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PostPosted: Mon May 25, 2015 5:58 pm 

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Ok, posting a placeholder thread for Spring 2015 After Burn Reports. If you are a coordinator with a budget and/or reserved tickets, please make sure an after burn report for your department gets file (remember: anyone can post an after burn report, but at least one person from each department needs to) at least a few days prior to the June PC meeting (so that it can be included in the agenda and minutes). In a perfect world, a brief summary of the good, the bad (forseeable problems that could have been avoided), and the ugly (unforseeable problems), along with a brief budget summary ("budgeted X, spent Y"). Also good fodder for afterburn reports: Things noted about the burn that may or may not be related to your department (if you're a coordinator - remember, you don't need to be a coordinator to put in a note about how you think the burn went) but that may be relevant to the community. After burn reports can be brief, but it's important that there's something there.

Please remember: It's (usually) OK to call out people (by playa name) for going above and beyond and generally being a nifty person, but this isn't an appropriate forum for naming-and-shaming people who may have behaved badly. (And, before someone asks: I'm honestly not sure what the right forum for that is; in some cases, the behavior may be something that does need to be addressed. Until the TRDL thing gets resolved, or an executive director position gets created, I'd suggest raising the issue with a board member.)

PostPosted: Tue May 26, 2015 8:18 pm 

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I'll kick off the after burn reports for Burning Art (Devin will probably have additional notes).

The good: We had some awesome art. Between Saturday and Sunday, we burned 10 pieces, which is probably a record for PDF. Our effigy builder left the effigy in the truck until Friday, so it was dry and burned beautifully (and it was an awesome piece). We had excellent turnout for perimeter folks, and the crowd (overally) seemed very good about respecting the perimeter. The Sunday art burns went pretty well; we went through 8 pieces in a bit over 2 hours, so while there may have been pauses in there, the pace was pretty good. We had a couple first-time pieces (including our effigy builder and the biggest single piece to burn on Sunday). We sorted out the details of using an aerosol sprayer to apply accelerant, which seems to give much better coverage while using less fuel (we ended up using about 5 gallons for everything, and, in hindsight, probably could have used less than that).

The bad: Despite ordering an extra 3 cords of wood above and beyond the normal spring load, wood had mostly vanished by Saturday morning (artists were advised to grab some wood early to ensure not needing to send out foragers before burn time, and Jill squirrelled away an extra stack, just to be sure), but on Monday morning, there were stacks of leftover firewood all over the place, which suggests that there was enough wood, just unevenly distributed.
Also, there are at least a few participants who apparently are into fire-driving (like fire-walking, but in a car), because there were tracks in the ashes when I got there Monday morning (and yes, I do move burn marker signs and chairs on Sunday night to try and prevent this), and I actually saw someone drive around chairs placed in the road to cross a (shovelled but not mag-swept) burn field. Not saying this is a problem that I (or PDF) need to do something about, just noting that we should see if we can get a kickback from AAA.

The ugly: I don't think anything on this burn really rises to the level of "ugly". It was (mostly) nice weather and nice art.

Noted in passing: We seem to suddenly be attracting participants with service dogs (I'm thinking I counted 4?), most of whom seemed pleasant and well-behaved, but, in a few cases, not real well trained. (Also, if you need your service animal, you might not want to walk across an unswept burn pad with your leashed service animal. Just saying.)

Budget item for Fall: Another McLeod tool. I wonder if Amazon offers these on a subscription basis?

I had my receipts right here, but can't find them, so I'll add a followup with numbers when I do...

PostPosted: Wed May 27, 2015 1:09 pm 

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Three points of inquiry:

1. Is there a "due date" for Afterburn reports to be handed in?
2. What happens if one is not handed in, either by the date that potentially exists, or ever?
3. Would a template of what to include and samples be helpful, either to streamline and standardize the process or to help new Coords with completing this task?

Dove aka Starfish
PortalBurn BOD
Burning Man Regional Contact - Upstate NY 1/3

PostPosted: Wed May 27, 2015 2:02 pm 
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People Mostly were good for this Burn, Only minor scrapes and such. We had three cases of cut fingers and toes, and advised them to seek more assistance. One of them did and received stitches. The others declined and from what we have heard all are doing great.
There was one case of someone getting hit in the head with a sign, we did a tent call and brought them back to camp and gave them liquid hydration.

Had quite a line for scrapes after the Slip and Slide, but nothing serious.

The BAD (well not too bad)
The Volunteers that we have ROCKS, but we continue to be slack on overnight shifts. There have been discussions around this and a proposal will be forthcoming. We have been extremely lucky the past 2 burns on the overnight shifts not to have many problems.

Can't think of none

We need to stock up on some supplies, will be getting it in the budget soon.

Budget will come in pretty much as proposed.

Any questions? Holler at me.


PostPosted: Wed May 27, 2015 2:11 pm 
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@ Starfish

The template that I was given is how I posted and pretty much like Rev Dave did


Usually the reports are due before the Afterburn Meeting, but a lot of times that doesn't happen. We do not have anything in place to anyone that doesn't turn in the reports, but maybe we should. Public Shaming, Whipping, Putting them in Stockades maybe? Oh wait, that won't work. Most of these crazies would love that.

Hope that helps


PostPosted: Thu May 28, 2015 10:24 am 
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Sound Afterburn Report
• Executive summary: A great weekend for sound, no major issues at all!

The Good
• Zero neighbor complaints or police reports again, this makes at least 3 consecutive years with no external sound issues.
• Nearly everyone remained well within levels the entire weekend, so even with 5 approved night time sound camps, everyone appeared happy with the overall sound footprint. Props to Devin at Eat and Beat for setting levels Friday afternoon – set it and forget it!
• At least two other camps were allowed to play past midnight as they kept their systems turned low enough not to even bother measuring the levels.
• Checking in at least twice an evening, the Vets at front and back Gate overnight guard duty were always happy with the levels. One had asked a camp to turn their bass down just a little, they did so happily, and he was pleased with the entire encounter.
• On Saturday and Sunday, all camps had subs off before even starting up again after the burns. Awesome.
• There were some awesome volunteers, some delivered by passenger bicycle. I don’t believe any were repeats from the previous year, but at least one will be a repeat in the fall. One volunteer in particular was even a Sound Patrol evangelist when repeatedly asked about her radio (are you rangering?)

The Meh
• Decadance and Barrel of Fun initial speaker placements. There was some concern that Decadance would disturb some of the Vets too much, and therefore their speakers were rotated to point more into their own camp. Barrel of Fun had their speakers pointed out the back gate and were turned to face the Porta Potties (which in turn pointed them at Camp Contact tents). Both camps were happy to accommodate these alterations.

