Past Art Grants

Funding Art since 2005

Playa del Fuego is an arts event and through its Art Grant program has helped fund many art projects over the years. This page is designed to feature stories and pictures from artists about the work they created with their Art Grant.

Art Grants funded pieces all debut at Playa del Fuego but some have gone on to be shown in many other venues, including Black Rock City. Arts Grants have produced pieces that looked lovely by day and glowed at night, work you could take for a joyride, works that were transformed by - consumed by or oddly resistant to fire. There was even one that played with the sense of smell.

Art Grants have helped experienced artists meet funding gaps and fledging artists find the financial freedom to express themselves. By promoting art at Playa del Fuego Art Grants have made every event unique and memorable for all participants.

Spring 2013 Art Grant Winners

tHE infinite ART Beat - Justin “Workinonit!” Eastman
Body Heat - Sage Kochavi and Jacob Fenwick
Reef - Quentin Davis
The Crypto Lotus - Branden Hall and Matt Curtis
The Great Balls O Fire Flaming Piano - Scott Van Hoven and Melanie (“Hudson”) Crawford
"WhiteHorse" Tibetan Prayer Flag Maypole - Zen BadKitty and Devon Elizabeth
Spare Torch - Christopher Benjamin Gardiner, Maria Padhila and Adrian Summers
Balloon Chain - Michael Cha
Temple Vortex - Michael Verdon and Jeffery Wendell
“Earthwind Inspire” an Interactive Artspace - Michael Canepi and Stefani Benrubi
Bowliards - Alan “Sheck” Shechter
Paw Prints on your Heart - Melody Joy Hornung and Niki Adams

Are you a past Art Grant recipient?

We want to hear from past Art Grant recipients! Use the questions below as a rough guide of what to tell us and send the answers and photos of you or your work to Once we get our photo release finalized we'll send you that and any questions we have before posting your work here.

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Name of your Piece
Brief description of your piece
How the grant helped you
Did the work have a life after PDF
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Advice for people thinking about getting an art grant
Anything else you want to say

Are you archival quality?

Our Art Grant program is looking for an archivist to build an archive of all the wondrous and amazing works of art that benefited from an Art Grant at PDF.  Specialized skills in this area are a plus. Perfect project for a self starter or intern hours. Contact

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