Playa Del Fuego's XitUs team consists of Volunteers and Conscripts. If you are still onsite after noon on Monday, you are trespassing on the Vets property and thus you are subject to being conscripted to many minutes of hard labor by our megaphone-toting crew of obnoxious zealots!

On the other hand, if you'd rather BE an obnoxious megaphone-toting zealot, volunteer with XitUs!
Good XitUs crew members are not afraid of being called names, not afraid of interrupting deep, intellectual discussions around a cozy campfire that should have been extinguished many hours earlier, and have the common goal of helping participants exit the event quickly, efficiently, safely, and whenever possible, pleasantly.  Stamina, sunscreen, or sturdy raingear are a plus; common senses of compassion and humor are required.

No other experience is required.  Since XitUs works to help all the other teams (Greeters, MASH, Parking, Rangers, DPW, Sanctuary, and, of course, MOOP!) wrap up their loose ends and leave, XitUs takes on those roles in the crunch.  If necessary, Smiles can train you in the finer points of traffic directing. RevDave can explain our Burn Scar Gradient System. Yeti has ways of charming stakes or rebar out of hard ground when pouring water down the hole won't even work it loose.  Poptart can show you how to fill 5 gallon buckets in the shower to put out dumpster fires. When car keys are locked inside, Lil'bit can help duct tape the window BEFORE breaking it so there's less glass to clean up later.  Advice is just a radio call away.

All members of the XitUs team learn critical survival skills in the Pavilion, such as:
• which leftovers are safe to eat and what's dumpster bait
• why trash containers attract more trash than they contain 
• how to do an Amish line dance for the Final M.O.O.P. Sweep
• and why old-skool burners lament, "but there's no Lost & Found at a Burn!?!"