The Bad
• Friday around 9:30 I went around to all camps and reminded them to disable the subs at 10PM. I hosted an event from 10PM until 11:15 (the Sound Patrol volunteer at that time was also hosting the same event, and thus unable to patrol). At 11:20, I proceeded to walk around and turn every single subwoofer in the event off. Luckily, this did NOT happen the following nights.
• Volunteer time slots don’t match up well to the burn schedule. The current start of 10PM works on a fast Pony burn, or a fast art burn, but otherwise is not an appropriate time to train and hand off equipment. Also having volunteers already wandering just before times where Sound Restrictions change would be beneficial
• Back Field had generators and music going after 10PM. Most all generators were of the quiet variety, and music was generally at low levels so as to not cause any real issues.
• 5AM Monday morning howling from the back field was irritating to numerous individuals. If we have enough volunteers, wandering through the front and back fields should occur at least once an hour, but is not viable when there is only 1 active Sound Patroller.

The Ugly
• Friday night on the Stage, a live performance after 10PM had both the subwoofer on and a sound level measured at 82dB at 50’ (which is over daytime max levels). In order to NOT stop the performance, I disabled the subwoofer myself and attempted to have the performers turn the volume down. This was only partially effective, and luckily did not cause any problems. For future events, contacting the Stage Coordinator pre-event and scheduling level checks prior to live performances will be in order.
• One individual in the back field took offense to instructions to disable a generator and turn down their speaker system after midnight on Sunday (policy states NO generators or amplified sound after 10PM), making their displeasure verbally known and not agreeing that they would comply. The individuals’ camp-mates were much friendlier and accommodating, avoiding what could easily have become a situation needing Ranger and BOD involvement.

The Rest
• Prior to the event I began working on the ‘Sound Marshal Manual’ to document what and when the Sound Coordinator needs to do for things to run smoothly. Having that done pre-event allowed me to see a few things that need added or altered post-event.
• The CM-130 dB meters should be recalibrated. This will entail either purchasing a dB calibration device (which is very expensive for our needs), or sending the meters to be calibrated professionally (I do not know the cost of this yet). Meters should be calibrated every 1-2 years, and 3 of our meters are at least 3 years old.
• It may be beneficial for Sound Patrol to implement a Log Book, for both signing out equipment and for logging any incidents of interest during volunteers’ shifts.
• Sound may also request one or two official Co-Coordinator with Reserve Ticket slots to fill the following rolls – Ownership of one entire night as acting ‘Sound Marshal’, including training of volunteers that evening; Sound Application review and selection (currently only I approve all sound camps); succession planning.

• Budgeted / Actual : $102 / $95.51 ($6.49 under budget)

Current Projected Budget Items
• 1 PX-777 replacement belt clip (~$10)
• Aweek 2-Pack MSC-20B Walkie Talkie Case Pouch – (~$13)
• 2 screws and 1 belt clip for Dakota radios (~$, do we have any at other departments?)
• 1 better quality shoulder remote with 3.5mm headphone jack and better clip (taking recommendations on this item from others).
• Yellow Spraypaint (~$6, unless we have some stashed somewhere already)

Questions for Other Departments
• DPW : Do we have any Yellow Spraypaint for tagging equipment?
• Ticketing : There is a Checkmate CM-130 in Ticketing supplies. Is that considered Ticketing property for inventory purposes, or should Sound take ownership of this?
• Rangers, anyone with Dakota Radios : Do you have extra, or know where to purchase, screws and belt clips for the Dakota radios (I have one that needs 2 screws and the clip)


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PostPosted: Fri May 29, 2015 7:31 am 

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Theme Camps and Placement:

Good: Yes, it was good!

Ugh: One group set up in another Camps Reserved area. Another two groups squeezed on the side of road (between Tiki and Figment of Imagination). They were asked to move and did (with various levels of being pleasant about it)

Needs improvement: Art Grant Placement. At least 3 pieces of art were placed on the map, but were actually not art for this Spring. Some artist decided to just put their art in their own Theme Camp. Those spaces could have been used for other things. Next time Art Grant Coordinator should review the map and makes corrections before the event.

Sound: To be fair to all camps be sure not to increase the number of Loud Sound Camps . No Theme Camp wants to be placed next to a Sound Camp (not a quiet camp or even another Sound Camp) Sounds Camps put a strain on all Camps. The sound competes with the events at their own camp.

Map: There is only one official map. There are many knock-offs, silly maps and maps that have been altered by unofficial folks. The one and only official map is located at the bottom of this page. http://playadelfuego.org/theme-camps. It is updated just days before the event with a version number at the bottom. This may be important for serious location matters for MASH, Rangers and other official business.

Next time:
• Heidi will be taking on even less of role in Theme Camp Coordination/Placement. Miles and Katia are taking on more responsibility.

• Remind Camp placed in 4e that they can not expand on to neighbors property, even though it is mowed. A tape mark was clearly placed, but the camp spewed over (they happily moved when asked).

• Remind Gate/Greeters that they should tell “first timers” where Open Camping is. Show them the map and make sure they know where they are driving and setting up.

PostPosted: Sun May 31, 2015 6:09 pm 
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Planning Committee

Good: Our system continues to work. We had a great burn with few planning problems. Budgets were reviewed and approved in proper time. Most planning issues were discussed and resolved using the normal process.

Bad: We had to do an otherwise avoidable emergency vote to ensure reserve tickets for necessary personnel. The issue of some departments not having enough reserve tickets for their necessary personnel should have been brought up earlier in the cycle so that it could have gone through the normal process.

Ugly: No ugly.

Next time: Try to keep communication with departments and coordinators more active so that we don't have avoidable last minute adjustments. Continue to encourage more people to participate in the planning committee.

Planning Committee Coordinator

PostPosted: Mon Jun 01, 2015 12:34 pm 

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Ranger After-burn Report Spring 2015

The Good
Golf Cart- The Coordinators made use of the cart for set up and tear down, and during the event, the Coordinators-on-Comm regularly made rounds to the back field, and were able to respond to calls quickly, using the cart.

Ranger Training on Friday evening had excellent attendance and we continue to add and train new Rangers to our ranks. We are in the process of revamping our manuals and expect to have that process completed by Fall.

This burn was largely calm and quiet. We had the usual types of calls and we continue to find that the F.L.A.M.E. process is working well.

This year, Rangers made and posted ~55 posters regarding Consent and how to find a Ranger. We had zero consent calls this year. So far, we have not heard of any troubling reports. We will continue this program in the future.

The Not-so-Bad
Lost and Found – we continue to find that the Ranger box seems to be popular for Lost and Found. This really isn’t a good solution. We would like to request Participation Station budget for a locked box to keep cameras/phones/etc.

The Ugly
Our entire stock of t-shirts and hats was commandeered by the rodent population of the playa as their favored nesting ground. Mice were able to get into our lock box and completely destroyed the contents. We will therefore need to completely replenish our stock of t-shirts and hats for Fall. This is an opportunity to redesign our t-shirts.

