Ice & Re-Entry Passes

Re-Entry Passes

As an experiment in temporary community, leaving during the event with plans to return is highly discouraged. Participants should plan to bring everything they need, and plan to stay for the duration. In’s and outs not only disrupt the continuity of experience for the participant, they also create significantly more work for the gate, greeting and parking. Additionally, the landowners expressed preferences for PdF to minimize in/out traffic, if possible.

With all that in mind, re-entry passes will be available for purchase online at prior to the burn, and they will be available for purchase onsite from Jim at Camp Recharge.  Jim has been the PdF purchasing coordinator for several burns and is able to process your credit / debit card payments using PdF’s Paypal account. Re-entry passes and wristbands will be required to re-enter the event once having left.  Please be radically self reliant and plan to not leave.

Re-entry passes are $20 (includes Paypal fee)  per car, per trip via credit / debit card. There will be NO CASH SALES ONSITE.  Of course, in cases of emergencies, the need for passes will be waived.


Ice will also be available for sale prior to the burn on the website, and onsite via credit / debit card with Jim at Camp Recharge until 4pm on Friday afternoon.  Ice will be delivered to the gate on Saturday morning-ish for those to pick up their order. A more exact time will be made known onsite. Ice is $2.50 per 7lb bag via credit / debit card.  There will be NO CASH SALES ONSITE.