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As a greeter you are responsible for welcoming our community home for the weekend and educating our participants. You are responsible for explaining what PDF is about, where things are, that we are a volunteer-run event, how and where to volunteer and, most importantly, explaining the 10 Principles that guide our event. It's important that those attending our event understand that this isn't just a big party in a field, but an experiment in temporary community. You are the front line for getting that information out there.
Note: In times when Parking or Ticketing are short volunteers we ask that the greeters step up to fill those positions.
Where it is: The greeter station is located at the back gate, which is about mid-field, past the Vet's sheds.
What to bring: Sun screen, bug spray and something to eat and drink (Feel free to bring enough to share). You should also bring a cup for the frequent liquid donations that occur at volunteer stations.

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