Fire Team

The Fire Team has 2 main components, the Fire Art Safety Team (FAST) and Burn Line Perimeter Team (BLiP)

Fire Art Safety Team (FAST)

FAST is here to keep you safe, one burn at a time.

The mission of the Fire Art Safety Team is to provide experienced support for artists both pre-event and on-site, and to ensure the safe use of fire and burnable art at Playa Del Fuego.

Burn Line Perimeter Team (BLiP)

When there is a large scale piece of art to burn (including but not exclusive to the main Pony Burn), you will need to have a perimeter established around the installation to protect participants from potential injury and hazards.  That’s where BLiP comes in.  We will establish and maintain the appropriate perimeter for the piece until the Fire Team/Fire Fighters give the all clear for participants to circle the fallen piece.

BLiP is coordinated by Shenanigans.  We work with the Firemen, Rangers, and Conclave Safeties.  This is a small, but very important team.  If you want to volunteer with this team, you will need to contact 1K in advance of the event, though emergency recruitment of volunteers may occur during the event.

Five people plus two alternates, in addition to the coordinator are needed for both the Pony Burn and the art burns on Sunday night.   You are required to be sober for these shifts.  If you report for your shift and appear to be under the influence, you will be replaced with one of the alternates.  

There are no pre-requisites to volunteering for this team, but you will need to be at the burn site one hour prior to burn time to receive your vest and help lay out the perimeter.  Having a large voice and not being afraid to use it is also extremely helpful.  You will need to stand for the duration of the perimeter establishment and the extent of the burn, which can be well over two hours.  You may “take a knee” during the actual burn so as not to block the view of those behind you, but must be ready at any time to move and remind any wandering participants to kindly stay behind the established perimeter line for their safety.

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