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PostPosted: Sat Aug 26, 2017 10:05 am 
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Ok, this is going to be a long post. Lots to report.

TL;DR Current Status: Land for Spring 2018 PDF still unsecured
On the short list for rentals are 2 100+acre farms in Kent county , plus 1 potential 300 acre farm that just surfaced in Sussex. Outreach to "The Woodlands" at the Dover racetrack and eventually to the Punkin Chunkin venue is also planned.

Reach out to me and I'll put you on the mailing list for rental help. ursula@playadelfuego.org

Attend the next Planning Committee Call -Sept 9 at Noon. Be prepared to talk about what the minimum requirement are for the rental land.

WE ARE FOCUSING on finding RENTAL land. If an *ideal* property to buy surfaced in the next 2 months, we'll consider it, but the focus is more on finding land to rent for spring. Ideal property for purchase today would be withing 100 miles from the VVMC, less that $320k, secluded 100+ acres, with no local restrictions on holding events. (DISCLAIMER: This is my definition of ideal; other BOD members may differ.)

For rental, we are less restrictive. We need a venue that can host us for a few burns - or until we find land to buy. It can be as small as 30 acres - as long as it is secluded enough for us to have a burn.

At this point, our basic requirement for rental are below. But we'll talk through them on the PC call to see what we can flex on:
[*] Suitable for at least 1,500 (less?) people to camp (30 acres minimum)
[*] Available Memorial Day weekend. Or the weekend before ?.
[*] ok for burnable art, << also, fire prevention access
[*] ok for nudity, << also means shielded from public road
[*] ok for camping (doh)
[*] allows amplified music (until???)
[*] an all-ages event
[*] Minimal neighbors/not surrounded by houses
[*] Ability to park vehicles on-site or nearby
[*] Ability to get infrastructure (including portajohns) onto and off the site

A lot of my methodology is hanging out at local bars and chatting up the locals. And getting the word out among friends that we're looking. So far it seems to be getting me about 1 lead every week or two - mostly limited by my ability to be a barfly.

Calling the properties I'm lookin at FARM L100K and FARM R137K, FARM H300S.
Nomenclature: Owner Initial + Acreage + County Initial

Last week’s highlights:
1. Woodlands was brought up as a potential site. Contact info has been collected. So yes, I could just fill out the webform indicating interest, and I will. But it’s also great that when I have a name/face to reach out to personally. Wife of an old colleague’s husbands' coworker is VP of events there. I'm still deciding if cold calling or emailing is the best idea. Also trying another avenue to get another personal intro. It's Delaware, where degree of separation is rarely more than 3, so I'm working it.

2. Got a post out on Facebook PDF site about looking for compadres in search. Got a few positives on potential help/ideas. Yay!

3. NEW OPTION - FARM H300S. A DC burner friend reached out indicating his folks have a 300 acre farm in southern Delaware. Approx 50miles/1hr south of Firebase Lloyd. He's keen on selling them into letting us burn there. I'm excited by the prospect! Waiting till he's back from BRC to spin up that conversation.

4. Got offered a 32 acre farm. Which is small and may have too many neighbors. But still, it's nice to have positive results. I'll circle back with her.

5. Drove by the FARM R137K. It was dusk. I'm thinking it's too exposed, but I could be wrong. Need to go back ASAP. Approx 30miles/40min south of Firebase Lloyd. Talked to the owner, who is sorting things out with the dude who farms the land. Holding until we get an answer

6. Got turned down by G&R club in Houston, DE even before we got to site-visit status. Womp, womp. Was demoralized for the rest of the day :cry:

7. A potential purchase property that might be "the one" just surfaced. Eagerly awaiting return of the BOD for TTiTD to look closer at the property.

This week's action items:
1. Call Owner for R137K and see where we're at with his farmer

2. Start planning a second trip to the L100K farm. Still need to schmooze the owner some, but I think he's onboard. Mostly need to look at the property again.

