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Minutes for July 17th, 2010 PDF planning meeting
Matt, Smelly, Bink, Ben, Jill, Fritz, Jamie, Rev. Dave, Mary, Heidi, Mad Hatter, Andy, Dave, Spinmeister, Jessica, at least two others whose names I missed.

Budget requests see BBS submissions: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=1104
Maya – How many WWW left on site?
Fritz - 50 to 100

Ranger budget – Fritz – 2nd radio charger for 2nd location?
Jill - Rangers talk to Lizard about radios
Fritz – possibly rent or lease spares from Lizard

Fireteam wood price – Jill - all hardwood is actually $245 a cord, but total stated on BBS is correct.

Ranger and DPW budget still needed.

Fritz - Community wood should be dumped farther away from the stack.

Jamie – lamplighters use $100 from last burn that was never spent
Fritz – PVC in shed from Barrel of Fun
Rev. Dave – dividing fire wood – main stack did not use much wood in Spring which is why a lot of wood had to be moved. Dave not opposed to dumping community wood well separate from the stack.
Matt – recommends second drop off point near the back gate. Off to the side, not taking up any camping space, in the middle of the site.
Brian – tarp off wood for main stack with marked tarps
Jill – tarping is what usually what we do
Fritz – will try to put a DPW map together for infrastructure and wood placement to be distributed and discussed at next meeting. May not work if gates are switched.
Mary – gate switching will not happen before Fall due to amount of work and discussion needed.
Jill – Vets want gates switched to avoid backup on road. Map is not needed because people are on site who know what to do with wood.
Heidi – Map created for theme camps goes to Pineapple and Cleats prior to event so the Vets know where everything go. Second stack of wood could be added to map, there should only be one map.
Jamie – the Vets do not care how we organize our events. Pineapple is a hired employee for the Vets. VNV MC board says we can do whatever we want as long neighbors don’t complain.
Mary – has ideas how to make gates run smoother, so we may not need to switch gates or need as many volunteers
MadHatter – May be better to implement other changes before switching gates.
Jill – is it feasible to get both gates operational at all times.
Mary – it may be, but it will require heavy volunteerism and a second computer.
Dave – Has a computer that can be used at the back gate possibly.
Ben – biggest issue is not software for second computer. Issue is more hardware.
Jill – Possibly another issue for Lizard, knows a lot about computers.
Mary – Easier to keep it simple and only do check in at front gate with large overflow area and solar lights to keep the back lit.
24 Sound Restriction
Jessica – Runs a sound camp and talks to others who have run sound camps. Frustrating to run a sound camp and constantly being asked to turn down sound by others. Suggests adding questions to the theme camp questionnaire to allow more specific placement.

Spinmeister – Sound patrols mandate was to enforce after midnight sound policy to avoid neighbor complaints and police visits. It is clear there are people who are upset about the overall sound levels at the their camp during the day and sleeping late at night/early in the morning. There is substantial resistance to addressing this with new rules. Policies have been recommended, a 24 hour sound level restriction and using placement to control sound camps - putting them all together or trying to group camps by their level of tolerance for noise. Suggests looking at it as a geographic issue, not an enforcement issue and it would be better if it was worked out on a case-by-case basis. Spinmeister’s proposal would be to address the issue with placement by allowing a greater quiet area in the front and designate back most area as an additional quiet area.

Matt – Does not like the idea of 24 hour sound restriction. It would be too difficult to enforce. At the same time, there is a certain level of understanding needed by sound camps. Sound camps should keep volume levels appropriately. Since space is limited, it may be best to limit the number of sound camps operating at one time.

Heidi – Theme Camp Coordinator – questionnaire does ask if you are loud or quiet and asked for placement preference. All responders are asking to not be placed by loud camps and there are so many of them that is impossible to spread them out anymore. 24 hour restriction should only be sufficient to allow all camps to have their activities. A policy statement is necessary, but active enforcement may not be. Enforcement will be necessary to some degree when there is a problem. Has asked camps to participate in the discussion. Sound camps are concerned and are trying to work it out as well.

Fritz – thanks Matt and Smelly for doing Buzzkillers. There are also DJ camps that are not theme camps and are not placed. Does think farthest part of back field should be quiet camping. Unregistered DJ camps are more difficult to deal with, no theme camp leader, no placement. Should be area that allows no amplified sound 24 hours. Very front and back would be best since they are closest neighbors.

Mark – Important that people are comfortable with the sound levels at their camp whether they like it loud or quiet.

Bink – PDF already to crowded to spread out camps.

Jill – Have we ever talked about limiting number of sound camps. Logic to having just three sound camps to producing music will lead to less clashing.

Matt – Just not the DJs making a lot of noise. Generators too. Is there anyway PDF can do a central power and rent power to theme camps.

