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PostPosted: Thu Jan 19, 2012 10:18 pm 
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Minutes: Post-burn Meeting, June 12, 2011
Owsla's house in Baltimore

Attendance: Amanda, Dave
Call-in: Yeti, Marty, Dinah, Travis, Dr. Mercury, Miss Fidget, Melly, Matt, Hatter/PJ, Rev. Dave, Evl/Mary, Jill, Andy, Heidi, Thibeaux, Maestro, Rouge, Liz

-Brief review and approval of previous meeting's minutes
Consensus to skip

-Departmental post-burn reports

-Volunteer report from Melly:
Well, this was the first time that I can ever remember that we actually ran out of volunteer badges, so we then started using the sparkley principle ponies as badges, YAY Sign ups were looking pretty good before the burn online and the empty slots got filled up quite quickly during the burn, another YAY to this too

There were some no shows, but, not a tremendous amount and on the occassions when volunteers were needed it took no time at all to get volunteers to step up.

The volunteer appreciation party was fun, we did not have a lot of people come to it, but we did have fun at it. For Fall we will be doing a different volunteer appreciation, instead of a party we will have roving volunteers spreading the appreciation to the volunteers. I think it'll be fun

Overall the volunteerism was definitely up this burn and everyone seemed happy and enthusiastic about volunteering this spring...so yays all around

No-shows: Shift leads for the gate was the biggest problem.
PJ wants to send out an e-mail to shift leads to ask about it.
Paper schedules at participation station and gate to log no-shows- no “penalty” besides follow up/shaming, although can only do for people who signed up online.
Not a lot of attendance at appreciation party, but in Fall wants to change to a mobile “appreciation team” to visit the different gates and volunteers with food, etc.
Matt: Facebook was helpful
Hatter: What % of people who are coming are volunteering? Is volunteering up because the same people are volunteering more, or are more people volunteering? Still seems like the same faces.
Amanda: Can be more active in invitations for people to volunteer? Didn't realize at first that it was easy to just step up and volunteer.
Merc: Direct people to sign ups as soon as purchase tickets
Joanna: No shows- should sign ups not open until after 2nd round of ticket sales, so people won't sign up but then not get ticikets?
Mary: creative suggestion to make a video to “pitch” volunteering and other info to people waiting online, and at the gate
MF: Adjust number of vol. Slots available to reflect demand for volunteers (prime time gate vs. middle of the night- allow lots of people to sign up at busy times, fewer at night, etc.), also talk to Ben about putting more education into the ticket queue when people are waiting
Jill: Difficult to find the sign up schedules on the websites, make less buried
Hatter: Parking and Gate is planning to re-brand Greeting separate from Ticketing/Gate, so more greeting actually happens, more info is given out/volunteer encouragement etc.

-Greeter Report from Hatter:
Things went pretty well. Most shifts were full even though a lot of people did not show up for shifts; there were multiple shift leads that did not show which is a little disheartening. M4 was left without a replacement on 2 of his shifts but stayed for an hour or longer until we could find a replacement for him. All GOD shift were covered.

The Good
The new lights seemed to have been very good even with one not working properly. I will create a laminate with instructions on how to turn on/off the lights next burn.

The box fans were a huge hit at the front and really reduced the bugs out there. I will budget for a second one for the larger structure next burn so we can have them on both sides.

The new sign seems to have been well received (lots of pictures of it on FB), it’s a little smaller than I would have liked but I think did the trick. We might want to consider investing in a few more Arrow signs to get people from the entrance to the back parking area. Might be easier than having to make new paper ones each burn.

Pulling up at noon to see the structure already up and all our stuff sitting in it was AMAZING. Thank you Yeti and DPW for making this happen.. Yay.

The Bad
There were a few fairly bad situations that popped up this burn. The worst being the theft of at least 2 sheets, possibly 3 of wrist bands which were then distributed through the parking lot. There were also several rumors of people on greeter shifts simply giving wrist bands to friends without tickets. I am currently researching a couple new methods of distributing wrist bands that may help reduce the possibility of theft. I will present something before the July meeting.

