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PostPosted: Sun Jan 22, 2012 5:53 pm 
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PDF Planning Meeting, January 22, 2012

Physically Present:
Rev Dave, Thibeaux, Jill

On Phone:
Nikki, Max, Myers in Philly
Oman, Damien in NY
Vujadave, Tami, Melly, Matt
Hatter, Andy, Chili Amy, James Jenson, Just Lea
Lorne, Lunar Larry, Lizard, RumRunner

Waived reading of minutes

Jill requested vote for feb 26th and march 19th ticket dates. She consulted many. Thibeaux requested 30 tickets for art grants recipients to be held until after second round. Highest used for art grants in the past is 26, according to Andy. None opposed.

Sound Discussion

Amy suggests that amplified sound not be allowed at all between midnight and 7 a.m.
Lorne is concerned that is overly restrictive.
Andy says only 'large scale sound' should be turned off.
Smelly began running stack.
Lunar of District Burners is fine with turning off at midnight.
Oman asks what the neighbors have said.
Melly says we should be considerate of the neighbors.
Lunar says bass is the problem and pointing speakers away from neighboring houses will help, and that low volume can still keep people dancing.
andy, patter, smelly, amy
Andy says neighbor in back threatened to shoot the power transformer and vets requested that we don't contact neighbors directly.
Patter says this is the discussion phase for a vote in the next meeting.
Smelly says levels have been okay most of the time at recent burn, but even some
Amy proposes a temporary policy of turn off.
max, lunar
Max thinks it is wrong to punish the sound camps that are following the rules based on behavior of a few. Can we ban particular individuals from operating sound? If you can hear the music at the front gate or the back gate, it is too loud.
jill, lunar, devil, lorne, andy, oman, khaki, thibeaux
Jill says we can't do the same thing and expect different behavior. It is time to change.
Lunar says District Burners has been trying to play by the rules and already shuts down or stays below 75db at fifty feet. Sound camps want to make people happy. Sound camps shouldn't face each other, trying to drive each other out. View satellite map of the area and discuss with other sound camps, to avoid pointing at neighbors or other camps. Also, block generator sound. They make as much noise as sound camps sometimes.
Devin asks that we avoid hyperbole. BBS suggests that turn off be at 2 a.m.
Lorne says being able to hear isn't an objective measure. Camps crank competitively because they are placed so close to each other. Spacing them will reduce volume. Lorne volunteers to assist with placement.
Andy says proposal is to implement down at midnight and off at 2 a.m. Andy says Heidi says most camps request not to be placed near a sound camp, including other sound camps. proposes limiting number of soundcamps. Diller made map with neighbors marked. Generator noise is less obtrusive than music. Wattage is a poor measure of sound levels.
Oman agrees with Andy, loves music, says it's important to burns, but says pdf is more than that, and is still worthwhile without music, so the priority should be to preserve the event. People who can't have a good time without loud music should stop coming.
Khaki asks about camp registration process. Could we give a document to neighbors saying what to do in case of noise problems?
Amy volunteers to assist with enforcement. Neighbors expectations are generally reasonable.
Hatter thinks turn off is necessary, at least short term. 24 hour can be reintroduced eventually, but we should have turn off now. Also, we should limit number of sound camps and separate them.
Oman likes idea of limiting number of sound camps.
Lunar repeats himself and doesn't like being interrupted. Lunar acknowledges that his art car plays music, but it isn't loud enough to bother neighbors, and its effect on PDF participants is consistent with the experience at Burning Man. Lunar volunteers to assist with enforcement, using his own sound meter.
Jill asks that we have written proposals for next meeting, and we'll vote for our favorite.
Thibeaux says that Heidi who places camps doesn't want to choose which camps get to have sound.

Quiet Area

Proposal that it be official. Areas are unofficially quiet already, but there have recently been generators and sound camps in front (south) camping area. There was an uncovered generator powering a radio at the helicopter fence and another powering an air conditioner all day.
Requests for shutting off are usually respected, but recently, not always.
Jill suggests designating a spot for running generators any time.
Lunar asks that generators be enclosed and thinks that long extension cords aren't practical.
Proposal is for whole camps with nearby generators in that area, not generators for far off camps.
Hatter says we already have an area where generators are allowed, in the back field.
Amy says there was a loud generator in the RV area.
Jill says that's the RV area because the ground is most solid there.
Hatter suggests limiting generator size and requiring enclosures to block sound and will write that down for voting at next meeting.
Rum Runner suggests applying decibel limits to generators and mentioning that in the RV parking application.
Hatter says national parks have a decibel limit for generators and some generators are advertised as 'campsite approved.' Power of generator isn't closely related to sound output.
Jill requests written proposal for voting at next meeting.

