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Art Grants Policies

How Do Art Grants Work

  • The budget will be 10% of the prior year's ticket sales.  Deviations from this must be approved by the Board before the announcement of the start of the spring grant cycle.
  • For all projects involving fire, the Fire Team must be involved in the review.
  • No funds will be dispersed without actual receipts with line items.  Credit card statements or cancelled checks are not an acceptable substitute (they are not specific enough).
  • Art grant receipients may recieve some funding ahead of their projects, so they can have money available to spend on materials. On rare occasions, some artists may recieve all funds up front, but that decision lies with the BOD president and treasurer.
  • If you have received money, but have not turned in receipts from a prior art grant, you may not receive any advance funds, nor will you receive any funds for the current cycle until all receipts from the prior project are turned in. If you have previously received an art grant, were not awarded funds, but did not submit receipts to receive your grant money, you many not receive any advance funds until such time as receipts have been successfully submitted on a grant.
  • No funds will be dispersed without a signed contract between PDF, Inc and the artist.
  • Grants are intended to cover materials and transportation.  They are not intended to cover labor costs or durable equipment.
  • The funding cycle runs for one calendar year.
  • Each calendar year will have two grant cycles, one for each event in spring and fall.
  • Each grant recipient will have up to two tickets reserved.  Additional reserve tickets are at the discretion of the Art Grants Committee.
  • Since the contracts constitute a legal agreement between the artist and the PDF, Inc 501c(3), the template for the contracts must be approved by the Board and is not subject to change by the AGC with the exception of calendar dates.
  • The contract template will be kept in an on line document repository (Google Docs currently).
  • The AGC will have at least one BOD member and will have a BOD liaision assigned.
  • Grant reviews require a quorum of the AGC.  The quorum will be half of the committee or four members.
  • If at any time the BOD member(s) on the AGC decide that the policy is not being followed, quorums are not being met or the schedule is endangered, then they will bring the entire BOD in to intervene.