PDF Rangers

If you enjoy helping people, keeping everyone safe, and being a guiding hand for new participants, you may be interested in becoming a Playa del Fuego Ranger. Rangers function mostly as non-confrontational community mediators who are aware of potential situations, and encourage communication to alleviate or prevent them. They are NOT your mom, and they are NOT the police!

Before you can Ranger, you must have been to at least one PDF, and you must have gone through Training. Ranger Training is always Friday night of PDF at 7pm – check the What Where When for details. Training Manuals will be distributed and discussed at Training. We strongly recommend that new Rangers work with a seasoned Ranger for their first shift.  See below for more details.

Please sign up for the Rangers Mailing List (http://lists.playadelfuego.org/listinfo.cgi/rangers-playadelfuego.org) and your Ranger shifts (Click the Volunteer Sign up link above) as soon as you can. See you at Training!


Different Ranger Positions

Name of Position: Dirt Ranger

Location: Everywhere.

Requirements: Must have been to at least one prior PDF, and then must have attended Ranger Training (offered the Friday night of each burn at 7pm).

Description of Job: Working a Ranger shift essentially means doing what you’d normally do at PDF while also being responsible.  Participate!  Relax a bit!  Walk About!  Rangering is about being visible and available if you are needed, and trying to be aware of any potential situations.  Rangers must be sober on shift and dressed appropriately to talk to outside authorities at any time while on shift.  Rangers must check in at Ranger HQ prior to the start of each 6 hour shift and again at the end of the shift, to pass along and retrieve information from the next/previous shift, and to pick up and retrieve their radio.  Dirt Rangers get a khaki Ranger tee-shirt.

Name of Position: Ranger Shift Lead

Location: Everywhere.

Requirements: Minimum 2 burns as a Dirt Ranger

Description of Job: All the description of a Dirt Ranger still applies here, except that when a Dirt Ranger needs to 'kick it sideways' they might call you!  A Ranger Shift Lead is an experienced Ranger who can help negotiate the Ranger network to get the help and/or guidance that is needed for the situation at hand.  And they get to wear a cool  Shift Lead hat!


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