There were a couple occasions that I noted that the entire front gate staff was very dehydrated. I was able to get replacements for them on one shift, but not on another so stayed up there until the shift ended. I think ButterBean also noted the same during one of his GOD shifts.

It was also reported that in at least 1 instance the entire greeter staff was fast asleep at the front gate with the computer on and wrist bands out. I will try to do a better job getting the word out that you must be sober and awake during the greeter shifts .

Someone hung a very heavy chandelier on the back gate shade structure and snapped one of the support poles, we will need to purchase a new shade structure for the fall.

Someone(s) decided it would be fun to burn a hole through the middle of the dry erase board and put a pony through it. It should be replaced next burn as well. I was thinking of getting a larger one and hanging it on the side of the tent for people to leave notes to each other.

Just about every time I went up to the front gate it was trashed and I had to ask for people to clean up their mess or do the cleaning myself. The front gate has become a complete moop pit even though we had both a trash can AND a recycle can up there. I’ll post some signs in the fall to see if it helps, but I think ultimately I will have to make the shift leads responsible for making sure things are in good shape before going off shift. I’m also going to ask that people do not leave large quantities of candy at the back gate this fall. All though nice, it created a lot of garbage at the back gate and in the sun it became a giant sticky mess.

3 folding chairs were destroyed during this burn and will need to be replaced.

Additional Notes
Mary, Shelly and I are working on some changes to the flow of the gates that may reduce or eliminate some of the problems that occurred with parking and ticketing this burn. We will be putting together the final plan and will post it to the BBS between the June and July meetings for people to poke holes at.

We went through over 3 cases of water between the front and back gate. I think we’ll need to go to 5 for the fall. Since we now have electricity, I’m also looking into purchasing water coolers for front and back gates. This might end up being a good deal cheaper than using bottled water, remove the need for ice and reduce waste by having volunteers use their own cups instead of having tons of plastic water bottles laying around. I know 5 gallon bottles can be purchased at Lowes and Home depot and the coolers are frequently on Craigs list for 20.00-40.00.

Additional notes from the rest of the thread:

1. Shift Leads: How do we prevent newbies and dishonest people from taking on shift lead positions.

2. No Shows: What should be done to try to reduce the number of no shows and should there be some sort of penalty for not showing up for your shifts, or showing up unable to be outside of the event (drunk, altered etc).

3. GODS being stuck at the front or back gate to cover shifts with no way to get coherent volunteers.

There are a couple things that we are planning for fall that may or may not help.

- Separating greeting into a Greeter Station and a Ticket Station. This should help prevent some of the chaos around the wrist bands but only having 1 or 2 people taking tickets and distributing wrist bands. The Coordinator (me) can then contact the people on the ticketing shifts prior to the event and go over what their responsibilities should be and confirm their sign up times etc.

- Better information at each station on Who should be doing what and how to do it.

- I will be creating a "Trouble Shooting Manual" for Fall with a list of possible problems and solutions for those problems. Kind of like a FAQ for greeters.

- Over lapping shift leads. I'd like each shift to overlap 15 minutes to provide transfer of information to the new team. I'd also like to figure out a way that shift leads go off shift at off times to the rest of the greeters so everyone at the greeter stations are not getting up at the same time to leave.

- If Shift Lead No Shows continue to be a problem, especially in the wee hours, I'd like to bring up the possibility of having No New Check-ins between 2am and 7am. So people who have not gotten their wrist band will not be allowed into the event between 2 and 7. Then we only need to rely on people checking for wrist bands and not all the other stuff. I just do not want any reason for a GOD to be stuck at the front gate for 9 of their 12 hour shift.

