply to all art at PDF, not just granted projects.

Q: My project will be burned. How does that make it different? What do I need to do?
A: All burnable art must be reviewed and approved in advance by the Fire Team. There will be at least one Fire Team member on the Art Grants Committee so that you can have a dialog in advance about any fire related concerns. You may have to provide additional information about safety concerns. You may also be required to rework the design if it is deemed unsafe. For the burn itself you will need to be in contact with the Fire Team for on site scheduling and a safety plan. We recommend that you seek out your fellow Burners for assistance in filling out your application. Our community has a wealth of members experienced with fire safety and art. A number of them are past Art Grant recipients.

Q: Are minors allowed to apply for an art grant?
A: Yes, but only with the permission and signature of a parent or guardian. Minors are not allowed to enter into contracts with Playa del Fuego, Inc. A parent or guardian must act in behalf of the minor for all legal and financial matters.

Q: I got approved for a large project. Can I arrive early to set it up?
A: No. The official event opening is 5PM Thursday for everyone except advance DPW members who are setting up the site. No theme camps or art projects (funded or not) are allowed in before the gate opens officially. This is due to restrictions on our event insurance and the site rules of our VnVMC hosts. If you have an exceptionally complex project it is up to you to recruit the help you will need to set up the project.