We were under on budget this year – partly because we didn’t need much this burn and partly because people did a lot of volunteer printing for us this year (Manuals, etc.).
We budgeted $50 for water, ice, snacks, and spent about $35.
As noted, no “office supplies” were purchased, but we do need to refill our supply of these items so they will be purchased in the Fall.

Respectfully submitted,
Mythic, Off-Site Coordinator

PostPosted: Mon Jun 01, 2015 2:07 pm 
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MASH has 2 Dakota that have bit the dust, I can get the screws and belt clip in the fall. PLEASE REMIND ME BEFORE!!!


PostPosted: Tue Jun 02, 2015 8:47 am 
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WWW After Burn Report

-Delivery of guides to site before gates opened was successful. Delivery and data dump team members had no complaints.

-Vondervixen is gaining experience in "how it all works" will become more active lead in the future (yall are great but I don't want to be a lead, but I will support the lead and lurk)

-Editrix Vondervixen and Miss Fidget's work and travel schedules meant there was a ridiculously short amount of time to create the book but we did it.

-Miss Fidget will complete the "How to Create a WWW" before next issue, print lead confusion makes it tricky

-Printer provided valuable info about how total number of pages in guide affects margins which will be applied next issue

-For continuity the WWW might prefer to continue using Alphagraphics for printing, they "know" our job and Karnak our driver has a near perfect record of on-time delivery. Finding a new printer may mean finding a new delivery person and our current system works.

-If Alphagraphics has trouble getting paid I said I would help them, not sure how, but I will.


-WWW acknowledges and apologizes for typo on bug out time, (2 pm instead of 12 pm) but look at all the stuff we got correct!

-transition of Print Coordinator from Ranger Buckita to Whiplash caused confusion compounded by Whiplash not getting vital emails. This confusion didn't affect WWW as much as laminates and ranger manuals. Having multiple printers for materials may cause unintended consequences in the future.

-Confusion about due date for submissions to be included in print version due to transition/evolution in event communications. Approx due date for Oct. was included in the Guide's footer to help next issue

-user feedback indicates persistent issue w/ 'Legacy Theme Camp Data" which means Theme Camps that wish to "carry over" old descriptions don't get them carried over. Web team has been alerted to for some time. The WWW is unable to contact every camp to double check they are still a camp/haven't changed names.

-Getting an updated Grand Unified Doc earlier would be nice. Perhaps tie that deadline to round two ticket sales. The covers, theme, and front of book are always completed in advance of submission deadlines.

-Getting a reserve ticket for the Print Coordinator and WWW Editor would be ideal and recognize the vital contributions of these volunteers and it appears like it is going to happen which is super duper and pleases me.

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Lamplighters Afterburn Report (Spring 2015 PDF)

What went well:

1. I was able to arrive early to the site, and with some help from Yeti, got 15 spires erected by the end of the evening on Thursday. The new rebar made this process much easier than in the past. I purchased the new rebar at Missco and had it cut into 30 pieces, and outgoing coordinator Liz K arranged to have it bent into candycane shapes.

2. Having a dedicated sledgehammer (which I donated in the Fall) for driving the rebar into the ground for the poles was a big help, though there were a couple of complications (see below).

3. We had ample volunteers for both the lamplighter procession each night; in fact Sunday’s had 14 people. We also had ample volunteers to take down the lamps each morning, including prior to the exodus. I also had volunteers who helped take down the spires Monday as well.

4. Some people volunteered for more than one night; in addition to "many hands making light work," this helped people build expertise in getting the lamps set up, which made the process go even more quickly.

5. Liz K, Violet, and I were able to recreate the Lamplighter robes, which, several burns ago, were destroyed. (Apparently they got wet or damp in the shed somehow, and a well-meaning person laid them out on the grass near the pavilion to dry out--but then left them out in the rain, completely ruining them.) I obtained 22 sheets (donating some, buying the rest out of the budget). Liz then made 20 into robes, and she and Violet were able to get 15 of these stenciled for use this burn. Adam S. pitched in by making one sheet into sashes for the robes. Having the robes for our procession really brought back something special (which I think our fellow burners appreciated).

6. We came in well under budget.

7. I was able to do a pretty thorough inventory of our stuff in the shed.

What could go better:

1. Five robes still need to be stenciled, and six more sashes made.

2. We were able to erect only 15 of the 18 spires, due to lack of rebar; as a result, only one spire was erected in the lower field. The old rebar, which I’d counted on to make up the difference between the 30 pieces of new rebar and what we needed to put up all the poles (36) has become scarce and what is present is more-or-less unusable. I plan to request another 30 pieces of rebar for the Fall to make sure we have an ample supply not only to make up the deficit of six pieces, but also anticipating more rebar going missing (which has happened prior to both of the last two burns).

3. When I arrived at the site, both dedicated sledgehammers I donated for Lamplighters were missing. Yeti was able to locate one for me, allowing me to get to work, but the other remains missing (so far as I know).

4. A majority of lamps are in a state of disrepair. While some might be repaired, some surely cannot be. The fact is, the lamps are pretty cheap and break easily in various ways. I’d like to be able to try to salvage some of these, though buying more replacements would be prudent; we used all seven replacements I bought for this burn.

5. We could use more shepherd’s hooks; on Sunday night’s procession, we had so many volunteers, the lifters had to share the four hooks between them.

6. Due to a misunderstanding on my part, Lamplighter Laminates were not made for this Burn.

Finally, a BIG thanks to outgoing coordinator Liz K for everything she’s done over the past five years. And another big thanks to Violet for agreeing to become Lamplighters Assistant Coordinator.

Respectfully submitted,
Lamplighters Coordinator

PostPosted: Mon Jun 08, 2015 1:15 pm 

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It was a great year for art at PDF! Feedback from many attendees was enthusiastic and shows that this was one of the better years for art. We had such a wide variety of participatory art and the granted artists created exactly what they said they would in their contracts to perfection!

We budgeted $11,000 for art grants for the Spring 2015 cycle and awarded $9,759.00 worth of grants.

We had 19 applications with 17 applications awarded grants. We had 2 art pieces back out and 15 show up to build.

