Playa Del Fuego 2020 Ticket Refund Process

How it works...

Beginning March 31st, all current ticket holders will have 15 days to sign into their ticketing account and choose one of three options for each of their tickets:

  • Refund - Obtain a Paypal refund to the email address connected to your ticketing account.
  • PrePaid - Save the ticket purchase as a pre-paid ticket to Playa del Fuego 2021.
  • Donate - Gift the ticket to Playa del Fuego to offset the costs incurred by the cancelation.

If no option is selected by April 15, 2020, the email address on file will automatically be sent a Paypal refund.

Fully Anticipated Questions

I logged into but I don’t see the 3 options listed above on the website. Am I missing something?

The options will be made available to participants on March 31st.

When will I get my refund?

We’ll begin sending out refunds after April 15th. Since this is a very complex matter and there are a lot of refunds to send out, please allow us a few weeks to make sure we get it right. You’ll receive an email from PayPal when the money is sent to your account.

How can I make sure that you don’t forget about me?

As long as your email address is correct in the ticket system you will get a refund sent to that address. We’ll be announcing the status of refunds in both the Burning Pony Express and on the Playa Del Fuego website. If we have announced that all refunds have been sent out and you have not seen any email from PayPal, please contact and we’ll figure out what went wrong.

I don’t have a paypal account. Where is my money going?

An email will be sent to the address you used for your ticketing account that contains instructions from PayPal on how to create an account to collect your funds.

The address I use for PayPal is not the same as the one I use for What do I do?

An email will be sent to the address you used for your ticketing account that contains instructions from PayPal on how to collect your funds. After clicking the link, log in using your regular PayPal account.

I purchased a discounted ticket. Can that be rolled over to the next event?

Yes! If you have a ticket and choose to have it rolled-over to the next event, it will be rolled over regardless of how much you paid for it.

What about Re-Entry passes?

Those will have the same options as tickets.

I’m a coordinator / artist / kick-ass volunteer and was supposed to have a reserved ticket for PDF this year.  Will I have that option next year?

Yes! If you were confirmed to have a ticket for PDF 2020 during the reserved round, one will be made available to you in 2021.

If the event was cancelled, what does my donation go towards?

Even though we are no longer holding the event this year, there are still costs that Playa Del Fuego and the Fire Pony Creative Society incur during the off-season for things like web hosting, storage, and finance administration. Your donation will go towards these things. Any amount we collect greater than those costs will be put towards art grants for the next year.

If I choose to donate, can I get a receipt for tax-purposes?

Sure! Please email with your request.

I paid for multiple tickets out of pocket and transferred them just so my campmates could sign the waiver. Can you just pay me directly?

Unfortunately we have no control over how tickets were paid for outside the ticketing system among your campmates and handling each case individually would lead to a significant delay in the refund process. While it may be a hassle to have each person transfer money back to you, it’s the only way we could ensure a quick refund process.

I have a unique situation that needs special attention and understand that with limited resources and volunteers the ticketing team may take a while to respond to me. What do I do?

Thanks for understanding! If you email we’ll reply as quickly as we can.