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April 9, 2011 Meeting Minutes

On Phone (no host): PJ, Dinah, Fritz, Smelly, Liz, Matt, Niki, Erin, Yeti, Smartie, Jill, Rev. Dave and Suzi

*Minutes read and approved from last meeting.

*Budget Voting (See individual budgets for itemized items on March 2011 Meeting Thread)

-Lamplighters $ 1,180.00 *APPROVED"

-Volunteer $ 485.00 *APPROVED*

-DPW $ 230.00 *APPROVED*($ 100.00 Emergency for road cones-Fritz said he will get)

-Sound/Stage Equip. Option #1 (powered) $ 2,486.00 *APPROVED*or Option #2 (non-powered) $ 2,886.00 *NOT APPROVED (lesser of the two-more work and maintenance cost later on )
(Jill asked if the BOD would not approve of this expense, Smelly said that she feels it's a justifiable expense as we do have the stage sign up on our page and we probably should be providing the sound equip. as an org. since the stage is open sign ups. Jill suggested community use of the equipment, discussed and thought maybe for other burner community events, will discuss on BBS. Dave asked about renting equipment and Matt said he figured it out and it's $ 1.95 per ticket this spring burn, so most cost effective for PDF to own.)

-WWW $ 800.00 *APPROVED*

-GUD $ 50.00 *APPOVED*

-Theme Camps $ 75.00 *APPROVED

-Gate $ 756.00 (with new wristbands-decided on at last meeting) *APPROVED*

-Fire Team $ 2,920.00 *APPROVED*

-Parking $ 55.00 *APPROVED*

-Sound Patrol $ 467.00 *APPROVED*

-Rangers $ 1,183.00 *APPROVED*

*Early Entry Policy (discuss and finalize official policy-must be done this meeting)
-Jill is gathering lists of early entry names and everything that needs to be done. Fish will check AM, then Erin Noon on for the name list to sit at the gate. More detailed procedures are laid out ont the Early Entry thread on the BBS under Event Planning)

*Old Ranger Box (what to do with it), discuss
-Fritz said that the lamps could be hauled in big box to help with spilling, possible fire hazars storing lamps in shed during event, all said good idea

*Second Conference Phone Budget (from Andy W.)
-Do we need a second one or can we just do this stuff on the world wid web? Easier, maybe, we can discuss on the BBS further

*Backpacks for the Homeless project (give overview)
-Very brief mid-atlantic Burners Without Borders project with crazy PONY Peepers

*Next meeting (May 7/8 weekend-if needed for any last minute items)
-Will we need one? Wait and see if something comes up.

- Web Team -

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