Art Grants
Below are the art grants and their awarded amounts:

1- Playa Del Fuego Marquee Sign - $180.00
2 - Hanging Balls 2.0 - $325.00
3 - Strawberry Jam - $500.00
4 - PDF - $940.00
5 - 6 X 6 Gallery - $0.00
6 - Hall of Mirrors – Giant Pachinko - $800.00
7 - Pigment of the Imagination - $450.00
8 - Saucy See-Saw - $1,400.00
9 - Evolution - $275.00 (Did not build)
10 - Communillage - $70.00
11 - The Moon - $800.00
12 - Color Changing Building Blocks - $500.00
13 - Philly Phreak Show & Oddities Emporium - $1,100.00
14 - Galileo’s Revenge - $1,229.00
15 - Flaming Boptagon v.2.0 - $500.00
16 - Intensegrity! - $128.00 (Artist encountered structural issue. Will try again in fall.)
17 - Totem 3 - $562.00


Photo Archiving
For the first time ever we had an OFFICIAL Art Grant Archivist, Sara Muskulus, and she did a wonderful job documenting the art builds as well as the burns for all of the pieces. She wants to continue archiving our art grants in the future. You can see her work at the link below. All she asks is to be credited for the photos when they are put up on the website. We should dedicate a section of our website to art projects that have been awarded grants.

https://drive.google.com/folderview?id= ... sp=sharing

Art Grant Reception and Tour
We had our 4th Art Grant Recipient’s Reception this Spring. It was completely organized this year by Jill Nado, who conceived of it as a faux obnoxious art gallery reception. We had wine, snacks and funny french berets for the Art Grant Coordinators. The Art Grant Coordinators requested and were awarded $50 from the PDF PC toward refreshments. It was the best attended reception we’ve held yet with many of the artists in attendance, and we will continue to do this moving forward. It’s a great community building event for the artists, the Art Grants Committee and the Board. All who attend can learn about the process the committee goes through in choosing artwork as well as the work involved for the artists. We also added a new Art Grant Tour this time which was run by Co-Art Grant Coordinator, St. Greg. It was an amazing hour or so of visiting each art piece and having the artist talk about their work, with attendees able to ask the artist questions. St. Greg did an amazing job!

-In the future, we want signs for pieces awarded the art grants, so attendees can identify what was funded by Art Grant Committee.

-PONY Burn: Art Grant Committee members are ready to take over the task of wrangling PONY builders. We can promote the need for builders as well as evaluate applications in a transparent, even-handed way that may prove to be more efficient than efforts in the past.

-We’d like to request more money from the org to do a bigger, more publicized Art Grants Reception during the event. We’d like to make the reception a place where artists and potential artists can ask questions and get answers, as well as share ideas for expanded art pieces.

- It would be great if we can give the art archivist a form of identification indicating that she is the PDF archivist so she has an easier time documenting the work. She ran into a few issues and frequently had to explain what she was doing. A badge or nametag would make the process run smoother.

O Man, St. Greg & Jill Nado

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Spring 2015 Playa del Fuego MOOP Afterburn Report

I had a nice, official-sounding report typed out (it did not include the word 'poop'), but the PONY ate it, so now you get this:

-Overall MOOP levels were on the low side of average.
-Pavilion was redonkulously MOOP-less much of the event due to Karnak adopting the area as his own project. Thanks, dude!
-Good volunteer turn-out for schedules shifts, plus saw two people doing a flashlight MOOP sweep in the wee hours of Monday morning.

-On the stage was a mess on Sunday morning-- half-full drinks and empty cig packs everywhere.
-A trash can left out next to the stage was overflowing with bottles and cans (just clap your hands) by Sunday.
-Didn't have lockable viewing box for expensive/important L&F items, so some ended up locked in the ranger cabinet and not available for immediate claiming.

-Poop in the horseshoe pit Saturday morning. Picked it up myself, with gloves and plastic bag. Someone reported seeing an unattended German Shepherd drop said deuce same morning.
-Reports that property owner at the back of the back field has been finding poop MOOP on her property from people jumping the fence.

Spent: $0 -- I forget how much I asked for, but didn't purchase anything for this burn. Will resubmit for Fall.

-Look into switching MOOP shifts from scheduled times to adopt-a-highway style patrols, where people pick an area to patrol for the duration of the event, i.e. the stage.
-Purchase lockable viewing box for L&F valuables.
-Brainstorm ideas for signage and education along back fence to deter pooping, especially on the neighbor's side of the fence.

MOOP Coordinator

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Participation Station AfterBurn Report (Spring 2015)

THE GOOD- Our Volunteer Schedule Boards were nearly full! Ongoing efforts to develop ways to recruit for harder to fill shifts. The amazingly positive vibe that was maintained throughout the burn made it easy to recruit when I knew fresh volunteers were needed. Not having radios, I routinely stopped by Front and Back Gates to check on volunteer status. I had some rockstar volunteers Friday at participation station that were thrilled to utilize the How-To Guide to answer volunteering questions. All participation station items were taken off site for inventory and reorganization. New bins have been purchased to replace old broken ones. About 10 L&F items have been claimed and returned.

Lea shall not be in attendance at the fall burn. I will be the Volunteer Coordinator, and I have the radios! I gained a lot of experience as sole acting Volunteer Coordinator for a majority of the burn, and found so much inspiration in the amazing network of coordinators we have. Thanks for your guidance and support!

THE BAD- Participation Station was without schedule boards until Friday and left without Snacks for Volunteers and Raffle tickets/Box until Saturday and we didn't have a working Lost and Found Bin at all. Lost and found was large this burn. Full pairs of shoes seemed to be the majority. Per Lea "Any unclaimed items will be donated to goodwill August 1st." Despite the boards being full there was poor turnout for participation station shifts Saturday night and Sunday. Per Lea "Many volunteers seemed lost as usual." Rose has decided to step down as a Volunteer Co-Coordinator. Our scissors were "unintentionally gifted". It was windy and schedule boards were blowing everywhere- ziptied the schedule boards together and to structure so they served as a windbreaker and gave them stability to write on. Note to Self- Eat Drink Sleep Shower!

THE UGLY- Leah got to camp Saturday evening due to being "busy with real life drama and turtle rotation, hahaha." That left me without a radio during the peak needs for Ticketing, Parking and Greeting. There were some unattended tweens wandering about the event- stirring up a ruckus- do we have a policy in place in regards to parents responsibilities to moderate their children? During exodus, complaints were raised about suspension artists using the helicopter frame. Lea spoke directly to the vets, specifically "mother" who said it was ok. Lea spoke to Snuggles who said it is not ok. Snuggles will talk to Pineapple to discuss vets giving permission to do things.


Make Participation Station more effective, relevant, and dynamic!

Move Participation Station to “Center Map”- Possibly 4E(which would also eliminate issue of folks setting up camp in neighbors field) or across from Back Gate
1- The location next to the stage is often too loud for PS volunteers to hear the Base Radio
2- "Center Camp" is no longer in the center- our event has grown in number and size- several acres- having PS more Central makes it more accessible to the back field- where a majority of attendees camp.

Wall of Purpose- Add a clear plastic shoe organizer to PS Gear and label Pockets with Purpose- so that PS volunteers can find what they need quickly and easily without diggin through bins.

PS Info Sessions- Wherein the folks that I introduced to the How-To Book were amazed(Thanks for all your input- suggested changes have been made)- I think initiating PS Events like Burner 101 and Dept Info Sessions would help to engage participants to volunteer- having willing department leaders give info sessions on their depts, what to do, where to go, what to bring, necessary training, and the importance of having volunteers to fill those dept shifts would provide more enthusiastic and knowledgeable volunteers, and help fill those "problem" shifts. Having a book on a table is good- having someone who is passionate about volunteering and the function of their department is a thousand times better!

Initiate Roving Recruiters- Utilizing Smarty Marty's Organization Binder idea- which has shifts and volunteers that are signed up for those shifts in Binders- I'd like to implement new functions for PS volunteers. Following on the awesome success of our PDF Rangers- roving means they are in the right place at the right time- I think having a handful of Volunteer Talent Scouts with radios and clip boards or "Roving Recruiters" being where things are happening would be more effective at refreshing volunteer shifts that have no shows without burning out your volunteer coordinator.

Gnomes for Noms- Coordinating with Camps that are hosting nommy food events to provide our awesome volunteers with some of the delicious that they would otherwise be sacrificing to be awesome volunteers. I personally went around to a few breakfast camps and brought bacon and pancakes to volunteers- it took a long time waiting on all the different lines- but I think coordinating with those camps that are willing to serve the folks that are serving the community before hand and wearing Gnome Hats to be distinguished as a Volunteer Feeder- would expedite the process- and show the community that volunteers are appreciated and rewarded!

Dept. Raffle Tickets- Dept Raffle Boxes- Did you have awesome volunteers that didn't know about/forgot about the Reserve Raffle? Do you think they would remember if there was a raffle box where you are volunteering? I'd like to bring additional Raffle Boxes for the front and back gate and give dept leaders raffle tickets to distribute to your awesome volunteers.

Participation Coordinator On Call (Peacock)- There is a whole lot of awesome I'd like to see happen with PS- but I'm one person I can't be in two places at once- as Lea will not be in attendance in the fall and Meg has stepped down- I'd like to request 3 reserve tickets for my Peacocks- because 1) I'm starting from scratch this burn 2) I'd like to train more folks on the ins and outs of PS leadership 3)to help prevent burnout- 4) to be prepared for turnover.
-Roving Recruiter Asst. Vol Coordinator
-Gnomes for Noms Asst. Vol Coordinator/ Foody Liaison
-PS Events Asst. Vol Coordinator

~Princess Giggles~

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Parking Afterburn Report:


    *Parking set-up crew did good job of setting up in the rain Thursday. Tear-down on Sunday went quickly.

    *Rain stopped for Friday, dried up and lifted “pack it in” All were Happy!!!!

    *Rain on Thursday “pack it in” everyone carried Items on-site, with 2 carts (and Jill) we helped as many as we could get their things in.

    *Had decent turn out of volunteers and most all open spots on schedule were filled

    *Ground conditions Dry because of Delaware drought, so mud was none issue.

    *Volunteers loved and responded well to parking bandanas

    *Field was not entirely mowed as Vet mower broke

    *Communication between volunteers needs work

    *4- 30min parking passes need reprinted (1,6,16,21)

    *thought we had more parking wands may be missing a couple

    *None: there was No MUD or Major Issues

Thing to Work ON/ to get:

    *Communication between Volunteers

    *Print Vinyl Sign w/ Parking Volunteer Instructions

    *Lockable whiteboard with shift lead Information

    *must leave front 4 lane of parking for late night parking shifts

    *need a couple more parking wand and vests

    *need more rain ponchos

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(posted on behalf of Hotdog)

PDF Spring 2015
Greeters After Burn Report


·Lighting all four nights in back parking lot! Yay!
·Lots of great volunteering, excellent community spirit!
·Very smooth entry in Thursday night, despite the carry in only.
·Smart Marty's 3 ring binders.
·Major incident free.


·Communication between all departments. We were down a couple radios at the back gate, but I think a general meet greet of coordinators before gate opens might solve this.
·A little week on volunteer numbers in the morning shifts. Perhaps having theme camps fill the rosters for these times would do the trick.
·PDF Yellow Cart #2 blew a tired. Repair for fall burn necessary.
·I accidentally stored a participant's ID in the shed. Yeah, that happened.
·Though we did get lights for all four nights, the event will now be taking on the cost of lighting, previously covered by the Vets.


Not applicable


·Gillian Slovick will be taking over as Assistant Greeter Coordinator for fall burn.
·I will be taking over Greeter/Back Gate budget from Smarty Marty.
·Exciting revamp of Greetering Operations. Much change to the Greeting Structure before fall I.e. shift descriptions based on expectation of gate traffic/processing necessary, greeters at front and back gates, facilitation of a greater sense of "passageway to new realm" sort of experience.
·Many sweet Greeter Shift Perks.

-Hot Dog

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Posting for 1K (submitted to coord list via email): Fire Perimeter

Good: More people than vests!
Use of taping as temporary ground marking for the perimeter line on Saturday night was received very well. Several on Sunday expressed their disappointment that it was not available both nights. (Will be budgeted.)

Bad: More people than vests! - definitely need many more ordered for Fall.​
"The Crush Zone" between the road and the stage and the road burn pads in that area is too narrow. It is dangerous. On Sunday Night it took at one count four perimeter volunteers to control a 20' line. Suggest review of spacing of burn pads and/or adding more art burns to Saturday night to increase flow.

Ugly: None. No injuries, no fatalities, art burned, participants were happy.

Planning Committee Coordinator

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Addendums to Greeters:

Nyk Giove Greeter Cocoordinator/Volunteering Bad Ass. ABR

The Good

Starting this fall, I will be a full time assistant coordinator at the gate to help Martie with ticketing.

The Bad

Starting this fall, I will no longer be an assistant coordinator for greeters.

For Next Time

I'd like to echo Damian's notion of creating a greeter lead position, so that the coordinators can spend more time participating in the event, as opposed to just outside it.

Alfred Greeter Cocoordinator ABR

So I'm not super sure what to write here but here goes:

·Friday night around 4 am there was a slight issue with parking passes/late comers. It was mostly handled by Crash the Vet, but it resulted in cars staying on-site "overnight".

·There seemed to be miscommunication between the front gate and the back gate regarding someone's license and how people were departing the event. When I had another (more experienced) coordinator I deferred to them, which sometimes was conflicting with what we were already doing.

·Smartie Martie's handbook was very helpful, the only thing I would suggest is to have it available online (pony, Google docs, something) so people could potentially access it before hand.

·Exodus traffic directing went smoothly.

If you need me to expand on anything let me know.

Planning Committee Coordinator

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Posting for Moose (submitted to coord list via email): Drum Conclave

There were fires. We drummed. All was well.

Planning Committee Coordinator

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Posting for Fritz (submitted to coord list via email): Exodus

Short version: All went well.

Full version:
1. Dumpster area at BackGate got messy. Some folks were too lazy or hurried to get their bags or junk actually up and in. This may have been because...AGAIN... the dumbster contractor parked the back two too close to each other, making the hindmost bin very hard to access. Solution: put dumbster 3 at the end of the extended gravelled road where the portapotty truck will turn around. ;)

2. Pavilion was the cleanest ever; thanks Karnak & JenFinkle! Showers & pottie areas were ok generally; just the usual debris. Burn pad area was cleaned up by Rev Dave. One barrel left near the Stage became a Massive Moop Magnet, but an Unknown Volunteer stepped up and bagged most of it for us, thanks. Theme Camp areas, parking lots, and both open camp areas were generally cleared of 99% moop by their respective inhabitants. Some tent-stake extractions/ education were performed by DPW staff; a wet Thursday made for easy and deep stake hammering, but 3 days of drying turned that Delaware Bay Clay into concrete. (Just remember... "To get it out, Get it wet!") It seemed there was a high level of Community LNT Awareness for this event. Exceptions were by 'spectators' not participants! No valuable items were found or reported lost after noon. Low value items were dumped, or binned for Fall. Thrashed and smashed tents, canopies, camp-chairs, and styro-cardboard packaging seemed awfully high for such a nice-weather burn; i blame Wally World's "everyday low prices" and our rebounding, but still disposable, economy.

3. Burn scars were radically reduced from a high of 17 in Fall'14 to only 4 small ones this Spring. Leftover firewood piles added up to, at most, a quarter cord. The Ash Dump was '
smokin' hot! but thanks to Fernando, it was extinguished. There was one minor 'hotfoot' incident again, without serious injury. PLEASE be careful wearing sandals near hot embers!

4. All campers were 98% packed and gone by 14:00. WWW reporting a "2:00 checkout time" was a typo, i think? Nevertheless, we were at least 80% cleared off the site at noon Monday. That's good for a Spring event. Our Asst. Exodus Coordinator Eliz. 'LilBit' Hanna did the Sunday Exodus Assessment, reporting an estimated 20% of participants had left on or before Sunday night. (This is done by counting empty car slots in both parking lots, as well as empty tent spaces in Front & Back camping.)

5. No thefts, major injuries, or severe dehydrations were reported during this Exodus. No property damage was discovered or reported. Dry ground meant no stuck cars this event. No 'ride orphans' or lost keys caused us problems this time. Only 1 vehicle was left out front by a wise driver who decided to ride home and return for it later. The Vets are ok with this, as preventing DUI's in everyone's best interest.

6. Most infrastructure was shedded by 15:00; Exodus was completed at 17:00, with only 9 DPW crew remaining onsite, packing personal items and performing Final Sweep. I left around 18:30, turning over the last loose ends of shed packing to Yeti, Marti, & LilBit.

7. Traffic management at the Back Gate Bottleneck was graciously handled by Alfred and Hot Dog; kudos to those great Greeters!

See ya in da Fall!
-fr!tz de La Where?
Exodus Coordinator

Planning Committee Coordinator

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Miscellaneous After Burn Report from participant Diana-Smiles

The Good
My usual part of parking lot set up went smoothly with no issues. The extra traffic cones, barrels and other stuff that Karnak brought was a real lifesaver! I was able to make temporary parking lines out of the tall traffic cone-column things that he brought, which really was great with the super tall grass. The flexibility was a marvel, actually, and could be used to great effect if we had more of them. The cones were a little light weight though, and blew over in the wind on the unsteady uber-tall grass. After set up, parking was well-staffed Thursday night and my lead shifts went well. I made a better effort to connect with all volunteers on each shift, which was a personal goal of mine. ChefPhil’s idea of putting a shelter for parking volunteers down where the cars first enter the final section of the back lot seemed to be popular with the volunteers, since it was raining on Thursday. Having the vets put that light out there was good, too. On Friday morning, I opened the event for drive on/drop off and got the 9am shift trained and in place, at which time I had more than completed my parking lot duties for the weekend, and I went to set up my theme camp.

Pigment of the Imagination was a huge hit again! I brought around 300 wooden canvases to this burn and ran out on Saturday afternoon. This lead to people painting each other all day Saturday, which was a spontaneous tribal art celebration. The Art Grant Tour with the photographer was really great too! I wasn’t able walk around with them due to a schedule conflict at Pigment, so when the tour came by, I was there. Talking to the tour was a true highlight of my burn. Also, I really liked having an official burn photographer. Since I don’t carry a phone or a camera onsite, fulfilling that part of my art grant contract is always a struggle. With no more canvases, I closed Pigment up on Sunday.

The Bad.
Unmowed grass in the parking lot. Wait, that was butt-ugly. More on that later. The bad was that parking needs more stakes. ChefPhil purchased stakes (yay!) but got the ½ inch size (not-so-yay). Stake after stake splintered as we pounded them in the dry, hard-packed ground. I know they are expensive, but we need the 1 x 1 inch kind. Also, it was difficult to hear, connect, and mingle at the Board / Coord meet and greet. In the future, this event should be held at the (super clean) Pavilion.

The Ugly.
The grass in the parking lot. It was waist high. Frankly, with all the ticks, that grass was downright unsanitary and gross, and I feel it reflects REALLY badly on the part of our landlords. I had to drive around in circles (literally) to flatten the grass to make “roads” for people to know where to drive down. The tall traffic barrier cones that Karnak brought saved us though, as they were the only thing high enough to be seen over the tall grass.

Next Time
I expect the grass in the parking lot to be lower than our flagging height - and that the issue with the grass be addressed by the powers that be. It’s a matter of safety and health. In addition, some of the parking signs with the reflective tape arrows on them had the cheap metal part that goes into the ground break, so I’ll replace those. Also, when I feel a little bump on my head and I think it's a tick, and the person I show it to says it looks like a pimple, I will get a 2nd opinion. Not sure what my role will be next fall.

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(Posting for Yeti, who's having some login issues)

Department of Public Works - After Burn Report


Early Arrival - (Wednesday 12pm/Thursday 5pm) - Early Arrival

- Most early arrival volunteers arrived to schedule and completed necessary tasks for their respective departments and for DPW and general event setup

- Front Gate and Ticketing shade structures erected/secured, materiel set up/out

- Back Gate Greeting and Parking shade structures erected/secured, materiel set up/out

- Participation Station Ranger Station combined shade structure erected/secured, materiel set up/out

- property "de-mooped"/ground cleaned

- showers front and back cleaned and power washed

- pavilion cleaned and power washed

- porta-poties delivered

- wood delivered

- new shelves assembled in shed(after the early arrival proper but I note it here)

- shed cleaned and organised

- Street Sign Dept set up their Street Signs art-project

- Lamplighters Dept set up the Lamp lights

- some tasks were of an interdepartmental nature(personnel allocated as needed)

All tasks were completed safely in a well functioning cooperative manner by all concerned.

