Drum Conclave

Playa Del Fuego Fire Drummers Conclave

Fire, drumming and dance have been primal, fundamental elements of human experience going back as long as people have been gathering intentionally to engage in celebration and ritual together.
The Fire Drummers Conclave exists to bring together a body of drummers to provide a rhythmic backdrop for our community's Fire Conclave, create atmosphere, and raise energy and crowd engagement during the effigy and temple/large art burns.

Our intention is to create a sense of being a unified collective drumming organism, free of egos and rampant showing off, and we invite anyone with a drum and a desire to participate to join us regardless of age or experience level. If you'd like to participate, bring yourself, your drum and something comfortable to sit on over to the Burn field and join in!

Please note: We seek to be all-inclusive, as said above, but we do discourage timbalis and snare drums as they have a tendency to overpower all the other drums and stand out far too much from the cohesive sound we seek to create.

Fire Drummers Conclave Events:

Friday afternoon: (time and location TBD) FDC core drummers meeting & practice/drum circle.

Saturday: Those who wish to drum gather 45 minutes - half an hour before the Effigy Burn is scheduled to begin to arrange into a semicircle 3 rows deep along the perimeter established by the Fire Safety team, Fire Drummers Conclave lead will discuss any special instructions and requests from Fire Conclave and the Effigy team and demonstrate the starting rhythm and stop signals.

Sunday: Fire Drummers Conclave gathers again to provide drumming for the large art/temple burn, same deal as the night before!

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