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PostPosted: Wed Jun 01, 2016 6:25 pm 

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Starting a topic for the Spring 2016 post-burn reports. If your department got a budget or reserved tickets (basically, if you got anything beyond a volunteer laminate), please put up a quick blurb (one per department) for posterity. A paragraph (each) about the good, the bad, and the ugly is a common form, along with a quick summary of money budgeted vs money spent, but really, anything mentioning highlights is probably good enough.

(Anyone (participant, volunteer, vet, neighbor, internet rando, etc) can add a report here (doesn't have to be long or in any particular format). It's just that coordinators will get bugged about it if they don't.)

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Putting in placeholders for departments I work with... If Devin, Lizard/Fernando, or Thudd (respectively) post something more complete, omit the relevant line from the post-burn meeting minutes.

Pony Wrangler Report: A pony builder was found, a pony was built and delivered, and it burned nicely. Mission accomplished.

Fire safety: We had firefighters (plural) for burns on Saturday and Sunday. Mission accomplished.

Fire perimeter: We had abundant volunteers for Saturday's burn (even if two of them got a bit distracted toward the end), and enough to cover Sunday's burn. We didn't get cones this round due to budgeting confusion, but they may show up for fall.

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Much love for the community/coord reminder, Rev. Dave!

Planning Committee After Burn Report, submitted by Owsla (PC Coordinator)
Stats: The average number of participants in a meeting this cycle was just under 19, and the average length for a meeting this cycle was just under 49 minutes.

The Good
Meetings were held on schedule and no emergency meetings were called for or required. Discussions remain well-organized using our stacking procedures. We are fairly good at staying on-topic and on-agenda, and meetings are on average under an hour. Decisions from the PC about event budgets and event policies were discussed and completed on schedule for the spring burn.

The Bad
There is still a commonly-voiced feeling that the BOD should have a greater presence on PC calls so that they can stay abreast of our discussions and decisions, and so that we can have a point of contact when issues arrive that may need BOD input. While it is not required for there to be a BOD member on-call, it does often facilitate the smooth running of the organization (especially in cases where the PC spends time and effort to discuss and make a decision only to have a BOD member raise an objection some months later). Personally I would welcome more BOD participation in PC calls, and also encourage at least quick review of the agendas and minutes that are posted so that any potential objections to potential PC decisions are raised in a timely manner.

--Potential action: I may try sending the BOD direct reminders of PC meetings to invite greater participation (or at least perusal of agendas, etc.).
Note for the community: again it is not required to have a BOD member on our calls, so please understand this is an avenue of encouragement and not one of demands.

Some coordinators still seem to be under-informed as to the rules and procedures that govern our meetings and decisions (such as for budgeting, reserve ticketing, etc.), and that has again caused for some extra work in re-explaining things at length (sometimes last minute) and also trying to wrangle coordinators for budgets, After Burn reports, etc. Some of this may be par for the course due to turnover in coordinator volunteers (i.e., there's always a learning curve!) and that's fine, but in my opinion some may also be due to some coordinators not always reading or paying close attention to coordinator-list emails, and otherwise being a little "checked out" in between events. (Note: Some departments are structured for on-site vs. off-site coordination and that's fine for those coords; I'm mostly concerned when a department as a whole doesn't seem to have anyone in reliable communication between events.)

--Potential action:
To address this I am considering putting together a PC-how-to for coordinators so that we have a short document outlining such procedures as they are relevant to our departments, so that coordinators have written guidelines for how they should be interacting with the PC.

The Ugly
No ugly to speak of! :D

On a personal note, I continue to enjoy running the PC calls, even when there is pointed disagreement and differing opinions on proposed policies and budget items. While our opinions may sometimes differ greatly, sometimes to the point of frustration, I'm proud that our discussions/arguments do remain on point and do not devolve to personal quips to one another or upset grudges. (At least not so far as I can tell! ;) ) To everyone who's participated in the PC calls, I want to give very heartfelt thanks to you all and big hugs. I'm glad we have different perspectives on our issues, and I'm glad we can work through them together when we all don't just happen to happily agree on things in the first place.

Cheers all!

Planning Committee Coordinator

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Sanctuary afterburn report:

The good:
Sanctuary was set up (thank you DPW) and had adequate lighting and signage. I think people realized that there sanctuary was actually there and the people I spoke with seemed to understand the purpose. There was a short write up in the WWW which I think helped. We had 3 cots and 3 chairs and it seemed like that was enough.

