The Sound Marshal (or Sound Coordinator) and volunteer Sound Patrol members are responsible for making sure the levels of noise created at Playa del Fuego do not adversely affect the events relationship with the surrounding community.  This is accomplished by monitoring overall sound levels throughout the event and limiting the number of loud camps, events and installations during overnight hours.

The full Sound Policy, history, and reasoning for it are all located at the Sound Policy Page.

Want to have a Night-time Sound Camp or Loud Event?

If you or your camp want to bring the party into the night, first be sure to first read the Sound Policy, then submit an application through the Sound Camp Registration by colse of Theme Camp Applications prior to the event.

Want to Volunteer as Sound Patrol?

If you like to stay up late looking for the best places to dance, or you just like wandering around the event in the wee hours, the Sound Patrol can use you!  Patrol solo, or with friends.  You will be given (and shown how to use) a Decibel Meter, Two-Way Radio, and cheat sheet with everything you need to know on your journies!

Visit the Playa del Fuego Volunteer Sign-Up page for shifts and instructions on when and where to meet.


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