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March 12, 2011 Meeting Minutes (I tried to condense minutes as this was a VERY lengthy meeting and a good portion of items discussed were items that have been discussed in length at prior meetings. See past meeting minutes for more detail).

In person: Dinah, Mad Hatter
Call In: Miss Fidget, Jill, Ben, Heidi, Andy, Mary, Matt, Smelly, John, Niki, Erin, Lis, Spin

-January Meeting Minutes read and approved.

-Budget Submittals (see individual department posts for actual costs and descriptions)
*Greeters/Gate/Parking- Was discussed and all agreed that wristbands should be different color each burn for over 21. Red wristbands will continue to be for under 21.
Much discussion on signage for the parking lot. Should a call go out to the community for volunteers to make signs?
– Mary: add $ 20.00 to parking budget for paper and ink for adding signage for the back lot. -Ben: will be a lot of work to make signs.
-Miss Fidget: make a map for the Parking Lot to post at the gate, more cost effective.
-Mad Hatter: will experiment with signage, map is a good idea. There was a map at Fall.
-Liz: Will make reflective tape Parking signs for Spring.
-Jill: can we put out a call to the community for lighting suggestions. Concern over community signs becoming moop.
*Volunteer-Liz suggested the Volunteer Appreciation party be more lavish and a bigger affair. Smelly stated she does not have the extra time nor the energy to make it a huge big affair at PDF, but if someone else wished to do the volunteer app. party, please step up. Liz said she thought about it.
*Theme Camps- No discussion
*Rangers- Dinah: did budget for decorated tapestries to create a quiet space where rangers can relax, fill out the log book, etc.
-Heidi: suggested buying plain material from fabric store and painting “ranger headquarters” on which would be much cheaper and would then look more “official” as opposed to looking like another theme camp area.
-Liz and Dinah will get together prior to PDF to paint the tapestries.
-Dinah: budgeted for Polaroid camera for ejected attendees, people to “watch closely, ranger photos to post so people know who is a ranger.
-Heidi and Jill: we can print these on site from a digital camera, concerns over the cost of a Polaroid camera and film is rumored to become non-existent shortly in the future, so makes no sense for PDF org to purchase a Polaroid camera.
-Jill: will check with Lizard to see what kind of printer he has and if okay to use while on site, Lizard should have no problems with this.
*Fire Team- are using a different burning wood for Spring.
*DPW- Jill submitted since no one else did budget submittal. We definitely need one more hand truck, is in budget. Melly budgets in for bags and gloves for the Moop Sweeps in Volunteer budget. Regarding using Rumrunner’s truck- insurance issues???
-Liz: What needs transported?
-Jill: wood (specifically to both front and back gates), infrastructure gear and equipment, moving moop from back fields.
-Liz: Lamp retrieval
-Mary: make sure Todd gets onsite parking pass.
*Sound Patrol- Spin feels we should have more radios for SP. We currently have 2, but should have 6. Liz felt this was an excessive amount of radios. Ben, Andy, Miss Fidget and Smelly feel that you can really not have too many radios on site. Good to have extras. Mad Hatter- People can purchase their own radios if they want a radio all the time. Smelly pointed out that she does not have a radio for when volunteers are needed to be recruited and she needs to be found, so she uses a sound patrol radio currently.
-Dinah: Rangers will be “gifting” current large box bin to Sound Patrol since SP currently really has no “headquarters” at part. station.
-Melly- will have logs printed out for Spring to record camps decibel readings when taken by all sound patrol volunteers.
-Spin-Will present Sound Policy at April planning meeting.
-Liz: Can we reach out to sound camp organizers and discuss the sound issues and policy with them outside of the planning meetings, can we have a raver liason?
-Unanimous “No” from almost all meeting attendees, we have reached out prior, we have informed them of the meetings, they have had plenty of opportunities to be a part of the sound discussions.
*Lamplighters- Heidi: should this be an art grant?
-Ben: lamps have always been considered infratstructure.
*What, Where, When- Fidget: publicize that’s it downloadable, can we create an app for the fancy phones?
-Heidi: feels it should not be printed at all for the event and printed out by participants prior to event.
-Erin: thinks that WWW pertinent info should be posted a few different places for newbs to read, feels it would help greatly with newbies learning about burns and our community. She will take on the laminating and posting of the posters at part. station and pavillion and side of stage as well as removal at the end of event for future use.
*Stage: Matt feels this would be good for the community as it’s getting harder to find someone to volunteer the use of their sound equipment for community stage use. Miss Fidget and Andy concerns were is this equipment adaptable for upgrades. Matt said yes it is. Matt also stated that he has found not one person willing to volunteer their sound equipment for use thus far for Spring. We would need a speaker for this equipment, Matt has one he will use. Melly thinks it’s a good investment as we really should have a PA system since ranger training does use the sound on stage and for any other general announcements and when we have our own land, it will be important to have equipment. Any other stage discussion is to be done on the BBS as there are 2 separate proposals.

*Early Entry: Jill will write up “policy” and post to the BBS, see BBS post.

*Theme camps and having their own porto potty: Pretty much all in attendance feel it is a ridiculous request as PDF is on such small grounds and not like Black Rock City and the closest potty may be three blocks away. It was decided that theme camp wishing to bring their own potty submit a proposal to be voted on at the April planning committee meeting on how it will be kept clean, when/if it will be emptied on site, what plan of action is in place if potty were to fall over and spill contents.

*Next Meeting- Weekend of April 9/10, we need a host.

*Meeting adjourned!

- Web Team -

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