PDF - (Thursday 5pm through Monday 12pm) - PDF

- Structures inspected and maintained and secured when necessary for front and back gate, parking and participation station/ ranger station.
Basically it was tightening down straps,refitting covers etc when necessary.
Trash bag removal etc when requested

- shed inside maintained. basically some cleaning, rearranging etc.

- in cooperation with non strictly speaking DPW volunteers the MOOP were found was collected and more appropriately disposed

- some assistance was rendered to participants in the form of tent erection, camp setup, carry in/carry out, referrals and/or help for getting vehicles "jumped" and other technical issues(generators, who can fix them etc) and questions

- assistance was given/ received from other departments when requested.
It was given when they needed more personnel, received when we needed more personnel.
Some of these tasks already were mentioned.
Other tasks helping transport from the shed to the given departments area, helping to set up the other department structure, equipment and materiel, loading stuff from shed onto given departments transport.

All tasks were completed safely in a well functioning cooperative manner by all concerned.

(Monday 12pm through to Last Burner's Off)

- DPW , EXODUS and MOOP PATROL promoted safe and timely departure of and assistance to departure averse participants.

- MASH and SANCTUARY took down their area and transported it to and placed it in the shed.

RANGERS, SANCTUARY,GATE and TICKETING, GREETERS, PARKING to a good degree took down most of their own equipment, leaving only really the heavy stuff for DPW to transport

- STREET SIGNS and LAMPLIGHtERS disassembled the signs and lamp lights/posts, and moved them to the shed

- Combined RANGER STATION and PARTICIPATION STATION shade structure disassembled and moved to storage

All tasks were completed safely in a well functioning cooperative manner by all concerned.



- RADIO COMMUNICATIONS within/with DPW was improved.

Many DPW and PDF tasks throughout the PDF were emergent.

DPW radio use improved communications with DPW, and improved the performance and response time of DPW volunteers.

- New volunteers – DPW does not lack for willing volunteers, both those scheduled before hand and adhoc volunteers throughout the event

Other notes:

Names have not been mentioned pending approval of entering them into the record.

Costs for this burn were mainly straw. We are happy to have had it and not needed it.

Further notes:

Speaking for myself I am very pleased with all of the cooperation and good will of all manner of participants, planners, volunteers, coordinators, board and so on.


Planning Committee Coordinator

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Addendum to Exodus
Fritz and I were not able to combine notes this time, so here goes:

The Good:
- While making my backfield megaphone rounds, I was able to offer gloves to participants for final MOOP sweeps of their personal camps - thanks to an extra but opened box in Exodus inventory. Many happily accepted, and backfield MOOP was noticeably down. Coincidence can't be ruled out unless results can be duplicated during a mud burn, so I'd like to run this experiment again in fall.
- "The Best" (for personal reasons, because sometimes it's my Monday Achilles' heel): THERE WAS NEXT TO *ZERO* ORANGE TAPE ON THE GROUND! Serious appreciation goes out to everyone who remembered to pick it up. This is a remarkable reversal of fall's record amount covering the entire backfield.
- Kudos to the ever present Cheekie and first time Exodus volunteer Pencil. They covered a lot of ground during afternoon MOOP sweeps. Extra thanks to Pencil who spontaneously changed her travel arrangements in order to assist, she was a great addition to May's Exodus.

The New:
- Exodus on Sunday? Quiet. Coordinator had a pre-scheduled day off site. Per instructions, "Asst. Coord" checked in with both the Greeters and Parking, and was advised the need for staffing was doubtful. I was on comm. and available to respond to potential but non-existsnt calls for assistance.

The Bad:
- On last re-check of the day we discovered posters were still hanging in numerous porta potties. The barn row had posters in all but one and the majority of the back gate row had them, however the burn field & front gate rows combined had only 3 or 4 remaining. These posters somehow survived multiple teams of sweepers plus countless LNT minded peeps. We as a community must have had a collective blind spot that day! Maybe because we're no longer accustomed to sunshine at Pdf? But these things happen once in a blue moon, that's why we re-check before lights out.

The Future:
- At this time there is no need to submit request to add Exodus Sunday slots to the online volunteer schedules, but we can reassess after fall burn. Exodus and Greeters will likely be able to collaborate on Sunday and Monday coverage needs so neither dept is stretched too thin.
- Will still move forward with Exodus department description. Expecting to have it submitted to the web team by July.
- Exodus does need to start active recruiting, but for Monday instead of Sunday. 2 additional volunteers (or1 if Pencil returns!) for 2-3 hrs of the afternoon would be optimal.
- Create an Exodus Coordinator Survival Guide, complete with checklists, advisories, frequently overlooked "Forget-me-nots" to pay attention to (like posters in the portas!), and scripts for the megaphone rounds. And with permission maybe an inventory of the contents of Fritz's van, under the heading of "Equipment You Might need" in the "Be Prepared for Anything" category. Ideally the manual will be completed by fall burn, but at minimum the more important checklists and such will be documented by then.

- Liz Hanna, aka Lilbit
Exodus "Asst Coord"

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(Posted from coord list email from Smelly Melly)

Stage Afterburn Report

I can't really report on how the stage went thru the weekend, it worked as far as I can tell after incident happened that stage coordinator left PDF on Saturday afternoon. All of PDF's owned equipment and all equipment donated by the former stage coordinator were left onsite when current cord. left on Saturday. All equipment came home for storage to Melody (Smelly Melly)'s home to be stored until Fall burn and new coordinator is found.

I will be doing an inventory of equipment and will be budgeting to get equipment to Fall burn, however, I do not have any idea on how to hook stuff up, nor do I desire to be stage cord, so, actual stage cord. will need to be found. I am okay with storing equipment and have space to do so at this time.

Smelly Melly

"Offsite Stage Equipment Coordinator"

Planning Committee Coordinator

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Afterburn Report Gate/Ticketing Spring 2015

The Good...

~Yay for volunteers, who showed up, we could not have made the event happen without
your time and support. Thank you!
~My new Assistant Coordinator Nyk was super helpful with his time divided between Greeters and Gate.
~All of the G.O.D.’s were awesome this burn and picked up extra shifts.
~The modified wristband ticketing dispenser work out well.
~Resource Materials at the Gates went well. Volunteer shifts(Ticketing, Greeters, and Parking), Communication Log, FAQ, Wristband Log ( only at Ticketing), Official Theme Camp Map (PDF WWW Copy) , Unofficial PDF map (Participants fill in onsite), Wristband Guides, Theme Camp Leader Roster
~On Thursday late evening the Gates stayed open til 2:30 A.M., due to a bad traffic accident on Rt 9, which cause a detour to participants on their way to PDF.
~The volunteers seemed to like the water coolers, snack tote, bacon, hot and cold beverages.
~The extra stakes came in handy for roping off the mini construction site.
Participants were able to drive into the event for gear drop off on Friday, Saturday, and for gear pick up on Sunday and Monday.
~Extra signage.
~Inventory has been completed, and will be updated online.
~Several copies of the wristband guide were given to The Vets.
~The Vets watched the Gates.
~No complaints or calls from neighbors about sound.