Hatter: Fireside (?) shuts down late at night and also prevents people from leaving unless emergency
Can still check wristbands, but not allow new entries during certain hours so fewer volunteers and no shift lead is needed.
Matt: Will need a lot of publicizing to shut down entry at certain hours
MF: Need to keep a low profile in the parking lot, don't want people to show up and tailgate if they can't get in
Hatter: Simply not allow, tailgating not allowed period, you'll have to go back to town if you show up at the wrong time.
Travis: Q about wristbands- Do we order exactly what we need, or extras?
(We get extras because of amounts they are sold in, and because some extras are needed for broken bands. )
Control the amount of wristbands that are floating around.
Marty suggested that we only keep 100-200 at the gate, w/ responsibility of GOD to replenish? Also keep a log book where shift lead is responsible for counting wristbands and tracking usage. People more likely to be honest if being tracked. Can also tell who dropped the ball if loses happen.
Mary: Make sure it isn't a burden on GODs during overnight shifts
Melly: Need to make sure a trusted/experienced (not newbie) community member is responsible for wristbands with any system.
Hatter: Want to start requiring (and enforcing) that people have Greeted previously to be a Shift Lead, like Rangers do. Also can have a team e-mail list.
Matt: Thinks dividing ticketing/wristbands from Greeters is a good idea and also easier for volunteers.

-Fire Team Report from Rev. Dave
The Pony Burn
The pony was not what was described to me; it was significantly taller, with a lot of wood on the second floor. I'm not sure where the communication disconnect happened, but I'm going to be staying in much closer contact with the artist for the fall burn. Almost all of the structure landed on the pad, but there was an awful lot of concern right up until it fell regarding this one.

The Art Burns
Putting up signs seemed to help with the "who/where/when" confusion for the art burns (at least among the artists that responded to at least one of my pre-burn requests for scheduling preferences in time for WWW publication).

The Sunday art burns actually went (approximately) according to the schedule published in the WWW, and they went quickly enough that the gathered crowd didn't get bored and wander off before the last one (which has, believe it or not, been a problem in burns past).

Almost all of the big burning bits landed on either the road or the metal sheeting. Hurrah!

There were no bonfires on any of the burn pads on Monday morning. Hurrah!

I didn't coordinate well with Lizard et al for the Sunday art burn... Usually, Ron handles that, but he wasn't there. My bad on this one.

-Pony Report- Jill:

Despite the fact that it was too tall, the Vets loved our Pony from Gogo. The president of the Vets also told me that the height limit is actually 20 feet tall, not the 15 feet that we have been told in years past. Please be aware that Susie Clarke has volunteered to take over as Pony procurer/wrangler from here on out. I will be assisting her for this next burn, but then she’s taking the reins. Also, the BOD has designated Maya Cook to be effigy liaison, so we’re keeping her in the Pony loop, too.

Flags/Signage Report- Miss Fidget
The 3/4 inch pvc pipe I use for the flags had been removed from the shed and thrown on the ground behind it. I was able to find 17 pipes. I have more flags that did not go up for want of poles, will add cost of buying more poles to fall budget. Mr Buddy helped me take down flags and marked the pvc w/sharpies to indicate their intended use. Storing outside shed is not ideal, but ok, as long as they don't get smooshed or stolen or thrown out.

Additionally: PJ has started a discussion about signage on the forum

Perhaps time to think about adding more flags and /or coordinated signage plan for entire event.

MF: Moving toward more signage in general- Hatter is creating some, Heidi is marking roads, Parking marking roads, MF makes banner- should we have a coordinated signage plan?
Jill: RE: shed, stuff stored needs to be more clearly marked what dept. it belongs to and also unnecessary items pared down.
MF: PVC could be stored outdoors if placed carfully, discuss related to work weekend maybe.
Hatter: Shelves can be added overhead for poles

WWW Report- Miss Fidget & Maya
Truck driver who picks up guides from printer in Arlington Va did not arrive until close to 7 pm Thurs, despite assurances he'd be in on time and past perfect performance. Unless we find someone else in Arlington to pick them up, we're sorta dependent on him. FWIW I think we get a sweet deal on co$t from printer in Arlington.

-Early Entry department/system (new)- Jill
Also, brief discussion of ideas for revising the system (Save a concrete proposal for July, and voting if deemed necessary for August)
Early Entry report- Yeti, Marti and Vooj rocked on the early set up. Loads of people got in early and had very little to do when they came in. My one concern was getting the posts installed along quiet side, when Jim (of the famous Jim and Amy show) took over and got them in perfectly. And I was almost brought to tears when I saw Jimmy and Victory using two power washers on the pavilion. Erin blew me away for sitting at front gate for hours on end checking people in early, and Fish and Sunshine were wonderful in providing the early entry wrist bands.

