Spring 2016 Art Grant Recipients Announced

Ladies, Gentlemen and Sparkleponies,

The Playa Del Fuego Art Grant Committee would like to announce and extend our congratulations to the art grant recipients for Playa Del Fuego Spring 2016! They are as follows:

Bigger Better Lifeguard Chair  – by Robert “Fritz” Kitz

Underwater Haven – Rahne “Panda” Mantz

The Luminous Dance Floor – by Michael Shawe

The Hive of Splendor – by Nelda Garcia

Baggage Drop Off – by Fred Myers

Balloon Chain & Projection Art – by Michael Cha

The gate of change – by Glenn Richardson

Lotus-- the magic of transformation – by Gil Rosen

Ziggy Sawdust and the Chainsaws from Mars – by Glenn Richardson

Eyes on You! – by Leah Umberger

The loan card shark – by Bobby Reynolds

Pony Screening – by Doug “Nataraj” Shire

Ripple – by Quentin Davis

Weird Wired Work – by Justin Tyler Knaub

Tye dye in the sky – by Cheryl Erickson

Prancing Pony’s Bungee Barrel Rodeo – by Nick Consagra

Focus light - by Betty T. Kao

I like Big Ball - by Ursula Sadiq

Incendio Fiore - by Aaron Parness

Tower of !Babel - by Alan Shechter

We look forward to seeing their projects come to fruition at the upcoming PDF, and hope that all of you in attendance will enjoy them as well!