June Planning Committee Meeting Information

Planning Committee Meeting – Sunday June 14 – Noon
The Planning Committee (the PC) will have its first meeting of the summer cycle on Sunday, June 14, 2015 at Noon.   The PC is comprised of literally anyone who calls in and attends the planning meeting call.  Everyone is already a member of the PC, just call in!  All are welcome to join in.
The June PC meeting will be discussing After-Burn Reports for the Spring 2015 event.  After-Burn Reports are typically submitted by Coordinators regarding their respective department, however anyone is welcome to submit a report.  If there is time, there may be some items of new business discussed. 
You can find information for the current meeting on the PONY here:
A thread for After-Burn Reports has been started on the PONY here:
General information about the PC and the calls can be found here: