Article on Playa del Fuego selling photos of participants

Playa del Fuego will be held at the Vietnam Veterans Motorcycle Club of Delaware on Memorial Day weekend from Thursday 5pm through Monday 12 noon.

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Article on Playa del Fuego selling photos of participants

Postby jcholewa » Mon Oct 10, 2016 9:23 pm

This USA Today affliated article, which is actually fairly respectful of Playa del Fuego, the concept of a burn, and Fuggles, was brought up in the Facebook group. I wanted to bring particular attention to the photography policy. The Board is in its rights to grant permission for a photographer from a media source to take pictures and post them online, but it was a little bit jarring to learn that their website automatically adds a "Buy Photo" button to their images.

It's one thing for pictures of participants to be placed online in conjunction with a[n actually well-researched] news article, but it feels like it may be really off-putting for a participant to learn that a random website is directly selling photos of them.

Eh, maybe I'll call into the next PC shindig, but in case I don't I wanted to just point out that the G.U.D. is unclear on the subject of selling pictures, even if the photographer got consent to include them in a media story (which according to the thread was not always the case).
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Re: Article on Playa del Fuego selling photos of participant

Postby Owsla » Tue Oct 11, 2016 2:40 pm

We can certainly talk about this issue at the next PC meeting that takes new business/discussions, however you may get more traction by emailing the BOD directly as they are the ones who handle most issues like this and legal policy. (

Thanks for bringing it to attention; I read that article but didn't even notice the "buy" button you mention (and I wouldn't be surprised if others missed it too!).
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