Hardship Tickets

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Is the cost of an event ticket keeping you from attending PDF? Don't bum out. Hardship tickets are available at a reduced cost because PDF believes in decommodification, inclusion, and that helping each other out is just the right thing to do. The personal info of hardship ticket applicants is kept confidential and shared with the smallest number of people possible.

The information below applies to the last cycle of hardship applications but gives you an idea of how the process works. Before the next burn check this page for updated info. Hardship Applications are announced in the Burning Pony Express, too.

Hardship Ticket Application

Please read all the information below completely so you understand how it works!

Apps are being taken by email. The application is shown below. Copy and paste the application into an email or text file and send to hardship_tix@playadelfuego.org.

Applications for Hardship tickets are due 1 week prior to each round of ticket sales.

These are not reserved tickets, but a discounted ticket (the code is like a coupon).
You can only buy one ticket when you use this code.
The code is non-transferable.
You have the same chance as any one else to buy a ticket, no more and no less.
Be sure to log in and test your account before sales start.

See the Tickets link on the left for more information about Ticket Sale Dates.

Playa del Fuego Hardship Ticket Application

Phone Number(s)
Complete Mailing Address:
1. Have you ever participated at Playa del Fuego before?
2. Why do you feel you need a low cost ticket?
3. What do you do to earn your way in the world?
4. What is your average monthly income after taxes? Your answer to this question (as well as all other answers) will be kept strictly confidential.
5. How do you plan to contribute to Playa del Fuego this time?
6. What does the Burning Man/Playa del Fuego/other regionals community mean to you? (Please answer even if you have never attended before.)
7. Are you aware of the 10 principles of Burning Man?