GOD - Greeter On Duty

The GOD is the middleman between the Greeters, Parking, Ticketing and their coordinators. You will be responsible for answering questions by the leads and communicating issues with the coordinators as needed. You are required to be on radio for your entire shift, but do not have to be at any particular station during those times. We ask that you maintain a working level of sobriety during your shift so that you are able to handle any emergencies that require communication with people not related to the event (Neighbors, EMTs, Police etc). Also, you should be sober enough to operate a gas powered golf cart if need be.

Where it is:

Please check-in / check-out of your shift at Ticketing, otherwise you are not nailed down to any specific location.

What to bring:



You should have been a GOD in a previous event, or have volunteered for at least 2 shifts of Parking Lead and 2 shifts of Ticketing Lead over the last 2 burns. You should have knowledge of how both the front and back gates operate and have the ability to answers questions about those positions if asked. If you feel you would like to take on a GOD shift for the first time (and who wouldn't?), please contact Ranger.Madhatter@gmail.com prior to signing up for a shift to get more information about the position