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Postby monster » Tue Mar 21, 2017 8:10 pm

With the addition of some new people to the PDF Board of Directors last Summer, we have been able to start addressing some of the backlog of tasks the Board has on its plate.

In particular, the Board has reconvened the Land Search Committee, and resumed the search for a piece of property on which to hold Playa Del Fuego in the future. While the long-term goal is to purchase a piece of property, we are also looking for property to rent in the short term. The PDF community has expressed a growing desire to hold at least one of our two annual events at a new location, so the Board has expanded the scope of our search to include finding a rental venue to host PDF in Fall, 2017.

Selecting and securing a new venue in time for our Fall event this year is ambitious, but certainly not impossible. To maximize the potential for success, we'd like to lay out the plan, and invite your feedback and participation.

The first round of tickets for Fall PDF normally goes on sale in mid July. Wherever we’re going to hold the event, we need to have the venue secured in time for participants to take the location into account and before ticket sales start, so any rental agreement should ideally be in place no later than, say, the first week of July. Negotiating an agreement and acquiring any needed paperwork (insurance, permits, etc.) can take several weeks. Working backward, we came up with a schedule of tasks and deadlines, which is viewable here: ... sp=sharing

If you just want to keep abreast of developments and contribute to the public discussion, keep an eye on this forum. If you are interested in participating with us in the Land Search project, read on.

So what’s next?

We invite you to fill out this short survey ... w/viewform. Let us know a little about your travel to PDF, where you stand on the issue of moving PDF to a new venue, and how active a role you'd like to play in the process. The survey has fewer than 10 questions, and should only take a minute or two to fill out.

Visit the Search Criteria document ... sp=sharing and Site Report Form ... A/viewform to give us your take on what we’re looking for and the relative priorities of the characteristics we're looking at, along with any feedback you think will help improve the search. You can post your comments here, or email

We also welcome the community to suggest (or recommend) locations. Remember that this search isn’t just for rental property for this Fall; we’re also looking for a land to buy, so do let us know about any property you think PDF might want to own.

Depending on the candidate pool we are able to collect, we may seek help from a real estate professional. In any case, we need to have narrowed the search by the end of April to a shortlist of candidate locations. At that point, we'll reach out to the community to help us make site visits and file assessment reports.

If all goes according to plan (and why wouldn't it?), this brings us to the end of May, and Spring PDF, when we'll review what we’ve accomplished, revise the plan if necessary, and report on our progress.

If you have any questions or comments about the PDF Land Search, any thoughts, suggestions, criticisms or warnings that you'd like to put directly to the Board, please email

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