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Board of Directors

The Playa Del Fuego board of directors, as of April 24, 2017:

Dave Diller- President
Patty "DirtyGirl" Simonton- Treasurer
Kate "Monster" Bell
Greg "Gandhi" Goodman
Ed “Lizard” Rosen
Damian Masterson

Contact the Board: bod (at) 


PDF Board Notes

The PDF Board of Directors handles the legal side of the organization. People have to get nominated and elected to be on the Board. The day-to-day planning of the event (dog bans, budget decisions, ticket cap, and so on) is handled by the Planning Committee.  Anyone can join the Planning Committee.

Most of what the Board does is not readily apparent to the average burner, but is still very important. We do all of the routine paperwork, legal and financial stuff that's needed to make the events happen and keep PDF Inc. (a 501c3 non-profit) humming the other 50 weeks out of the year. We are also responsible for shaping the long-term vision of what PDF will or can be in the future, as well as how it fits in to the greater burn and arts communities, both regional and national. We communicate event information with the commuuinity, manage PDF funds, purchase event insurance and supplies (potties, wood, structures, etc...), file tax returns, etc.

The responsibility of the Playa Del Fuego Board of Directors is to handle the larger issues related to non-profit management for Playa Del Fuego, Inc. This includes:

- handling the paperwork and tax filing needed to remain in good standing as a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation
- managing the organization's finances
- supporting organizational long term goals and strategic plans
- managing art and community grants both inside and outside of the PDF event

You can find BOD documents such as meeting minutes, retreat reports, IRS filings and financial statements here:

Expectations of BOD members include:

- Sign a contract agreeing to the duties and expectations
- Read the BOD minutes, bylaws, and documents prior to joining
- Attend all meetings (1x month, 1-1.5 hours)
- Attend the yearly retreat
- Respond to emails in a timely manner
- Be willing to use technological resources to communicate, manage tasks, and stay current on the goings on between meetings
- Work on additional projects outside of meetings
- Serve on sub-committees
- Work closely with the PC and Coordinators
- Be active in strategic planning and long term goals 
- Work on succession planning policies for both the BOD and coordinators

As you can see, this role involves VERY LITTLE event planning or management aside from official communication, working with the PC and Coordinators, or legal pieces. BOD members are NOT responsible for planning Playa del Fuego, the event.

PDF board members are volunteers. Despite this, BOD members are expected to be actively involved year round, starting immediately after joining. BOD members leave the board when they choose, or can no longer fulfill their responsibilities. New members are considered each year after the Spring Burn. Members may choose take a leave of absence status if they need to take a break from their board responsibilities, but plan to return to active status in the future. Members may also choose to step down and join the newly formed Advisory Board if they wish to continue to provide input to the BOD but no longer wish to take an active role.