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PostPosted: Thu Jan 19, 2012 10:22 pm 
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11.12.2011 meeting:

Karnak raised the issue of the guy who had a ticket but not a wristband and who decided to help at the back gate cause no one was there. When Karnak decided to go to the front and handing him a gift ticket. The question
Fidget (stack):
Camp Furry and Mark Nyon are available to help with Web needs.
The WWW was available in multiple places, and there were many left over.
Eye Candy (stack):
He points out that the family camps have people available to volunteer, and we should tap that resource. Recommendation was to put that on the PONY for January.
Jill Nado (stack):
There was a woman at the back w/out a wristband. Wondering if back gate to front gate to back gate is the way to handle the transition. The response; that's the way it needs to be, but can discuss more in January.
Evl (stack):
Kelly (stack):
We "should" be able to find more people
Shelly (stack):
Shelly takes some responsibility for not checking all options during her shifts, but no one is available during those times. It's not easy to do that on the fly, but do that in advance. Perhaps that should be part of a God training manual
Karnak (stack):
Karnak will have each person contact people in their camp to cover shifts.
Jill (stack):
People are getting disconnected from the core "Burner" values. The question is how to reinforce aspects of the community that isn't aware of it.
Kelly (stack):
It would help to know where the people responsible for the next camp are located, possibly using the Rangers in order to make that happen.
Fritz (stack):
Echoes networking through friends. Part of the work weekend could including using a phone tree to help fill in critical shifts in the volunteer schedule.
Melly (stack):
She does not believe that it should be God's job to make sure that people are showing up as planned.
Fidget (stack):
Other burns have had problems as well. People should have their own ways of recruiting, but that should not be a requirement. She's concerned about putting too many responsibilities on the volunteers.
Last item: Amazon Prime membership; someone has it on their personal account, which is essential to avoid IRS audits. The person who's responsible needs to report that income. Mark N suggested having the LLC have their own Costco and Amazon Prime
Someone put Macaroni in the cinder blocks.
The MOOP Map is a bunch of pictures at this point. There are roads in the back field, but none in the front. We unfortunately have no idea who was responsible. It was at the corner of the Pavilion. The suggestion is to have more of the map be addressable, so that we could identify areas that are red. Also, with more volunteers, we should be able to take pictures of people's cars.
Burning Art report:
Impressive selection of art, and lots of pieces. People knew where they were supposed to be placed. New perimeter coordinator did a great job, even with the
focused on where pieces will land on metal, and not on other aspects.
The tents melting as a result of the huge large burn. If something had gone wrong, it would have been outside the Fire Safety's ability to control.
Oil for tiki cost more than expected, so there's a request for reimbursement
Devon (stack):
Wood was supposed to be used for the internal structure, but was not available, so cardboard was available and used, which resulted in the floating ash, and more fuel was needed in order to burn things. Would like to add to the list of restricted items in order to provide guidance.
Jill (stack):
What happens when people go over budget, and how to discuss that in the meeting.
Fidget (stack):
That should be discussed only with Maya being here.
Fritz (stack):
There's a precedent for increasing the budget, but it's Maya who should make that decision. Use the expense report form. There might be a vote on how to deal with these expenses at the next meeting. Transparency matters and is important. This past burn, shipping and oil were extra expenses that need to be.
Maya's report:
It's getting bigger each time. 650 books were printed out. New expense reports are working out. There will be a web form for expenses. Original receipts need to be attached. (Hatter is reading from Maya's report, which will be available). Question; who should be the potty liason?
Evl's report:
The Golf cart was fabulous, and helped with the mud situation in the back gate and was used to recruit volunteers and escort volunteers in the back gate. Parking went well, but required a lot of time. Shelly is taking God shift next Friday spring, and Mary will be backup. Mary needs to train more parking coordinators since she needs to move on since becoming a board member.
Eye Candy (stack):
He's volunteering for more responsibility and will help out with parking
Lamplighter report from Liz:
(notes not taken since
Stage report from Matt Hart:
Stage went pretty well, and he requests some lights for in front of the stage since it's dark and people want to use the stage area.
Melly's report:
Participation Station - Posters were pretty, but need to be clearer. Melly wants to work with Leah to make Participation Station more like Playa Info, and have more information about how to handle things at PDF. There's a suggestion to have the station have a radio so that they can be in touch and figure out where to allocate people.
People at participation station had no idea of what to do, and perhaps a What Where When for each station would be helpful.
There are three posterboards with Jobs and Responsibilities in his place which will come back for Spring. There's also talk of having an orientation in order to get people.

- Web Team -

PostPosted: Thu Jan 19, 2012 10:23 pm 
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Sorry for the delay, here is the rest of the meeting notes.
PS: Having to listen this a second time is BRUTAL.

Continued @ 1 hour 50 minutes due to mark having to leave.
Notes taken from recording by MadHatter

Participation Station

- Should have all the information about the position you are volunteering for on the back of the laminate. Including where they should be and what time they should be there.

Melly: Sound must be fixed by May 1. If no valid proposals are made then turn offs have to happen. Vets are saying that even sound at level may be too loud because BOF was asked to turn down by the Vets even though they were within levels. Would like more community input as to how to handle the issue.

