Ticket Sale Date: April 4th, 9pm EST

Ticket Sale Link:


  • Adult tickets, and minors 13-18: $65
  • Minors 12 and under - free

Payment Method:

  • To purchase tickets to Playa del Fuego, you must have a PayPal account. We recommend that you log into your PayPal account before joining the ticket queue.

# Available to Purchase:

  • A total of 750 tickets will be available in Round 1.
  • Each adult may purchase up to 4 adult / minor (13-18) tickets at once.
  • Each adult may select as many minor (12 and under) tickets as needed.

Addition Details:

  • You'll need to sign a waiver to claim your ticket
  • Depending on the performance of this sale, a second round at $80 a ticket might be added
  • ALL participants who have earned a reserved ticket are encouraged to go into this sale
  • More information is included on the Ticketing FAQ
  • You will be required to have a valid ID which matches the name on your ticket to gain entry into PDF this year.