Jessica – Other burns that have sound camps grouped together and sound camps have to sort out speaker direction, volume, etc. Is anyone available that has sound engineering experience and can work with theme camps for speaker aiming and placement. Matt and Spinmeister both have some expertise in that area. Limitting leads to exclusion. Three sound camps leaves a lot of camps out.

Andy – Just like RVs, this is a space issue. RVs have to be limited due to space. In the past people have worked with camps to get things set up properly and that needs to be reengerized.

Jamie – Question for Heidi – how many DJ camps do we usually have? Does not want to limit camps. Thinks putting all the loud camps together and having them work it out may be good. Usually about 1 in 4 camps are loud.
Jamie also agrees with 24 hour restriction because of space, we can not stick all the sound camps together. We are in a very small space and need to follow rules work together.

Matt – Does not feel limiting the DJ camps is necessary excluding, it forces them to collaborate together. DJs can get slots at other camps, do not have to have their own camp to play music. We don’t give anyone an art grant, why should we let bring 10k watts of sound. Can’t put all the camps together, it will be to much of a mess of sound.

Dave – Sound coordinator would be helpful, would almost need to be a 24 hour thing. Coordinating sound would be a huge job. Also why don’t sound camps bring their own meters and regulate themselves.

Spinmeister – Unregistered loud camps – since Buzzkillers were only concerned about after midnight and perimeter sound levels, they were not really concerned about unregistered camps because they were not loud enough to disturb neighbors. Also says that most proper sound camps had their speakers facing in. Also believe that most of the time if you approach a DJ with an empty floor, they will pack it in or turn it down. Would like to make a proposal to spread sound camps out more, but understands that not possible. So possibly concentrating them more. Make a Quiet Zones (front and back), a high noise area slightly farther back then the sound camps are now, and then a mid-zone. Also thinks we need a clearer definition of “loud” camps. DJ camps, performance camps, live music camps, etc. All the loud camps should not be on top of each other, but should be more concentrated.

Jessica – In regards to asking sound camps to collaborate. They tried to condense three camps into one last burn, but there was too much differences and the attempt fell apart. Mostly the disagreements were over creative issues for the camp theme. Serious disagreement over robots. Some people like loud music all the time and some people have the perspective that if the music is too loud, buy earplugs. Sound camps already get a lot of flak and would like to not have more restrictions and policies forced on them like cooperation.

Rev Dave – Suggests regulating unregistered sound camps.
Matt – Readings should not be done 25’ out of a theme camp because every them camp has a different shape, size, and speaker placement. Instead of being 25’ away from camp, it should be done on the middle of the dance floor. Also recommends raising decibel limit to 90 if measurements are taking on the floor. It is not quiet up front, sound camps are still loud in front field even when under 85 decibel requirement. What about giving Buzzkillers authority to shut down bootleg camps or getting board to do it.

Moving vehicles policy –
Fritz – likes the artistic contribution of things like Fogey Scooters and eco-friendly presence of bicycles. Not in favor of gas powered vehicles due to exhaust fumes. Vets stop using hay wagon after dark for safety reasons (no lights). The other art car stays operating thorough out the night. Not saying a policy needs to be made, but if it is made, policy has to be distinct as to what types of vehicles it applies too. Larger vehicles would have to be limited and apply to other rules. Three large art car limit, must register in advance. Scooters – if it is a personal vehicle it should be lit at night, but otherwise not a big deal. Bikes there were some bikes not lit and they should be.

Bink – Art cars are supposed to remain parked as an existing policy. No policy yet on scooters or golf carts.

Heidi – Any vehicle should be art car-ish and a speed limit for safety.

Fritz – Was an art car – mobile dance floor - driving around. Likes the idea of it, but all art cars must be registered and have permission. Moving dance floor cars would have to be limited because of space issues. Mobile art cars must be approved in advance.

Jamie – Too many people, must have a DMV. Bink volunteers.

Jill – Is this really an issue? Do we need policy.

Brian – Not planning on making rules right now, just paying attention to the situation and dealing with problem people.

Jamie – We should register people before event so we know who is responsible for the vehicle.

Fritz – DPW vehicle. Fritz only gives keys to people who are responsible. Doesn’t think there needs to be rules. Just need someone who is responsible to deal with people are dangerous.

Brian – DMV only concerned about safety.

Heidi – use nonprofit rate for mailings. Also encourage people to print their own WWW.

Next meeting tentatively the 14th and 15th, 7th and 8th as back up.

Fritz – question about a land purchase – any chance of buying a stripped mountain in West Virginia?

Jill – DPW work weekend – for next meeting – do we want to paint or work on stage. Do we want to move sink and do we want to expand sand pit.

Jamie – work weekend is event related so budget must be submitted to planning committee.

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