The Challenges for this PDF...

~Volunteer no shows during high volume check in times.
~The Vets mini construction project in the Front Gate parking lots, which caused changes to the flow of traffic, and parking for Ticketing check in. In the future, during high volume check in times, adding an extra volunteer slot for the Flagger position will alleviate some of the traffic control issues. Additionally, roping off areas more clearly, extra signage, more stakes, and a staple gun with staples.
~Participation Station was not being fully operational for the full duration of the event.
~On Thursday, during high check-in period, was carry in only, for participants.

The Ugly…

~Nothing ugly really happened

Budget items

Item Budgeted Cost Actual Cost

Totes 50.00 28.00
Snacks, coffee, tea 125.00 125.00
Ice from Vets 20.00 20.00
Gas 20.00 13.00
Spray paint (yellow) 20.00 5.00

The rest of my items on my budget was ordered by the BOD through online distributors.

General Topics

~A participant wanted to charge their vehicle on site late Friday evening. I asked the participant to wait to charge his vehicle, til the morning for clarification on this matter. Pineapple explained, that PDF pays for the electricity for the event and that would be up to the PDF BOD, or PC, and it's something that should be discussed in your group. I was unable to find participant for further discussion on this matter.
~Laminates were not showing up until after the event officially started. My understanding was there was a change in coordinators at the last minute and miscommunication. It would be helpful if the laminates arrived earlier for the event.

Observations of Participation Station

~Not on comm, until received radios from Gate Coordinator.
~Very hard to communicate over the radio to Participation Station volunteers, due to the placement, which is next to the sound stage. Did they have their base station or a radio, operational or available, to utilize?
~Sign up boards showed up sometime on Friday. Prior to the sign up, boards showing up, no backup copy of volunteer sign-ups was available at Participation Station, for coordinators to refer to, for volunteer sign-ups.
~Coordinator not on site for the duration of the event.

Lost and Found
~No lost and found lockbox, which was at Fall PDF 2014.

Volunteer Raffle For Reserved Tickets to PDF
~Were the volunteer raffle tickets even given out or turned in by volunteers, for the volunteer raffle for Spring PDF 2015?
~Why does the participant have to walk over to the Participation Station to receive volunteer raffle ticket?
~Has there been any record of how many volunteer raffle ticket entries per burn? So the community can see if this is being utilized by our volunteers and the odds of obtaining a reserved ticket for the volunteer raffle.
~When I communicate to the volunteers to enter into the volunteer raffle, sometimes volunteers do not know anything about the volunteer raffle.
~Sometimes volunteers forget to go back to Participation Station, to enter into the volunteer raffle.
~Sometimes the volunteer raffle tickets do not show up, until Saturday afternoon.
~Is there a way, we could maybe, on Wednesday evening or Thursday morning, distribute the volunteer raffle tickets to Department Coordinators, to distribute to their department volunteers. If the Department Coordinator wishes, he or she, may collect the raffle tickets and maybe he or she can turn in the volunteer raffle tickets. On the other hand, the volunteer can be responsible for turning in his or her, volunteer raffle ticket to Participation Station.

Hopefully, improvements and transparency will follow with Participation Station, under the new leadership of April Joy,

Ticketing Numbers

Tickets sold: 1363
Tickets checked in: 1313
Tickets not checked in: 50

Suggestions from Gate

~During high volume check in times, adding an extra volunteer slot for the Flagger position will alleviate some of the traffic control issues. Additionally, roping off areas more clearly, extra signage, more steaks, and staple gun with staples.
~Modifying the ticketing system to a similar ticketing system as Lakes of Fire Regional Burn.
~More communication between everyone.
~Placing more lights in the front lots for more visibility in the evening hours.
~Have laminates arrive on Wednesday evening, so departments can prepare for volunteers with name and shifts.
~Slip n Slide participants/Camp 215: Could it be possible to make an announcement at the beginning of the event to remind participants “Please, if you lose your wristband during the slip n slide, please go to the front gate with your ID to obtain a new wristband. Thank You”
~Volunteer Treat for volunteers: mini charging station at volunteer stations with electrical capabilities.
~Adding an additional assistant coordinator. so there is one Asst Cord for beginning of PDF, and one Asst Cord for ending of PDF. Then we can break up some of the on site responsibilities and duties. Would like to request an additional reserved ticket for this recently created position.
~Having participants with a special needs dog pre registering online.

Thank you everyone who helped with the Gates and PDF for Spring PDF 2015 :D

And let the countdown begin...The PONY burns in 118 days!

~Ticketing/Gate Coordinator~
~Burning since 2006~

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the WWWs were dropped off in the Pavillion at 5pm Wednesday

PDF BoD Member
quare hoc dicere?

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Reposting for MmmBobby - Stage:

For the spring 2015 burn my official report is as follows
Setup went well all equipment functioned properly and acts performed as planned Friday and Saturday.
Saturday I had to leave early due to one of my drivers being removed from the event due to an issue with the BOD
Therefore I had to breakdown my personal equipment as I couldn't allow someone else to drive home a loaned truck full of my equipment.
I did leave the equipment that pdf owns and left 6 xlr cables of mine that will be replaced.
as for the status of the stage after my departure I didn't hear much I did ask Ryan Birmingham to keep an eye on it as he showed an Interest in being a co coordinator. Also I understand the equipment that pdf owns went home with melody and Is currently being stored at her house

Planning Committee Coordinator

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Reposting for Hatter -

TheMadHatter wrote:
Purchasing Afterburn Report.

This will be my last burn as the Purchasing coordinator. Please welcome Jim as the new coordinator. I will be remaining as asst for fall just to answer questions and help transition, but otherwise Jim is the guy. Also, I apologize for not getting this posted earlier.

The Good:
- Carts were delivered and picked up without issue.
- Jim did a good job taking up the return of items and getting them all to where they needed to go since I had to leave on Saturday.

The Bad
- Water had 19 bottles delivered instead of 10. Not sure why, we were not charged for the extras nor did we use them.
- 9 of the 19 bottles went missing between the time were stacked at the club house on Monday and picked up Tuesday. We will be charged the deposits for the missing bottle, however I have not heard back from Culligan how much.
- It took from May 28th to June 17th for the BOD to respond to multiple requests to contact the Vets about this issue. Most of that time with little to know responses from emails sent. I feel that there should have been better response time.

The Ugly
- Nothing that wasn't taken care of.

- Jim will be renting a van and ordering water coolers and bottles locally and transporting them to PDF himself in order to save money for the next burn. It will also ensure that bottles don't go missing when left over night before pickup.

- Jim is also looking into taking on Revs suggestion of doing an amazon wish list and having a single point of purchase and transportation for purchased items. More to come on that in the following meetings.


Planning Committee Coordinator

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