As far as I could tell, it seemed people were very cooperative about not setting up their own camps until DPW's work was done. Anybody see that any differently? Or was it as rosey as I percieve?

I am going to propose a change to the early entry system, as you may have seen in my earlier email, basing it on time of arrival, but we can discuss that at the July meeting...unless you want to bring it up now.

General response: Overall setup went well!

-DPW report- Yeti
I intend to submit a more full and detailed report, in the Very near future, that can be useful to planning efforts over the course of the next five months.

I delay to allow me to hear from any source that which I may not already know. It will contain details of our actions on Playa, needs, problems as well as suggested solutions to our needs and problems.

For many intents and purposes though the following is at the heart of the matter.

There is nothing negative to report about the Results of our collective efforts, though there may be about any particular individual(s) effort and or process.

We may not all have been doing what needed to be done. We may not have had all we needed to get it done.

In brief, we collectively did a good job. We came and we did not leave until everything that needed to be done was done.

The Vets were satisfied with our efforts and DPW unwrap and wrap up of the event.
DPW arrived at 6am and left at 5pm.
DPW left only after the satisfaction and approval of the Vets.

In the end though we did get it all done.

In total we all together did a good job.
In the future we will all together do a better job.

I suggest that "questions" to DPW's, as well as other departments' directors, is a good and valid topic to put on the agenda.

Thank all of you also for your kindness and understanding to me on this my learning curve. Thanks to all of our efforts, we were able to get her done.

Would like to have a more dedicated DPW team for heavy setup if people like that idea
Joanna: Likes the idea of having a dedicated DPW team for heavy setup if there are people who are willing to do it, more efficient

Parking Report- Mary & Shelly:
The back parking lots continue to be a mess,as ppl continue to park in driveways. I had several cars park up the main driveway in the middle of the rows, which then made a mess. I stuck notes under the wipers requesting the vehicle get towed. In hope they or someone they knew would get that moved. Sat I was informed that a new driveway I made just hrs earlier was parked in. This was clearly marked by an orange cone on one side and a arrow sign pointing forward. When Jill and I arrived back there, I decided to have DPW's truck pull that out of the way. It was only moved abt 30ft. (Wish I had it pulled farther away)

Also during one of my GOD shifts Smartie Martie informed me there was an unregistered RV requesting onsite parking. This was the first time we had hit the cap of 20 open camping onsite vehicles. So I denied it. I asked Smartie to inform them that they were more than welcome to sleep in a tent onsite but the vehicle had to stay in the parking lot. They were informed they could not sleep in their RV in the parking lot. I did do some occasional checks on the lots to make sure I didn't see anyone doing that.

The LED lights that Andy brought for the back lots were wonderful. The 1 string's main controller got run over by a car and was broken. I thought we had placed them so that wouldn't happen. Sorry abt that. He took it with him to fix. The other LED's are now in the shed

Most of the caution tape was just beyond saving and had to be thrown out. Will be budgeting for more in the fall. Or maybe we invest in some reflective rope and longer posts for the parking areas

Thank you to everyone who helped with parking, and to Shelly for stepping up as my Co-coordinator.

Note: Mary also raised the suggestion of creating a private discussion list for GODs & shift leads- follow up with Ben on creating one, if desired.

Andy: Can we add a flagger shift to the back gate to actually direct parking?
Mary: Yes, working on with Hatter and Shelly
Jill: What's the rationale behind people not sleeping in vehicles?
Joanna: Vets' request, and no tailgating. Not a good can of worms to open
Yeti: Re: tailgating, need to publicize limited entry late at night
Dinah: Maybe a change to make gradually over two burns
Mary: Publicize NOW, can probably do for Fall. Also put info in the ticket queue.