Victory: Vibe tribe on either Friday or Saturday seemed WAY too loud, got up and asked them to turn down (nicely) to turn down and they shut down. Should be made aware that as community that its ok to ask them to turn it down.

Karnak: Will be giving Buzzkillas his full effort in the spring. Hoping to find middle ground.

Matt: We pretty much know what camp is the offender even though they continue to change their name. Can't we just ban them?

Fidget: The sound conversation should probably be considered New Biz and discussed at the next meeting considering we are already 2 hours in and have a lot of old biz to take care of.

Melly: Agrees.

Sound Pushed to January Meeting

Burn Permimiter Report:
1K: Lots of people willing to step up. Wants to put together a core group that will due the job all the time. Wants to get some sort of identifier like lights or glowy vests and a radio to talk to Rangers. Wants to get a non-human perimeter marking. All in all people followed directions and went well.

Hatter: Rope lights were budgeted weren't they?

1K: They never got ordered and it was decided they needed something easier to move. Will get with Snuggles to come up with something easier and will present it at the January meeting.

Fidget: Contact her off call. She has a very good source for very reflectic mats.

1K: Will contact Fidget off Call.

Yeti: We came, We Saw, We Built! Some volunteer issues, things went up and down fine. Feels there should be a better chain of responsibility. (paraphrasing) Things got held up because of too much outside interference. Frustrated that less people seem to do a lot more than the many people that come later. Feels the DPW crew should have practical knowledge of what they are doing. Don't feel they need more than 10 people to do all the early setup otherwise there are too many people under feet. Having 2 carts was very helpfull, but too many people were asking to drive.

Kelly: Left call

Evl: Is fine with letting Yeti and DPW making the call on changing locations if they need to be changed due to Mud or other issue.

Yeti: DPW can set up the structures and still move onto helping with other things like setting up parking etc.

Hatter: Agrees 100% with Evl

Victory: There are a LOT of early entry people not doing anything. People were asked to do things and refused. Too many people were setting up personal camps etc instead of working. Everything that needs to be done should be done before camps can be setup.

Jill: Feels we went through this but was shot down....

The rest of this conversation was muddled....

Victory: Wants to propose that there is a master list posted on the pony prior to the event.

Jill: To post the plan again. Wants things to be chore based instead of people based. Golf cart was amazing. We should make sure it's part of the DPW budget. It should not be a personal expense.

Yeti: There should only be DPW people in early doing set up. Yeti should make the decision of who gets in early.

Jill: Would like the Curtains to come out of the DPW discretionary fund so that Victory can get paid for the shower curtains. Yeti did not spend the money so it is available. Victory already sent in receipts 4 weeks ago.

Hatter: Please stop talking over each other makes it very difficult ...
DPW Should be the ONLY people in before Noon. DPW should make their own DPW list and they should be manage their people to due what needs to be done. At noon the coordinators should come in with their people to set up their areas, computers, tables, snacks etc. There are a lot of people don't seem to know what they should be doing. I email my early entry crew to tell them what needs to be done prior to the event. Each coordinator should do that. DPW sets up the infrastacture and No one but dpw should be allowed in. No extra people in cars, no people showing up at 9 to "help out" ie set up their own camp. Not sure why this is so complicated.. there should be 1 DPW list and No one else gets in.

RumRunner: DPW should only have about 10 people selected by DPW coordinator and thats it.

Josh: Dropping off call.

Fidget: Wants to say something positive. Early entry just a couple events ago was a total freeforall. It may not be perfect but it is SO much better then it was. DPW also, is great and so much better then it was even though it's so young.

dinah: Most shifts filled prior to event. Had to go as far as to ask leads to only take 1 shift so everyone could take one.
55 rangers at training, 25 new. Picture board was successful, trying to make it more permanent. Buzzkillas gave old lock box back. Radio Protocol needs to be Playa wide and be trained on how to use it. There was several times things were said over the radio that should not be said on a public ban radio.
Nothing major on shifts, 1 ambulance call, help with carry in situation, cross Art Piece, bottle rockets were being set off and handled. At least 2 neighbor complaints handled. Several incidents of no wristbands handled. Person with a camera was caught at the slip and slide, pictures were deleted and person was appologetic. Police report was filed due to stolen generator.

Karnak: Brought a megaphone in for training, asked if he should always have that, dinah says yes. Karnak will bring it spring.

Lizard on agenda, not in attendance.

- Once a Year? Not a this meeting agenda item. Moved to January

- Moving ticket sales to an earlier date.
- Sunday February 26th
- Monday March 19th
Fitz: Proposes a January Vote. Seconded and passed to vote during January meeting

Jill: The sticking point in past years has been art grants. Jill will present this to them and make sure this is fine with them.

Fidget: Currently no one heading the Arts Grant committee. Call to planning committee to try to get a coordinator.

Jill: Oscar and tbow have stepped up. Oscar for Spring, Tbow for Fall.

Fidget: No official discussion heard yet, just wanted to make sure we were aware.

