New Site FAQ

Playa del Fuego has a new home!

That’s right, if you haven’t already heard PDF Spring 2018 has moved to a new location, and with the new location comes a whole lot of other new.  Below is a quick FAQ to help you prepare for some of the changes occuring due to the new location.

Where is this magical place?

  • The site is a reclaimed coal strip mine just west of Tamaqua, PA.  We will share a map of the new location and a map soon.  GPS cooordinates are:  GPS 40.777480 -76.02282.  It is about 30 minutes west of Jim Thorpe


When will PDF be?

  • PDF will be at the same time.  Thursday @5pm - Monday at noon over Memorial Day (May 24-28th)


Why was this location chosen?

This site is, in a word, awesome.  To be more specific, here are some things we can look forward to:

  • Space to stretch our legs.  This new location affords us a new opportunity to grow and expand in ways that we simply could not do in our previous location, including adding neighborhoods throughout the event.  How cool!
  • Scenic views.  There are big fields, trees and even mountain views.  No more being forced to stare at a fence and some pissed off neighbors.
  • While we will have to experiment over the next few burns, another thing the mountain views afford us is insulation from neighbors.. Which could mean the ability to be louder, later.
  • NO MUD!  Well, at least not any more than what conditions would dictate.  The last site visit was immediately after one of our strings of Noreasters and other then a few wet ravines and a small wet spot here and there, the site was in great condition.


What type of amenities will we have?

  • We will have port-a-poties at this new location… but nothing else.  You will be required to bring in(and out) everything you need for 4 days.  There is planning underway that will allow people to pre-purchase ice to be delivered on site.  More information as plans solidify.


Wait, so no access to water?

  • Sadly no.  There is no water potable or otherwise available on site.  Please make provisions to bring enough for drinking, washing and cooling off for the entire 4 days.


So wait, does that mean we won’t have showers or wash basins?

  • That is correct.  There will be no showers on site other than the ones you bring yourself.  It’s also important to note that water is trace and you will be expected to deal with it accordingly (no leaving giant soapy puddles everywhere).  More information about that coming soon.


How bout a shady pavilion to hang out in and charge my cell phone, camera, tablet, flashlights, lanterns, batteries, vape pen, vibrator etc.

  • Unless you bring a shade structure and a charging station… still no.  The good news is that there is rumors Camp Re-Charge will be back this burn, so make sure to check them out.


I can just run into town if I forget stuff right?

  • To keep down traffic throughout the small town in and out traffic will be limited to those with passes.  Passes will be made available for individuals who want to leave and return to the event for any reason for $20 per vehicle, per trip. Additional information on In-and-Out Passes will be shared in the coming weeks.


Oh, new place, we can have pets now right?

  • As of now, for the safety of our participants as well as our favorite 4 legged (and 6 legged and 8 legged and no legged) friends.  We will be extending our existing Pet Policy to our new location.

Keep an eye on this website or sign up for the new and improved BPE for tons of additional information about the new site.