G.Ü.D. - Grand Unified Document

Whatever it is, it's in the G.Ü.D

Playa del Fuego compiled all event policies and information into one handy, informative, easy-to-read "Grand Unified Document" aka the G.Ü.D. Seriously, we only have one-thing-with-all-the-stuff-in-it and this is it. If you are looking for what other burns call a Survival or First Timers Guide, look in the G.Ü.D. Wondering what a do-acracy is, how to email the lead for Lamp Lighters, or if you can bring your dog to the event? Look in the G.Ü.D.

Here's an excerpt from the Grand Unified Document:

Community Expectations

Playa del Fuego believes its participants want to be good citizens. Getting to PDF can be a lot of hard work. We think people genuinely care about the community they work so hard to contribute to. This document contains information participants need to sustain this sincere experiment.  We encourage all participants, newbie to gnarled, to look over this document and be reminded this experiment in collaborative community is not complete anarchy. Generally, if something is not covered in the GÜD, and it is legal in the larger world, it is allowed at the event.


While reading thru Burning Man's FAQ an alert community member found the following section. Although PDF isn't that big thing in the desert, we do have rules for many of the same reasons.

Q: Why are there so many rules this year?
A: There are rules, but they are few and very simple.

  • The rules relate to our collective survival. During our first years in the desert when our population was relatively small, our exclusive focus was on individual survival. As our numbers have grown, we have extended this concern to the equally immediate issue of survival on a societal scale.
  • Burning Man has never been an anarchist underground. It is an open society of activists and the rules we promulgate—mostly relating to fire in our campground, the role of the automobile, and care for the environment—are aimed at ensuring the survival of every individual in a public world that all of us join in creating.
  • Burning Man is not a bureaucracy. Our rules relate to immediate issues immediate like brush fires and car crashes, and long-term issues such as land use. We are a radically free community and it's time for us to take responsibility for preserving that freedom.
  • If you can't agree to our rules, feel free to start your own event!