Vets being hired to handle gate duties

Vets expressed interested in providing security for limited periods of time, including burn time and Monday morning, to prevent thieves from entering. Karnak and Marty are involved in negotiating a contract.
The gate near the RV hasn't been locked or monitored.
Jill says the board should talk to the vets about closing that gate, even though friendly neighbors use it.
Lunar says he has noticed people that request rides on his art car without wrist bands. On burn night, nobody wants to man the gate, so supports hiring vets.

Hatter requests assistant Gate Coordinators
Lunar volunteers.

Fidget requested that virtual vote by coordinators rather than general community. Fidget isn't present.
Hatter agrees that last minute decisions are best made by coordinators only.
Devin opposes.
Rum Runner says virtual vote was regarding early entrance and many people that got early entrance permission didn't show up early.
Hatter says people who voted didn't understand the situation, and decisions during regular planning meetings can still involve the entire community.
Jill says things come up, and there isn't time for a planning meeting. Virtual votes speed things up and most issues aren't complicated. Not allowing virtual votes by everyone is being exclusive. The board's operations are private, but planning is different. As a coordinator, I often have to make last minute decisions on my own. Virtual votes should be inclusive.
Lea would like to believe that opening up vote to community, they will vote based on principles, rather than ground truth, and that's a good thing. This is only for last minute issues, and future coordinators may be different.
Hatter says making that decision at planning meetings would have meant early entry would have been denied, because there weren't more planning meetings. Coordinators should be trusted.
Lea doesn't want to give too many options to community and suggests that vote be used as suggestion and then coordinators make final decision.

-Proposal to buy lights for stage by Matt, but Matt passed out.
Smelly opposes, but suggests talking about it on PONY.

-Request from RumRunner for funds for MASH camp.
Budget submissions next meeting, then voting later.
RumRunner wants to table issue, pending discussion with rangers, and submit budget at next meeting.
Many agree.

-Proposal by Jill, early entry coordinator, for early entry for art grant recipients.
Propoal is for same time as other early entry, probably 9 a.m.
Yeti has requested no one other than DPW before noon.
Others agree with noon.
Andy wants input from Heidi and thinks 9 a.m. is too early.
Hatter says grant recipients should not be setting up camps.
Revised proposal for concept of early entry, but we're not voting today.

-Lea proposes radio for volunteer stations
Hatter wants front, back gates, greeters to have radios.
Lea wants a radio at each parking station, such as first person encountered at back gate.
Larry says parking volunteers aren't very coordinated and useful.
Andy says there is a proposal to make back gate parking tent.
Thibeaux says he was lead parker at the back gate one night and thought that additional radios would be useful, because it's such a large area.

Jill proposes reserved ticket for Jamie Lynn Love, who is no longer on BOD, but is assistant sound coordinator
Andy says ticket should be for assistant sound coordinator position, not for a particular person.
Hatter agrees to ticket for position.
Hatter proposes vote for assistant sound coordinator, greeter coordinator, front and back coordinators.
Rev Dave wants official coordinator for burning art.

-proposal for raffle for reserved ticket with entries for volunteers
Hatter says we don't track volunteers.
Lea suggests clipboard for captain to mark shifts worked at end of each shift and distributes raffle tickets.
RumRunner suggests revealing number of the winner at the end of PDF, rather than a name.
Devin suggests having a winner each day, to encourage volunteering later in the event.
Jill suggests drawing winner before the burn.
Hatter agrees daily, but notes that some don't like the idea of putting it before the burn.
RumRunner suggest posting numbers at participation station.
Rev Dave agrees with posting at participation station, because it will help with recruiting people to volunteer again.
Lea volunteers to be in charge of tickets, giving tickets to captains and writing winning numbers.
Rev Dave says tickets should be picked in between stage DJ sets.
Larry says volunteering is fun, and we should advertise that.

-Proposal from Smarty Marty about taking over gates for Thursday and Friday, but they aren't here.

- Proposal from Jill to pay $200 for six cheerleader costumes for recruiting volunteers
Costume fabrication by Evil
Andy said this is infrastructure, not art.
Devin says this is art, but either way, you need a bullhorn.
Lea concerned that outfits aren't going to last.
Someone suggested making a new department for this.
Jill says Mary will make the costumes adjustable with velcro.
Lea asks whether cheerleaders will need a station.
Jill says they would use participation station, and head cheerleader would initially be Brandy.
RunRunner says this is asking for volunteers to get volunteers.
Lea says even just tracking no shows is difficult.

-Proposal from Sirna to send email to all ticket buyers about volunteering
Jill will write. Ben will send.
Everyone agrees, but we need good volunteer position descriptions, first.

- Proposal to lower the limit of tickets that can be purchased per individual
This was previously discussed, but we needed a written proposal.
limit per I.P. address or credit card number? I.P. address is detrimental to people in group houses.

-Lea wants golf carts for all coordinators
Andy says that is a budget item for next meeting.

-Jill requests a volunteer to host the next planning meeting
Lea in PA will host on Feb 12th.

- Web Team -

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