Sanctuary training went well and was fairly well attended. I think that having training listed in the "events" list in the WWW would be beneficial as opposed to the information only in the description in the back. It would be nice to have a training manual in the future, as well as better logs of participants.

The structure of one lead and 2 volunteers from 4pm-4am worked out well. It is still my belief that this is sanctuary's busiest time. However, some of the "on call" shifts were hard to cover.

The bad:
The structure of sanctuary may need to be addressed in the future, it seemed to really whip around in the wind and I am not sure how weather proof it is. I would love to hear from anyone who has been in the structure during inclement weather like high winds and heavy rains, as this is a concern for the future.

There seems to be a radio missing from Sanctuady. We located the box and the extra battery but the unit itself was missing. Any information relating to this is helpful.

The ugly:
It is my belief that sanctuary is in need of SEVERAL more coordinators. I don't think that sanctuary is quite at a sustainable level of people at the coordinator level. I am open to suggestion and discussion for how to structure coordinators but I think that there should be 3-4 total coordinators involved. PLEASE CONTACT ME (JEN) IF YOU OR SOMEONE YOU KNOW IS INTERESTED.

I felt that the communication and synergy between the green dot Rangers and sanctuary needs to be addressed and restructured. I think that roles,responsibilities and expectations need to be considered on both ends.

PostPosted: Thu Jun 09, 2016 10:44 am 

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Lamplighters Afterburn Report (Spring 2016 PDF)

What went well:

1. My co-coordinator, Violet, our team of volunteers, and I were able to get the laborious job of putting up the spires done by late afternoon Thursday. We put up a total of 18 spires this Burn.

2. We were able once again to light the “street” cutting through the lower field for the first time in the last several Burns.

3. We had ample volunteers for the lamplighter processions. We also had ample volunteers to take down the lamps each morning.

4. We now have a surplus of rebar and lamps, which will mean (presumably) we will not have to order further replacements for Fall 2016.

5. We came in well under budget.

6. Tear-down was completed well before the exodus (see below for more details).

What could go better:

1. I neglected to buy the dedicated flashlights for which we had budgeted. I’ll resubmit this line item for Fall and make sure to get this purchase accomplished.

2. One apparently-functional spire went unused as it was sitting outside the shed, unnoticed until it was too late. Hopefully we can use it for fall, upping our total to 19 spires.

3. We still have a great many lamps in a state of disrepair. I was able to diagnose the problem with several, making them potentially usable once again. However, it remains a longer-term goal to identify those lamps that are not salvageable so that I may dispose of them to make more room in the shed.

4. We could use more shepherd’s hooks, and a long-term goal remains to figure a way to repair those few spires with only one hook (the other having broken off).

5. After consulting the weather forecast on Sunday, Violet and I made the difficult decision to cancel the Sunday procession and tear down the spires early. The decision was not made lightly, but our opinion was that the setup and staging of the lamps would be difficult in the rain, and the procession treacherous for our volunteers. We also felt that putting away our (fairly) new robes wet would almost certainly lead to mildew, leaving them ruined. Having seen the conditions during and after the rain, we felt our decision was the correct one.

Special thanks to my co-coordinator Violet for all her help and leadership, to our volunteers for their work, and also to coordinator emeritus Liz K for helping out with getting the new rebar bent.

Respectfully submitted,
Lamplighters Coordinator

PostPosted: Thu Jun 09, 2016 11:23 am 
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[Owsla posting for Erica V.]:

Afterburn report for the What Where When.

The good:
It was freaking gorgeous. Miss Fidget really did a fantastic job on her last WWW. She created a color version to be posted online and the black and white to be printed. The booklets were delivered to the front and back gates by 5 pm on Thursday, by the beautiful and talented Miss Fidget. I got the word out early on social media about the submission deadlines, which might have backfired a bit because we had 180 event submissions! It was too much text to fit in our usual budgeted number of pages, so we went up to 48 pages, which cost more, and we had to do some creative editing to make it fit and the font was kinda small. The printer was paid on time. And some people saw the pdf of the finished product online and wrote to me to ask: "can I get my event in" and I had to politely explain how printing works.

