AM Music-Noise

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AM Music-Noise

Postby Anti-Christ » Tue May 31, 2016 1:11 pm

I was camping near the Pavilion. At 6am on Sunday morning there was loud music blaring. It was not from the Stage. It went on until about 6:45 and then more noise came from another camp. I was hoping to catch a few winks before the sun made staying in the tent unbearable. Does the sound patrol knock off at 6am?
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Re: AM Music-Noise

Postby Owsla » Thu Jun 02, 2016 9:29 am

Generally speaking no, Sound Patrol doesn't knock off and they tend to work all night to ensure that both participants and event neighbors aren't pissed off. That said, we're a volunteer-run event and sometimes there's not as much coverage as would be ideal. The best solution there is to volunteer and encourage your friends to volunteer as well!

Also something that's good to know in regards to sound:
Every participant at PDF is empowered by our sound policy to address sound issues. That means you, your campmates, your tent neighbors... everyone! So if you are having a problem like this in the future and someone else isn't already handling it, you may handle it yourself.

Please read the official sound policy for more information on this; it's included in the GUD (pp. 8-9: ... %20v33.pdf) and also in the WWW (this past one on pp. 6-7: ... %20WWW.pdf).

Also useful to learn and know is how to contact the Rangers in case the sound camp you are trying to address ignores you or is otherwise non-compliant (and how to contact Rangers is generally good to know for other possible reasons as well).

Hope this helps! :)
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