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PostPosted: Fri Apr 28, 2017 10:34 am 
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LAND PURCHASE & VENUE CHANGE: I'm open to land purchase. But I'm also not driven to make it the priority over all the other great things that PDF is/can be. And there are other things that we need to do! There is a board subcommittee on land. I'm happy there is one, though I plan to focus on taking care of other things.

Currently, I believe we are far away from being able to be successful land owners. It's a nice dream, but I feel like we're a 14yr old saying "I want to be an Astronaut when I grow up!". We need to mature & invest is a number of ways before we can reach that goal. A clear reason why we want that (I've heard several, lets document them), and a 5 year plan on how to get there would be a nice start. But again, I'm more interested in some of the other things we need to do. I could easily pretend that I'm interested in these other things because I want to buy land. But that wouldn't be truthful. I'm interested in these other things because they will make PDF stronger, better, more vibrant in and of themselves. Examples: The communication improvement (wherein I include website improvements), cementing procedures, more functional event management (aka the Hatter Proposal), trust rebuilding, growth plan.

Similarly, I'm open to a venue change, but not driven to spend time on it. I'm actually fine with our current venue. Yes, it has issues. TTitD has issues. It has desert, dust, heat, cold, culture clashes with onsite LEOs, is hard to get to, and has less than ideal landlords. We have bugs, heat, swamp, often rain, some cold, some pissy neighbors, and less than ideal landlords. (Aside, I've met the neighbor with the peacocks. Hung out with him my first PDF. He wasn't one of the pissy ones.) I'm happy to stay at the VVMC. But not digging my heels in over it. So, for example, if I hear of a 137 acre farm 45 minutes from the current local that might be interested in hosting, I'd pass that info along. But I don't want to be point on land searching and venue assessing. I'm happy enough with the VVMC. Bonus that it is 35 minutes from my house.

AUDIT & ACCOUNTANT: Yes I'd support both. Of course we'd need to balance the cost with the value. And be clear WHY we are doing the audit - for simple transparency? Or??

ISSUES OF TRUST, BOARD TRANSPARENCY, WEBSITE: Now we are hitting issues that I AM keenly interested in. All these are all around communication IMHO. My belief is a lot of the trust can be rebuild with better communication, thoughtful listening, documented procedures & expectations. And a whole lot of marketing. Note: I used to be corporate strategy for a large software company. That's a marketing/communication gig. So I have some background here. Sending something in an email, or documenting something in meeting minutes doesn't count as communicating IMHO. It isn't communication unless the info is digested by the consuming parties. I know that sometimes you need to say something for a year (or longer) before it is digested.
The website needs to be more than it is now. I don't think it will replace FB as a communication vehicle - certainly not in the near term. But it could be greatly improved as an info source.

FOR THE RECORD: I believe the event needs and will continue to need Rangers.

Don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good.
We haven't come this far to only come this far
The best way to predict the future is to invent it
We can do anything, we cannot do everything.
Ships are safe in port, that's not what ships are for

DIANA'S QUESTIONS: These are My Questions to All Board Nominees. Your response is appreciated, but entirely voluntary:
Land Purchase - do you consider yourself pro or con land purchase? If your position is that we are not ready to purchase land right now - do you think working towards this goal and building that foundation is a priority?
Venue Search - in light of the recent troubles of other burns and burn inspired events to retain an event site - do you think that searching for a new venue prior to a land purchase is a priority? If yes, what is your timeframe for a new venue?
Would you support having the org pay for a 3rd party do a complete audit of the PdF books?
Would you support having the org pay for hiring an accountant to support the treasurer?
What actions would you take as a board member to improve the percieved communication issues and lack of trust issues between the board and the coordinators / PC?
What actions would you take as a board memeber to improve board transparency?
Would you consider a proposal to have the org pay to have a professional website made for playadelfuego.org that is mobile compatible, in a serious attempt to reclaim our culture from facebook by way of an integrated social sharing app, learning/education center for newbie burners, PONY archive, proposal / land search discussion area, archive of photographed art, blogs, and whatever else we dream up?
Thank you for your time and cosideration,
Volunteer Coordinator

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