The bad:
We went slightly over budget, but was actually less money than we spent the previous burn. We're using a different printer (Staples in South Philly) and they can only guarantee their estimate for 30 days and it was more than that and we had more pages, so we were slightly over budget, but it was still cheaper than the Alphagraphics in Arlington. This is Miss Fidget's last hurrah, but we've already found another volunteer to take over!

The ugly:

Something to contemplate: Should the GUD be printed separately, kinda like the Ranger manuals, and kept at strategic points? The GUD take up a lot of space in the WWW, which wasn't a problem, until this burn when we had 180 events.


Planning Committee Coordinator

PostPosted: Fri Jun 10, 2016 5:11 pm 

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Burning art (Spring 2016 PDF)
The good: We had a lovely pony, we had some really cool art, and everything burned. We had a wedding proposal by the burning pony, and a wedding by the embers after the Pony fell. As far as I know, there were no reports of art-burn-related injuries, so much yay.

The bad: We ended up having to burn everything except the pony in one big fire on Sunday, because the logistics of trying to get all the little stuff to burn separately were daunting. Apologies to any of our artists whose piece didn't burn they way they had hoped. Also, yay for a mostly-dry PDF, boo for Sunday evening rain.

The ugly: People trying to burn stuff that we don't burn, like couches - I think a couple cushions went before Devin intercepted the folks responsible, apologies to MASH camp who probably got a face full of burning cushion smoke - and some weird chipboard-and-lumber bench thing that got randomly abandoned in center camp.

Gold star to Jill Nado for handling the wood deliveries. Gold star to MASH (and especially Fernando) for dealing with a crazy workload this burn. Gold star to Epic for starting movement on a workshop for folks interested in burning art. Gold star to Thudd for doing the heavy lifting with regard to people-wrangling to support a very special moment for Epic and his young lady.

Side note: While I'm planning on sticking around as the Burning Art coordinator, and Devin is planning to come up from Florida for at least the fall, we are are interested in bringing in new blood (because having a couple burns to spin up is infinitely better than trying to hit the ground running). Experience in burning art helpful, but the big part of the job is just doing the paperwork, trying to make sure the artists know what's going on, and remembering that the survival of the event (and all its participants) is a central concern.

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Playa del Fuego
Spring 2016
May 26- 30, 2016
Ranger After-Burn Report
Respectfully submitted by Mythic, Off-site Ranger Coordinator

A PDF copy of this report can be found here:
https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8KHmY ... sp=sharing

**Please note, I am abandoning our usual format of “the good, the bad, and the ugly.” I found this report required a more nuanced approach to the events that transpired this burn than that structure permitted.**

I. Report on the Ranger Budget for Spring 2016
II. Infrastructure, Ranger administration, materials, accounting
III. Shift activity
IV. Comments

I. Budget Report

Proposed Budget Itemization Actual Expenditures
Burn Items
Printing for burn:
Ranger Field Guides $100.00 $100 50 x $0.78 $39.00
Consent Posters $15.00 $15.00 30 x $2.38 $71.40
Water*, Juice, snacks $75.00 $75.00 Donated
Office supplies $60.00 $60.00 100 Safety pins $5.58
Stapler $16.97
Golf cart rental and delivery$325.00 $325.00 $325.00
Extra gas for gold cart $25.00 $25.00 $25.00
Uniforms $700.00 $700.00
Patches 50 x $6.95
Set up $40.00
Reflective $2.75 $577.00
Hats 12 x $15.08 $181.00
Plain t-shirts 10 x $4.58 $45.88
New shade structure $650.00 $650.00 $651.00
Lighting $75.00 $75.00 $75.06
TOTAL $2025.00 $2012.83

*We did not receive our water cooler (Budgeted $25.00) and water ($25.00) because of a communication snafu with purchasing.
The overall Expenditures for Rangers were $12.17 under our proposed budget.

I. Infrastructure, administration, and materials

Golf Carts
Despite concerns that the lighter weight carts may not handle the terrain or Ankle Breaker Bridge, the golf cart proved invaluable once again for the Ranger team. It facilitated set-up, tear-down and was extremely useful in rapidly getting Coordinators on Com to where they were most needed throughout the burn.

Ranger Structure and Lighting
The new 18’ x 30’ structure was delivered to the site courtesy of Jim in Purchasing and erected by DPW. Lock boxes were also delivered by DPW. Radios and lights were powered by outdoor extension cords run from the barn. Ranger HQ set up was completed and fully functional on Thursday, well before the gates opened. The structure withstood the rain and elements well. The lighting was excellent. A clogged drain in the barn showers contributed to some saturation of the ground at Ranger HQ. Pineapple was able to fix the clogged drain.