3. Get some progress on figuring what is "deal killer" issues for a new rental site. Setting this up to be the topic of the next PC call

4. Get from Bryan (or?) the firefighting/burnable art safety requirements. What kind of water are we needing? Burnpad info? Etc.

5. Chase down why we aren't approaching Salem Fairground. And/or call on them

6. Reach out to Bob Carpenter regarding the Woodland contact and any other venues he might know of. He's a local who produces 1000 person events now and again.

7. Reach out to LeeAnn Hardy (VP of events) at Woodlands regarding rental approach

8. Get back with everyone who expressed interest in helping. Schedule a call for interested parties to chit chat on search progress, assistance.

9. Drum up more leads!

Holding bin:
1. Hitup the network for a Punkin Chunkin contact. NOTE: Punkin Chunkin just got canceled again due to liability reason.

2. Post/Writeup a vision for PDF and it's future greatness. As Millie asked: What do you WANT PDF to be?

3. Get with H300S burner to schedule a visit! So exciting!

4. Make another ART Of PDF video

PostPosted: Sat Aug 26, 2017 11:26 am 

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This is great info. Thanks Ursula!

PostPosted: Mon Aug 28, 2017 7:41 pm 

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Good info. Thank you for all your hard work.

PostPosted: Sat Sep 09, 2017 10:19 am 
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Thank you for all your hard work on this!

- Hatter

- Web Team -

PostPosted: Tue Sep 12, 2017 2:44 pm 
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We will be having weekly committee meetings on the Land Rental Search starting 9/12 (today) t 8PM. Call in info:

8PM Tuesdays
Join the call: https://www.uberconference.com/ursulasadiq
Optional dial-in number: 719-284-5740
PIN: 70984

(PS: This number only hosts 10 callers. I don't expect us to get more than 10 callers, but if you get blocked out, please let me know and I'll fix if for next time)

PostPosted: Thu Oct 12, 2017 6:37 pm 
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Wow, is it October already?
Just a brief update on what has been happening with respect to the land search in the past several weeks.

We've been having weekly phone calls to divvy up work, keep the momentum, and discuss options.
Regular attendees have been myself (Ursula), Mike Kelly and Jill Nado. Last week we were also joined by Micheal Chen, Bryan Boru, Marty Wolf, and Jami Lynn Murrell-Rexrode

We've turned up 3 properties that might work. SO far none of these are perfect - some have cost issues, some date issues, some have accessibility issues, (etc) so we are still looking for "the one". But I am confident we will choose one soon, and get on with the planning!

We've also called/visited almost a dozen other properties and have a few more on the list to contact. Some we've crossed off the list, some we are still reaching out to. So the search is still happening.


Last week’s highlights:
1. Looked at a property in central Delaware that *might work*. It has hosted 3000 camper events, but it is really close to civilization. The owner is willing and offering a fair price It's currently on the MAYBE list.

2. Engaged with a property owner in Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania. Looking very promising - no one has burned there before! Site visit this weekend.

3. FARM H300S. - Still having conversations on this possibility 300 acre Farm in Southern Delaware.

4. FARM K20S - Another farm in southern Delaware, smaller, offered for our use by a burner. Still playing phone tag on this one too.

Previous properties R137K, L100K, Woodlands are not longer options - these did not work out for various reasons.

This week's action items:
1. Site visit to Schuylkill County property

2. Call Nanticoke to investigate use of their PowWow site in Southern Delaware

3. Call on the Punkin Chunkin Venue

4. Chase down paperwork, references for landowners.

5. Follow up with the other Delaware sites: H300S, K20S, and the Central Delaware campsite director.

Holding bin:

1. Post/Writeup a vision for PDF and it's future greatness. As Millie asked: What do you WANT PDF to be?

2. Make another ART Of PDF video

3. Get some interest in updating the PDF website. We're looking long in the tooth, esp in comparison.

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