Burn perimeter traffic barrel decoration - yea or nay?

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Burn perimeter traffic barrel decoration - yea or nay?

Postby Owsla » Wed Apr 06, 2016 8:47 pm

Hey Thudd (our illustrious Fire Perimeter coord!) and PDFers,

I wanted to converse more about the idea of decorating the traffic barrels that are being proposed to help define the burn perimeter.

I completely agree (with Thudd and others, for those of you not on the last PDF PC meeting call) that the purpose of them is to be visible (for safety!), but I would love to see them decorated in good PDF style so that they're visible and fun, unique, arty, and all that goodness.

Bright (even day-glo or blacklight!) paint, glow sticks, balloons, streamers... I think we could really have some fun with these. We could gussy them all up one of the days before the burns, or even possibly have this as a community art project and get it into the WWW as an event.

Is that something you'd be into, Thudd? And if so would you like help organizing such decorating?

-Owsla :)
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