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Art Grant Applications For Spring 2014 are now live

Every burn needs great interactive art for the community, by the community. Playa del Fuego is seeking some great art pieces to enhance the community's experience of the event. Do you have a great idea you are dying to see come to life? Are you somewhat organized and can help us help you make this happen? What are you waiting for? Apply now!

To Apply, please make sure you are signed into the website and then go to:

Art Grant Applications Are Due:
Round 1: By February 21st, 2014 Round one of art grant applications will be for projects that require more time to build. There will be a question on the application regarding whether the artist would like the project considered during round two, if it isn't funded in round one.
Round 2: By March 24th 2014 Round Two is available for last minute ideas and applications from people who didn't get tickets through other channels and are eager for reserved tickets. 

Any questions about Art Grants can be sent to

Any issues with the online form can be sent to