Moop Report- Fritz:
-Lots of MOOP in the usual spots around the porta-potties and theme camp areas on Monday morning.
-MOOP in common areas is getting out of control. We may have to have trash cans in public areas. People are getting too sloppy.
-Recycling efforts by Fish were very good.
-Back and front dumpsters were full. The center one was not, but we may need a fourth dumpster.
-Theme camps were throwing furniture and such into dumpsters. So many theme camps did so that no one single camp can be singled out.
- We may have to develop a Monday morning MOOP team that will not need to break down their camp on Monday morning. Maybe local folks can be tapped or people have completely packed by Sunday night.
- We should have a lunch meeting at Pavilion on Monday afternoon to hear reports on what people have found.
-Several pictures were taken, no camps were actual RED camps. Dusty Swan was still in the process of cleaning when MOOP coordinator was told to leave. They may have gotten a yellow flag.
-About five pre-signed MOOP volunteers helped clean up on Monday afternoon. Another five people who were just hanging in the pavilion were also recruited and they were very happy to help out. MOOP efforts wrapped up about 5 p.m.
-Kudos especially to Erin for mooping the front area, more kudos to Naked Josh for his extraordinary efforts. Pete Stone rocks. EV was especially mindblowing as best MOOP virgin.
- DPW head dismissed MOOP coordinator before Vets inspected area. MOOP coordinator was unable to take photos that usually serve as evidence that we left no trace. It is not known if the Vets signed off on the clean up efforts. We need to find out from Yeti if the Vets were satisfied by MOOP efforts.

Yeti: Left things as we found it. Should there be a problem, would declare that he's responsible- is confident there won't be an issue. Most Moopers left between 2 and 3, Yeti and Marti were last out around 5. Eye Candy did a great job cleaning back showers during the event. Marti cleaned porta potties and showers on Monday. Clean up has become a post-burn “hang out,” total sum of actual cleaning probably took 2 hours.
Joanna: BOD will check in with Fritz or Yeti before Fall burn to make sure we remember to do a Moop sign-off with vets after the burn.
Jill: Could put up board on the back of the shed door with paperwork so we have a copy of a contract for sign-off
Yeti: Make sure “last burner off” is always a MOOP or DPW person for convenience

-Stage Report- Matt:
Stage was awesome, when I was available. Should have definitely showed someone else how everything was hooked up on Friday night in case something happened to me, which it did. Do'h.

My concerns after my first burn doing stage:

Not enough time for available, attendance has doubled since the initial change to 2 hour limit. Was thinking maybe asking Vet Liaison to see about starting up Thursday at 5 with gate opening and shutoff at 12 and start up again at 10am Fri. That would give us 7 more slots if kept to 1 hr increments. I think this may be sufficient change for this burn and "encourage" participants to remember including fellow community members who want to express themselves as well when signing up for their stage time.

Also I noticed an issue of Grounding on the stage, I did not have my little pocket tester, otherwise I would know if it is bad wiring or lack of a Power Conditioner for the speakers. I will be including one in the Fall Stage budget,it is a small but worthy investment to protect another investment.

There has been a proposal for a "Sound Crew" of sorts, I do not think it is necessary unless whatever band that signed up, wants to bring in their own equipment and sound guy. I would be more than happy to assist in any of those endeavors, but I think it is just silly to set up some big sound stage for someone who just wants to sit up there, play their ipod and people watch.

Jill: Sent Buddy a note about the outlet grounding on the stage, and he is talking to the vets about it. One of the vets may be an electrician.

-Ranger report- Snuggles & Dinah
One of our ARC’s couldn’t come at the last minute, other ARC’s filled in shifts (12 hour shifts).
Every Shift Lead spot was taken before the event, and most shifts had 4 Rangers on them (5 dirt Rangers + 1 shift lead = full shift).
63 old and new Rangers attended training.
Rangers enjoyed getting their pictures taken - hope community did too. Will make some sort of permanent structure for that for Fall.
New lock box worked great! Some concern about if that is enough space when we have a full supply of tee shifts and hats – will see in the fall and request more space only if necessary.
All radios accounted for at beginning and end of burn!
We will try and spread the word more about the Ranger base radio at part station and make a bigger, laminated sign.

Shift reports –
Most calls for Rangers were medical and handled ‘in-house’, often by just talking to participant. (For the record the person who started the search for an epi-pen ended up not needing it and everything was fine).
EMS/ambulance was called twice – the first time after the individual was assessed in the front lot, they opted to return to camp (and later was transported to local hospital by campmates) and the second time the ambulance did take the (different) individual to the hospital.
Vets had to tow out a vehicle from ditch by back gate.
Issue with the padlock on the hold in fence – Ranger came upon a “severely dehydrated” man with no wristband, asked how they got in, and man walked Ranger back to hole in side fence/gate. Ranger gave copies of the gate combo to next shift lead on, and to Smartie Martie and Yeti (not their responsibility tho). Pineapple cut lock when he found out about it (after consulting with Snuggles).

