Planning Committee aka The PC

Wanna be on the Planning Committee? Come to a Planning Meeting.

The Planning Committee is responsible for approving budgets, many of the actual decisions and details of how the event is run and so very much more. The Planning Committee is made up of anyone who attends the Planning Meeting.  Anyone can attend a planning meeting, whether in person or telephonically. Keep an eye on the PONY or in the Burning Pony Express for details about upcoming planning meetings.

Contact Us

You can reach the Planning Committee by going to the PONY and posting on a thread in the EVENT PLANNING section.


Planning Meeting FAQ

What is the difference between the "The "Planning Committee" and the planning meeting?
The "Planning Committee" consists of anyone who attends a planning committee meeting either in person or via conference call.

Who can attend a planning meeting?
Everyone is welcome to participate in planning meetings.

Do I have to show up to the meeting in person?
No, if you have a phone you can join the conference call. The number will be posted here, the PONY before hand

How do I find out about the planning meeting?
Check here, the PONY. It may also be announced in the Burning Pony Express Newsletter.

How long do they last?
Planning meetings can last 2 hours or more.

Who leads the meeting?
Someone physically present at the meeting with previous Planning Committee experience will volunteer to lead the meeting by introducing each agenda item, and managing the length of the discussions if necessary. Sometimes the host of the meeting leads the meeting, but not always.

Can I talk about anything I want?
Some meetings are  "new biz" and some are "old biz." To keep the meetings short and focused make sure you bring up your biz at the right meeting. Also, make sure you are talking about stuff that applies to event planning. "I love bacon and hate tadpoles" is not planning meeting business.

With everybody talking, how do I get heard? Is there a way to "raise my hand" while on the phone?
For speaking we use a system called "stacking." If someone talks about something you want to talk about, too simply say your name and the word "stack." Everybody, whether on the phone or attending in person can stack. Example, Ed says "We have a problem with people leaving bacon grease next to the potties" and you want to add to that, say  "Jane Doe, Stack." Your name goes on a list and during the next pause the person keeping the stack will call your name, and then names of other people who had stuff to offer on that point in the order they said "stack."

If I attend, do I have to say anything?
Nope, unlike PDF spectators are welcome at the planning meetings.

When I get a chance to speak, can I talk about anything PDF related that I want to?
No silly, because if everybody talked about whatever they wanted the meeting might go on forever. The meeting follows an agenda posted on the PONY beforehand. If something is important to you, make sure to get it on the agenda for the right meeting, before the meeting. Putting items on the agenda before hand also lets people joining the meeting "do some homework" about the item beforehand.

Is the planning meeting all Parliamentary Procedure Madam president legal talk?
Planning meetings are held in plain English. But that doesn't mean it's ok to curse, discuss irrelevant or illegal stuff or scream. It can be REALLY hard to hear people if you are calling in. Please speak slowly, clearly and at a consistent volume. Try to not juggle bells or eat chips while you are on the call to reduce background noise. Be as respectful and patient of other speakers as you would want them to be of you. Try to be brief and stay on topic. Use the best quality phone you have when you call in, it makes a tremendous difference.

Items requiring a decision by vote must be scheduled in advance for two consecutive planning committee meetings. The item for vote will be discussed at one meeting, and voted on at the following meeting. This gives the community a chance to continue the discussion online and think over important decisions, and prevents important decisions from being made in a hasty manner. All those participating in a meeting, both physically present and on the phone, may participate in a vote.