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Easy peasy, grab a glove and walk around and pick up MOOP. There is usually not much, so it ends up a bunch of people going going along PDF's Public Areas from 9am to Noon, setting a good example and reminding theme camps along the way to Leave No Trace in their areas, too.


On Saturday and Sunday mornings, meet in the pavilion for your choice of three shifts starting at 9:00, 10:00, 11:00. Feel free to lead your own crew, or wait to see who else shows up. Work all together, or Divvy up the Dirt; whatever works best to get all areas visited at least once a day. Bags available at Participation Station.  Public Areas that usually need a little de-MOOPing are: streets, walking paths, burning art areas, around potty rows and dumpsters, both parking lots, both showers, the dishwashing sink, and the Pavilion. Pavilion is a constant MOOP Magnet, so that's why sweeps should meet there. Valuable items found on sweeps should be turned in at Participation Station, where all MOOP sweepers end their shifts to report the biggest messes on the MOOP Map, and for entry in volunteer raffle, etc.  It's not hard work, but keeps the Leave No Trace alive during the event!


On Mondays the pace picks up as people pack up. Help direct ash to the ash dump, keeping it out of dumpsters, and gather up anything left in public areas first. As theme camps and open camping clear out, form into lines at arms length and sweep entire fields at a time. Take pictures of any Bad Examples for the MOOP Map. Oh, and do it all by NOON!  Remind all campers, "If somebody has to clean up after you, somebody had to clean up after you!"

LEAVE NO TRACE is not optional.


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