Joanna: Will have Buddy talk to the vets about the fence in the gate, what can be done
Yeti: Gate belongs to neighbors which are friends with vets. Not a new thing.
MF: Neighbors use the gate to come in and retrieve their dogs which wander onto the property
Dinah: Sneak ins can happen a variety of ways, but no need to make it easier
Jill: Ever come up with a tracking system of photographing people who are ejected?
Dinah: Possible use of the camera, but it was Dinah's personal camera given up for a specific period of time. Would need different equipment.
Joanna: No one was ejected
Yeti: Saw some people without wristbands and asked them to leave, and they were cooperative

-Theme camp report- Heidi
I didn't see any problems. My only request is that Art Grants recipients (or any other large art) fill out a Theme Camp questionnaire if they would like placement. Or else there may not be any place for them to set up when they arrive.
Would like to talk to Ben about creating an online form to make theme camp registration easier.

-Buzz Killas/Sound Patrol report
Melly (BOD liaison for sound): Saturday at midnight heard the turn down happen and it was amazing.
Some minor problems. No problems with neighbors.
A camp with unregistered sound equipment caused the most problems.
Volunteers were awesome, people are getting on board with turn-down.
At one point Pineapple asked for a reduction in bass even though the sound meter was fine, but was not a problem. Most camps are cooperative.

-Art grants report- Andy
Went well mostly. Had a problem with a project where Disorient did not realize they also needed to register as a theme camp, and same camp did not understand reserve ticket procedure.
MF: Reserve ticket e-mail is already quite clear, Disorient had a problem with reading correspondence.
Hatter: Disorient camp member also had a parking pass out for 3 days and upset about not getting ID back

-Lamp lighters- Liz
Lamplighters went awesome, came in under budget

-New conf. phone research follow up
Some additional info was offered via online discussion, anything to add, or do we have a concrete proposal to put on the table?
Joanna would like to propose a first step of purchasing the “Skype to phone adapter” suggested by PJ- order from Amazon, 46.99
(For discussion today, vote in July)
Hatter: If we buy that we'll also need a PDF specific skype account. Should also consider that cost in proposal. Around $2.99/month, or less yearly- posted on forum.

-Oakburners porta potty:
BOD's understanding of situation: Oakburners approached the board about whether or not they could bring a private camp porta potty to the Spring burn. After some discussion, the BOD kicked it to the planning committee to discuss. At the April PC meeting the committee requested that the Oakburners submit a formal proposal for the potty to be voted on, and Ben communicated this info to them. They never followed through on a proposal, but brought a potty to PDF anyway. What should be the consequences for their action? Is a general policy needed now that the issue has come up?

Letter from Dr. Mercury read by Rouge:
(Can post on BBS?)
Summary: Apologize for porta potty. Did not realize it was a big problem until after the fact. Thanks to Ben and Dave for communication on issue. Very sorry for miscommunication, let's work together to avoid future miscommunications.

General response: Nice letter, thank you.

