Purchasing Afterburn Report

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Purchasing Afterburn Report

Postby TheMadHatter » Fri Jul 10, 2015 12:33 pm

Purchasing Afterburn Report.

This will be my last burn as the Purchasing coordinator. Please welcome Jim as the new coordinator. I will be remaining as asst for fall just to answer questions and help transition, but otherwise Jim is the guy. Also, I apologize for not getting this posted earlier.

The Good:
- Carts were delivered and picked up without issue.
- Jim did a good job taking up the return of items and getting them all to where they needed to go since I had to leave on Saturday.

The Bad
- Water had 19 bottles delivered instead of 10. Not sure why, we were not charged for the extras nor did we use them.
- 9 of the 19 bottles went missing between the time were stacked at the club house on Monday and picked up Tuesday. We will be charged the deposits for the missing bottle, however I have not heard back from Culligan how much.
- It took from May 28th to June 17th for the BOD to respond to multiple requests to contact the Vets about this issue. Most of that time with little to know responses from emails sent. I feel that there should have been better response time.

The Ugly
- Nothing that wasn't taken care of.

- Jim will be renting a van and ordering water coolers and bottles locally and transporting them to PDF himself in order to save money for the next burn. It will also ensure that bottles don't go missing when left over night before pickup.

- Jim is also looking into taking on Revs suggestion of doing an amazon wish list and having a single point of purchase and transportation for purchased items. More to come on that in the following meetings.

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Re: Purchasing Afterburn Report

Postby Owsla » Fri Jul 10, 2015 12:40 pm

Thanks! (also reposting to the other thread as well)
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