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Board of Directors

The current Playa Del Fuego board of directors:

Dave Diller- President
Patty "DirtyGirl" Simonton- Treasurer
Henry "Buddy" Kilpatrick - Secretary
Mark Nyon
Ed “Lizard” Rosen
Mary “Evl” Shaffer
Dove “Starfish” Russo


Nicole “Miss Fidget” Stranko
Melody "Smelly Melly" Shatto
Amy “Amy Prime” Stentzel-Jensen
Ben Sarsgard - Baltimore Burning Man RC
Oryx Gazella
Andy Wing

Board of Directors Department Liaisons

Each department lead has a liaison on the Board of Directors. The liaison is there to assist, enlighten, and be an advocate for the lead and department during event planning and the event itself. The current list of liaisons is as follows.

Art Grants - TBD, Dave
Drumming conclave - Patty
Fire conclave - Patty
Fire Team - Lizard
Gate/early entry - Evl Mary
Lamplighters - Mark
MASH - Lizard
Parking  - Evl Mary
Participation Station - TBD
PONY (bbs) - TBD
Pony effigy - TBD
Rangers - Dave
Sound Patrol - Mark
Stage - Evl Mary
Theme Camps - Evl Mary
Ticketing system - Dave
Ticket reserve system - Dave
Vets - Buddy
Web site - Dove

PDF Board Notes

This year the nominees for the Board of Directors was an embarrassment of riches. It was incredibly difficult to select the maximum number of new members that the Board could bring up to speed while still jugging plates. Be sure to congratulate the new directors when you see them.

In keeping with what other regionals do and strongly recommend doing the Playa del Fuego Board of Directors is getting some much needed help. The Board has a new lawyer who specializes in non profits and is seeking a book keeper and possibly other help. Most exciting is that the Board has entered a special relationship with a consultant with an impeccable background in nonprofits. This consultant has a deep understanding of our community and will be an invaluable asset to the Board.

The services of all of these individuals will be instrumental in helping the Board do all the work it does, and needs to do for the Spring and Fall Events. Hopefully with some help the Board will be able to not just organize 2 events, redo the web site, give away art grants, conduct daily business, and create a community arts grants procedure but to attain medium range goals like publishing an After Burn or After Burns (plural) report, and so much else.

The PDF Board of Directors handles the legal side of the organization. People have to get nominated and elected to be on the Board. The day-to-day planning of the event (dog bans, budget decisions, ticket cap, and so on) is handled by the Planning Committee.  Anyone can join the Planning Committee.

Most of what the Board does is not readily apparent to the average burner, but is still very important. We do all of the routine paperwork, legal and financial stuff that's needed to make the events happen and keep PDF Inc. (a 501c3 non-profit) humming the other 50 weeks out of the year. We are also responsible for shaping the long-term vision of what PDF will or can be in the future, as well as how it fits in to the greater burn and arts communities, both regional and national. We communicate event information with the commuuinity, manage PDF funds, purchase event insurance and supplies (potties, wood, structures, etc...), file tax returns, etc.