Ranger Training
We saw almost 20 new Rangers attend Ranger training on Friday night. Ranger training began with a shared session with Sanctuary and MASH teams covering radio protocols. Following radio training, Rangers, MASH, and Sanctuary broke off to cover team-specific training. Ranger-specific training included break-out sessions for new Rangers with experienced mentors.

Newer Shift leads communicated that they would like to have Shift-lead specific training since we have expanded Shift lead responsibilities. We are in the process of gathering information about what kind of training this would include and how best to deliver it.

We debuted the new Ranger Uniform this burn. This was done in response to requests from the community and the BoD that Rangers should be as visible and identifiable as possible, especially at night. The Uniform now features a 6” x 10” reflective patch and Khaki attire of the Ranger’s choosing above the waist. We received positive feedback about Ranger visibility.

We also instituted a new method of tracking Uniform items that are distributed. Uniforms are no longer given out at Ranger training but rather are handed out and recorded by Shift leads when Rangers show up for their first shift.

The following is a record of all uniform items distributed to Rangers this burn:

Name # Patches noted in log Hat t-shirt
Mojo X
Silver X
Tassels X X
Stephicakes X
Emyrs X
Lucifer X
Clownshoe X
EBP (?) X X
Chriszilla X
Ryribe (??) X
Eyecandy X
Godshot X X
Arrgon X
Johnell X
Owsla X
Chewie X
Refill X
Mama Potter X X
Whiplash X
Painter X
Tuck Planet X
Strongbow X
Mission X X
Kiki (?) X
Paladin X
Neil (?) X
James X
Henry Snow X X
Everklear X X
Zia (?) X
RatBastard X
Pixie X
Riff X X
Cher Kitty X X
Specter X
Isty (??) X
J2X (??) X
Beauty X X X
Logic0 X X X
Opi X
Animal X
Snuggles X
Mythic X
Total: 43 2 11

Please note that 7 patches were missing and remain unaccounted for when the new Shift Lead reported for her shift at 2PM Sunday. We are looking into this discrepancy.

II. Shift Activity- General
This burn, the Ranger team continued to maintain a detailed log of events that transpired during every Ranger shift. This log book was kept in the primary Ranger lock box along with our radios. All Rangers were asked to record events that occurred during their shifts with as much detail as possible, including timelines. In addition, the Ranger team has newly adopted a Shift Lead Log. The Shift Lead Log is kept in a separate lock box accessible only by Ranger Coordinators and Leads. The Shift Leads were responsible for accounting for all Rangers coming on and off shift, handing out and recording who received patches, hats, and shirts, and any additional information about their shift that was note-worthy. A compilation of these logs is being prepared and will be submitted to the PDF Board of Directors.

Summary of Events:
Only 2 shifts were reported as “all quiet”: Sunday 2PM-8 PM and Monday 8 AM- Noon. Every other Ranger shift saw significant activity, most involving participants enjoying the party.
There were 4 reports in the Ranger log concerning consent violations, each dealt with by Rangers.
One participant fell from Love tower and required medical evacuation by ambulance.

A summary of the number and type of significant incidents Rangers encountered is shown below:

Type Number
Consent 4
Domestic 1
Theft 1
Med Evac 1
Non-participant entrance 1

Minor issues:
The Ranger cabinet containing our radios was found unlocked a few times on various shifts. Rangers will be alerted that the box must be kept locked.
Ankle Breaker Bridge took a toll on participants, all well handled by MASH. The bridge was prohibitive for most carts to navigate, limiting cart access to the back field.

III. Comments

The Ranger Coordination team is considering several different plans to facilitate participants in the back field reaching a Ranger expeditiously whenever needed.

Rangers continue to work very closely with both MASH and Sanctuary this burn in an integrated manner, as needed.

