Fire Base Lloyd provides PDF participants the unique opportunity to perform on a stage that is not a part of any theme camp.
The stage is open to anyone and welcomes performances, ceremonies, and celebrations, as well as DJs that wishes to share music with the event. If you wish to sign up for stage time, you will need to bring everything that is needed for you to perform, except amplification.
You will want to plan your performance and sign up for the time you need as early as possible. Stage slots tend to fill up quickly.
Before the burn, simply add your entry here
During the Burn 
a. Before Friday at 9 AM - Come to the stage and write it on the big stage paper thing
b. After that ~ Well, you should have come and signed up already, but we'll see what we've got. Guarantees Warranties and all Fallacies are null and void. Yep. False becomes true.
House Band
We are reserving several time slots for musicians that want to jam. Whatever you got, if you want to come by the stage and join into the groove, look for Jam in the time slot description.
Stage camp will have a bevy of musicians as campers, and I personally guarantee some funky junk will ensue from this crew in those slots. Heck, you can just come by and chill on the grass if ya want, but if you feel it, deal it! We have a full drum kit, bass, guitars and other assorted instruments to entice your participation.
So, if you've got mad skills, or just lots of fire and a sincere will to be a part of a thing, come by and groove with the House Band! 
We Want YOU!!
**PDF does not provide comp tickets to performers.