Jill: Thought it was a nice potty even though there was concern about odor. How much did it cost, and who was the vendor? Maybe we should get them for PDF.
Merc: Recirculating model, prevents smell. Good for enough uses that cleaning during event was not needed.
Joanna: Appreciate that this is a new situation without a pre-existing procedure, maybe we should just use it as the basis for future procedure, without consequences for the miscommunication. What happened though? Seemed like Merc. Understood a proposal was needed.
Merc: Contacted Ben as a courtesy to inform him that they were bringing, wasn't really asking permission- because it doesn't say anywhere that it's not allowed. Felt he couldn't come up with a good plan because he didn't have info about placement ahead of time. Also didn't receive clear communication about the deadline for the plan, and wasn't clear on where to send the plan. For future reference, should be clearer how to submit proposals.
Heidi: Very disrespectful, despite nice apology.
MF: Sympathy for Dr. Mercury not understanding PC protocol. Many questions were asked, they weren't just about placement. Worst case scenarios, disaster plan. PC was hoping this was an opportunity to develop a process for the future.
Merc: Didn't receive list of questions.
Dinah: For the record, (in April) PC didn't know the potty discussion was about Oakburners specifically, was treated as a general/blinded discussion.
Merc: Originally contacted Ben/PC hoping for help with pioneering situation. No one would tell him which vendor PDF uses, so potty could have been done by the same vendor, and picked up on Monday (not Tuesday)
MF: PC would have reviewed a proposal, and depending on whether or not proposal was approved, additional info would have been provided. Also PC was under the impression that potty was for the fall.
Joanna: Where do we go from here? Are there consequences? Do we agree that we will use this as a learning experience? Does anyone object?
Rouge & Maestro volunteer to write up a future porta potty document.
Hatter: Great, can use experience to help shape policy for the future.
MF: Agree w/ no penalty due to miscommunication and new procedure. Love the idea of a draft proposal. Downside is who wants to be the “potty coordinator”? Need a plan for who reviews the policy. Not necessarily fair to role into theme camps.
Hatter: Did a good job with the potty, but can't rely on everyone to do that, which is why a coordinator might be needed.
Dinah: To Oakburners- WE are all the PC, including you guys- not a separate entity
Joanna: Rouge & Maestro- Please post your draft on the forum in the planning section before July 9/10 so some discussion can happen before the next meeting.
Heidi: Proposal should include things like who will meet the potty, when it will arrive, when it will depart. Also vets don't want any potties in the back field whatsoever beyond gravel roads, even though that's where it got placed.
Dave: This situation was a good learning experience for Oakburners to learn how the PC committee works

-Radio interference problems
Lizard not here, best person to get advice from.
Hatter: Lots of issues with both greeters and rangers but don't know enough about them to comment further. On 1 and 2 channels (most widely used channels)- random chatter and interference, and call button being pressed for 30 minutes at a time.
Joanna will follow up with Lizard

-Set next meeting date/host request (should be in DC if possible)
Approximate weekend is July 9/10
Will put call out on BBS

-Set ticket sale dates
Needs to be discussed with Ben, who is away right now
Joanna will follow up with Ben and we can have a discussion on the forum about.

-Proposal: Changing the dog ban to a pet ban that includes other animals.
VOTE: next meeting
This idea came up during a BOD discussion and we think it's a good idea, but it should be discussed and decided on by the PC. Originally we only banned dogs with a focus on the liability issue of dogfights and participant safety. Other animals have come to PDF since then, some have been lost or hit by cars, not really a safe environment for pets. Also more fair to have an across the board ban. Also slim but potential for an exotic invasive species to get loose.

MF: Supportive of banning all animals except for furries and service animals
General: Yes, agree
Liz: Disagrees, personal responsibility
Hatter: Agrees with Liz that it doesn't endanger the event itself, it's just the responsibility of individual participants to make sure their pets are safe.
MF: Partially motivated by liability, allergies, safety of the animals because they can't speak for themselves. Not everyone is as responsible as they should be or else we wouldn't need any of the rules we have.
Joanna: historical note- ban probably would have gone through in the past as a general pet ban, but someone with a different pet requested it be limited to dogs since they were the liability issue.
Liz: Part of a burn is being able to do what you want without hurting people.
Melly: Animals shouldn't be put in tents or Rvs unattended, not safe.
Dinah: On the fence- personal responsibility, but we can't trust everyone to do what they need to do, if we need to enact a policy to protect ourselves and animals, we should do it.
Hatter: Allergies could be considered a liability issue.
MF: Freaked out by a sugar glider getting lose in Delaware.

-Ludent: "I would like to propose that the Fire Drummers Conclave Coordinator position I have created and acted as since 2006 be given official status."
Vote next time on both Fire Drummers Conclave Coordinator and Fire Conclave coordinator: confirm positions and decide on reserve tickets.
I will add this as a proposal on the agenda since I think that's what he intended it as.

