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- Reading of last months minutes suspended.
Proposed by Hatter, Seconded by Shelly.

- Burning Art -
Dave not in attendance. Summary Read by Hatter

Fritz: The firewood in the back was actually leftover from spring burn 2012.
Jill: Vets don't burn much in the summer, but do burn a lot in the winter. At 10am on Monday they were picking up the wood.
Hatter: Was a bunch of wood at front and back
Jill: Amount of wood is different. He sells real cords instead of base cords. We are getting a lot more for a lot less now.
Lea: What if we added a pile and distribute it more evenly? Maybe more wood piles in the back? Also, can we have tarps
Jill: We do have tarps, they were on the main wood pile. Will make arrangements to have a pile put further in the back.

- Drum Conclave -
Summary Read by Hatter... Zoe came in at the end.

Lea: Disagrees with having a sound system for the conclave. She believes the PA would take away from the over all fell of a burn and making it more like a high school chearleader.
Zoe: Not if it's done tastefully. It's mainly to keep people on beat, if done well and tastefully it should not distract.
Jill: SHould make sure things are arranged with fire perimiter.
Zoe: WIll not take much more space than already, some space behind and some on sides, no impact on perimiter.

- Sanctuary -
Report by Zoe.
Fritz: generally in favor of Sanctuary. How did sanctuary come about. Rangers used to do this and is wondering why they are no. Sanctuary was meant to be hidden to keep away domestic issues or troublesome camp mates. Maybe have a public area and a private tent.
Zoe: You have to come through Medical or Rangers to get to them. You can not come directly to sanctuary to keep piles of people from showing up.
RumRunner: To address Fritz's concerns, his understanding is that sanctuary is NOT replacing green dots. Sanctuary is there for people who are medically sound and they were not causing issues, but cannot really stay at MASH or Rangers. More for people who need some help but are medically ok and not causing issues.
Zoe: A lot of rangers thanking them for taking care of the babysitting aspect and letting them take care of bigger issues. They do not replace green dots.
Jill: 2 quick things: We may have some left over radios from sound patrol, contact Mel. Jill says they were awesome, give them everything they want. Feels Zoe is underselling herself calling herself a babysitter.
Zoe: How to go about becoming official infrastructure.
Hatter: Propose on Pony, be detialed as possible, discussion at next PC meeting, voting at meeting after. Once official, budget can be submitted for infrastructure items.
Victory: Feel free to contact Victory and RumRummer for additional info and help.

- Gate and Greeters -
Report by Hatter
Shelly: Clarify that the vehicle they normally use to pull the cars out of the mud was broken. The charge was for using a Vets personal truck to pull people out.
- Also did not see a ton of non-coordinators driving, but did want to mention that her campmate stepped up to help and was driving even though not an "Official" coordinator. But was being used for jobs.
Rumrunner: For 20.00 can get a 10,000 lb tow strap. Have plenty of trucks and cars available to pull people out.
Cart - MASH is kind of special situation, anyone on Mash camp may have non-coordinators using the cart for medical issues.

- Rangers -
Report by Dinah - Read by Hatter
RumRunner: Possibly just a fall issue. More than 3 MASH only attending, They think closer to 6 or 7. Will check sign in sheet and report back.

- Theme Camps -
Report by Heidi - Read by hatter
Fritz: Not any particular moopy theme camps. Some hay, but not moop.

- MASH -
Reported by Rumrunner - Read from Rumrunner
Hatter: Heated blankets instead of a heater.
RumRunner: Thinking of going propane instead of electric.
Hatter: Sharing a cart with Rangers?
RumRunner: Don't want to have to wait for a ranger when it's needed NOW
Lea: is always on the radio and available to share.
RumRunner: Just planning for the worst.
Shelly: Is having a Vehicle on site would work better than having a cart?
Rumrunner: more of a mobility aspect.
Lea: Thinks rumrunner should just budget for a new truck

- Parking -
Reported by Shelly - Read by Shelly

- Participation Station -
Reported by Lea - Read by Lea
Shelly: Did they have a radio, could it be loud enough over the stage music?
Lea: Lizard said the base station isn't any louder than the radio. No way to force them to listen to the low volume. Some one took off with the Part Station radio.
Hatter: Can hook external speakers to base station
Victory: People at part station never know they have a radio or how to use it. Should be some sort of instructions on how to use it.
Hatter: Other advantage to base over handhelds is you can talk without unplugging them.
Jill: Likes the idea of moving Part Station to near front or back gates so volunteers could be grabbed while walking in.
Victory: Still thinks we need a central location like where Part Station is now.
Lea: Is fine with moving as well as having 2 part stations? Would love a computer system that Hatter brought up.
Fritz: Part Station as he sees it is the location of info, volunteers and lost and found. Sound is a bit of an issue and prevents discussing of volunteerism. The ranger section does not really seem to be used much. Moving to the back becomes an issue because the Vets like to use that area to dump stuff, there is also a LOT of noise at that area because of local sound camps. Thinking setting the volunteer station back further (maybe 20 feet), or having Matt aim the speakers a little bit away we could fix the sound issue at Part Station. Could even make a some sort of sound baffle to put on the side of part station.
Hatter: Agree with Victory on keeping Part Station where it is, I'd rather see us spend our effort getting the ability for gates to volunteering.
Jill: Is already up against the fence, can't go back further. doesn't feel it's that loud at back gate. Are we seeing more volunteers in the fall than in the spring, has anyone noticed?
Lea: IF we push back the wall so that instead of 80%/20% give Part Station a little more room and put up some sort of sound dampening thing or turn speakers, would make sense. Doing those would be a quick fix and the cheapest.
Thinks leaving part station where it is, make a few changes and see how it goes.
Zoe: Sound Baffling would be VERY expensive to the point of being impracticable. Turning speakers on the stage would also be more trouble then it's worth. thinking of a better solution.
Hatter: Yes to Jill, fall there is usually more volunteerism. Feels that the "harder core" burners show up at the spring and are more likely to volunteer
Fritz: 2nd the difference of spirit between spring and fall. Less events, more chill atmosphere etc. People who volunteer in the spring tent to volunteer again in the fall. Feel at least 1/2 of the people who take on a shift are likely to come back and do it again in the future. A good steady trend to fixing volunteers.
Zoe nailed it with the baffling, it is too expensive and not very practical.
Nikki: Proposed to move Part Station discussion to pony..
Seconded and passed by unanimous consent.

- Stage -
Submitted by Matt - Read by Hatter

- WWW -
Submitted by Fidget - Read by Hatter

- Perimeter Team -
Submitted by 1k - Read by 1k
Nikki: Posted after deadline but it is on the Pony.
Fritz: Not sure if Nikki is consulted by the art grant about details on the piece. Art Grants check up on design, these reports should be shared with Nikki as well as any changes to the piece.

- MOOP -
Submitted by Fritz after deadline, reported by Fritz
Fritz: Will post when he remembers his password.
Lea: Yes, lost or Found is growing. Message her if you lost stuff.

Proposed by Hatter to accept afterburn reports
Seconded by Fritz / Shelly

PC Business?
Hatter: Do we normally have a December meeting?
Jill: Thinks that because they are earlier in the month Emily wants to have one in December.
Fritz: Are receipts closed?
Jill: Patty is taking over, but not sure if anyone put their foot down about dates.

Propose we end the meeting
Seconded by Fritz
Unanimous Consent Passed.

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