Evl: Make sure that Oscar and tbow are coordinated with. Jill will take care of it.

Fitz: Would like to know what the connection is between ticket sales and Art sales.

Jill: Art grants have a long process that should be complete prior to round 1 to know how many reserved tickets are needed.

Fitz: Seems like it's not a good enough reason to not sell tickets earlier. We should be able to come up with a plan to due this.

Jill: Suggests to get with Andy to get better reason why.

Marty: Suggests pushing the 2nd round to have more time for the reserved tickets that fall between round 1 and 2.

Hatter: Pushing back 2nd round will still cause camps to not know if they have tickets till later

Fidget: Works with Heidi for theme camps for www. It may not seem like it but all the coordination and printing and all can't be too late or it will disrupt the production times of the www and theme camp coordination. Feels that if earlier ticket sales affect ticket sales they should be included in the conversations.

Jill: They are being included and will weigh in prior to the vote.

Approaching Vets about handling Gate security during late night hours.

Hatter: This is not a proposal to actually due it, just a proposal to see if it's a viable option.

Fitz During PRE-DF Pineapple, Franko and Mark and a couple other Vets have very specifically offered to do more for the event. Franko has said that Vets would be willing to watch the gate, specifically at night and they "wouldn't charge that much"...

Fidget: Hatter is only asking to ask.

Fitz: Would head it up if need be but Buddy should start the conversation with the Vets.

Karnak: Thinks its fine to talk to them, but don't count them out for the spring. Thinks that we will get positive feedback for having a specific person take.

Unknown voice: We've had several generators and countless trailer hitches stolen due to gates not being staffed.

Hatter Not saying no or disagreeing, but we can't go on letting things not beeing handled. Not dismissing the idea, just want to make sure we have a good back up if that doesn't happen. We'll talk on Pony about ideas about having someone responsible for running the night shifts. If I could get 1 person personally responsible (like Marty's suggestion) for handling the night shifts then we would not need to hire outside the event.

Karnak: agrees we should have the backup, but feels we'll get the coverage required.

Tent Burn:
Lizard via Agenda Should we ask for monetary compensation from the event or from donations from the community to cover the costs of the gear destroyed due to the fly ash.

Fidget: Personally thinks its a nice thing to do. Should be a cap on the amount someone can be reimbursed if coming from a general fund like replacement of the generator

Hatter: I believe this fund would be specific to the fire issues, not the theft.

Fidget: We should be careful about the setting a precedent at PDF.

Fitz: Feels there are a few options.
A. a one time fund for this problem only
B. General fund established and would be used to reimburse any issues (Theft, burns etc) - Not in favor of this option.
Is in favor of putting together a fund to repair burnt tents from Fall 2011. Feels just a few dollars from a few people would be enough to cover the costs.

Fidget: Things other then tents were burnt including campers, clothing, sleeping bags etc.

Hatter: I feel that this should outside the PC, let the community take the reigns and raise the funds if they would like. As someone who had their camper burned to the tune of a lot of money would love the help getting repairs, but I don't think it should be the responsibility of the event to do it.

Rev: Was speaking with (name unknown) has been trying to find out how much damage was done and has found a number of people who would be willing to donate to the fund. We should bring him in on this since he has already started the ball rolling on it.

Fitz: [joking] Anyone who donates gets to stand on top of the burned canopies during the next pony burn

Travis: Feels that PDF should take responsibility for a burn that was too large and caused personal property damage. Feels that PDF should take responsibility for it.

Hatter: Want to head that up?

Jill: People do sign waivers. We don't HAVE to do this, it's just a question if should we.

Travis: Can not hear conversation on recording....

Hatter: I think at this point we need someone has to present a proposal for reimbursement for voting in January.

Travis: Was this brought up as a possibility of a claim against insurance?

Hatter: Would guess there is a large deductible

Fitz: doesn't believe that the participants are not covered under the event insurance. But he is guessing.

3 cheers to BOD who went ameritus and Jaimie Love coming back.

- Pushing sound conversation to January.
- Seconded
- Carried over to January.

Fidget: Would like to propose that any last minute decisions outside of the PC meetings should only be voted on by the existing coordinators and not be presented for an online public vote.

Hatter: Agree unless it only affects a single department. I should be able to make a last minute decision.

Fidget: Likes the idea of the coordinators should be allowed to make certain decisions based on their departments going forward.

Hatter: Agreed. It will also prevent people from voting on something that they have no knowledge of.

Jill: Fidget, sorry this wasn't on the agenda, was not a slight.
Feels that we need to be as transparent as possible and having things in private may add to the feeling that we are hiding things already.

Evl: I don't see how we can be any more transparent then if you want to be part of the PC all you have to do is call in. You can't be any more transparent then that. The information is posted everywhere, if people don't know what's going on it's their own fault.

Fidget: Has a good point about transparency though.... and was cut off before finishing.

Date and Location for next meeting:
Was set but later changed...

Is now January 22nd at Jill's house.. information posted in January Agenda .

Hatter: Proposes meeting adjourned

Total meeting time: 3:06:42

- Web Team -

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