I will add that when considering this, there are two elements of "official status" that I think we should consider separately. One would be inclusion on the website, etc. and inclusion in after burn reporting as an official position (and I would argue that this doesn't necessarily even need a vote to happen, as people have always just created and stepped into roles as needed). The other would be whether or not this position requires a reserve coordinator ticket if we formalize it.

Also I think if we are considering those two possibilities for Fire Drummers Conclave Coordinator, we should also do so for Fire Conclave Coordinator. I believe we have one of those, but I'm not sure who it is! But I've never seen the position included in post-burn reports at planning committee meetings.

Yeti: Good idea. RE: tickets- event could carry on without him, but think the position deserves a ticket.
Hatter: If we make it an official position, it's not necessarily always Ludent doing it, so vote shouldn't be based on that.
Joanna: Reserve tickets intended for min. volunteers needed to run the event, but need to look at other positions that receive tickets. Stage and Lamplighters get tickets, even if the event would still run without them. Not 100% essential but important to have for our event, and valued.
Mary: From perspective of someone who spins fire, drum coordinator is essential- before Ludent, drumming was very discordant and unpleasant. Both positions should be formalized and given reserve tickets.
Matt: Agreed with all.
PJ: Get a hold of Patty so she's aware of Conclave discussion, she might not want to be an official coordinator who has to report to PC.
Dave: How does this relate to event planning? There are no budgets involved, so no classical coordinator type thing that has ever been done with these positions. What are they bringing to the table, why is formalization needed?

-Kiddie pools as a safety issue,
BOD can amend GUD to require that “bodies of water” be attended (like fires, generators)- PC consensus at this meeting is in support of this. BOD should just go ahead and make the change.
Comment: What is the plan for dealing with it?
BOD is not taking it to a flat out ban but the PC is welcome to propose a full ban on pools filled with liquids.
Matt: Thinks we shouldn't have them at all, too many safety issues even with a rule about being attended.
MF: Can also be tripping/slipping hazard, serious moop issue. Unlike pets, the penalty for this going wrong could be really, really bad.
Dinah: Agrees that this should be a full ban. Should make sure policy states pools of liquids, not apply rose petal pools, stuffed animals, etc.
Liz: Worrying too much about the “what ifs,” personal responsibility. People sign a waiver saying they must be responsible for themselves.
Matt: Google Harrisburg island party, water at parties don't mix unless there is a lifeguard.
Yeti: OK, a pool is dangerous, but so is 6 levels of scaffolding. If we apply this thought process to everything there'd be no event. Need to rely on people's judgment.
Travis: Is slip n slide a safety liability issue that should be worried about the same way? It says on the back of our ticket that we are responsible for ourselves.
Dave: Someone tell Flipside that their lakes are really dangerous. PDF may own property with lakes on it in the near future. Do we ban the lake? Do we hire a lifeguard? Do we not buy property with a lake? Do we ban fire?
Amanda: “unattended bodies of water” is vague.
MF: Can see the argument about “unattended bodies of water” being vague. 6 ft. scaffolding is not as appealing to an unattended child as a kiddie pool. The slip n slide is heavily attended and monitored. This is not about telling participants what to do, this is specifically about making sure kids don't drown.
Hatter: Maybe this should be no bodies of water in “public” area- OK in a camp, but don't just leave a pool in the middle of the field for anyone.
Melly: Look into delaware laws about fences around pools, liability. Main concern is about child drowning.
Dinah: would like to hear from the board about “official liability issues”

MF: Does anyone know any lawyers in delaware looking for pro bono work?

Items saved for July meeting:

-Discussion: How to handle outside vendors not hired by PDF- a broader issue connected to the private theme camp porta potty issue. Should a vendor not hired by PDF, Inc. or the vets be allowed on site without a ticket to make a drop off? For example, Fireside's ice luge block is dropped off by a private vendor, but it has never been raised as an issue. Does it depend on the vendor? Should there be a policy for approving this?

-Alternate Ticket vendor discussion requested by “the bass”
Note that although the PC does have the power to make this change if they wish, a direct discussion with Ben about any proposals you have to either improve the existing system, or a vendor you think would be an affordable positive change, would probably be the most productive 1st step to making a change, as he has a lot of knowledge and experience in this area, and previous research has been done into the feasibility of alternate vendors.

- Web Team -

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