At the beginning of the burn, we had fewer than three board members on-site even though the event was live. Throughout the event, Ranger coordinators were in greater demand and for more extended periods of time due, in part, because of an inability to expeditiously contact the BoD despite attempting to do so through multiple communication channels. The inability to contact the BoD in a timely fashion contributed to prolonging timelines for incidents that would have benefitted from a more rapid response.
Some policy gray areas were also noted that affected the decision making process for BoD members such that once contacted, decisions took longer to make. Based on this experience and discussion with BoD members, the ranger coordinators are working with MASH coordinators to adjust protocols currently involving the BoD. The goals of these policies will be to (1) clarify the decision making process; (2) facilitate the formulation of action plans based upon the policies; and (3) enact said action plans expeditiously on site, as necessary. Any new protocols will be submitted to the BoD for review, discussion, and approval prior to being enacted.

PostPosted: Fri Jun 10, 2016 8:38 pm 

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Participation Station After Burn Report Spring 2016
by Diana-Smiles, acting onsite c-coordinator
The Good
Sooo much was good! Overall, the Participation Station ran well with no drama. The new structure was fantastic (thanks to Jim and DPW!). Other volunteer departments, Playa Shakespeare, and several events were able to use the structure, and the PS was a thriving party of volunteers all weekend. The new SOP and volunteer job descriptions created by Apryl were fantastic and able to help the volunteers if there wasn't a coord or lead present. The new raffle boxes worked great and we had a huge turnout for the raffle. Almost 100% of volunteer shifts were filled on the boards by Saturday, with the excetption of exodus and some buzzkiller shifts.

The Bad
The heat. The heat killed our Roving Recruiter program this burn; it was simply too hot. But even with the heat, some of our more proactive volunteers stood at the corner with a megaphone and recruited from there when needed. Other bads: the PS needs more/longer extension cords since we aren't piggybacking off Rangers anymore and we are running the lines from the barn. Also, PS needs fans. We didn't get any new ones over the weekend like the gates, and the one we have has a broken stand and was effectively useless all weekend. On Saturday night, the lights in the PS were shut off for the burn and remained off afterwards, but a request came from the Buzzkillers to leave them on, since they now work out of the on Sunday afternoon, which left both gates without volunteers for the final shift. I found a volunteer for ticketing and worked the back gate myself, along with my camp mate. Recommended possible solutions: new cords and fans, leaving lights on, and anticipating the impact of the mass exodus on volunteering.

The ugly

The golf cart headlights had intermittent problems working. The company was called out, and the switch and wires were replaced and yet the problem continued, rendering the cart useless at night. The new golf carts are barely sufficient for the terrain, I was concerned about hauling too much weight with the lesser cart and effectively was not able to help with people hauling in; on the plus side, the service from the headlight fixer was excellent. (Thanks Jim!) Also, the radios at the PS are the old Dakota ones that we used before everyone else upgraded. When I was in my camp, all calls from the front field were static. Recommended possible solutions: upgrading radios and attempting to go back to our old golf cart vendor.

Requested budget summary has not arrived in time to add to this report, hopefully will follow later.

PostPosted: Sat Jun 11, 2016 8:29 pm 

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What day is it? What time is it? What's going on?

Participation Station was under budget!

- Princess Giggles and the Gigglet!

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Stage afterburn report
The good

This burn the stage got new equipment and some new faces! The org purchased two new main speakers for the stage as well as new mic stands, new wireless microphones and 10 new XLR cables to boot!
There were minimal no shows from performers and the schedule was almost completely filled.

*The bad

Rain and a need to keep gear safe forced an early stage closing.
We still need more help with stage. Planning on a larger staff for the fall
Any experienced audio engineers that would be willing to dedicate time to running the stage please contact us

*The ugly

We may need a different plan for MASH in inclement weather if more bands come and store more gear on the stage in the fall. Pavilion?
Early confusion about camping areas and space around stage for stage crew
Coordination for gear resting place/transport ongoing: Speakers are in secured storage (will be done tonight) Emyrs still owed $90 for mileage

We had to rent a uhaul to transport the equipment to the event this was an unexpected cost and not in the original budget, however the purchases on the stage budget came in about $200 under budget
I would like to request for half of the rental to be reimbursed as I only transported the equipment there not back. I'm covering the fuel expense as that cost would have been there regardless of the equipment transport situation

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sound patrol Afterburn report: by Pena
spring 2016

Sound patrol Afterburn Report
• Executive summary: Mostly positive with a few blips to iron out.

The Good (some copy/paste from last time, with embellishment)
• Zero neighbor complaints or police reports again, this makes at least 5 consecutive years with no external sound issues.
• Nearly everyone remained well within levels the entire weekend. DJs were happy to do whatever was necessary to get in levels when asked.
• Few complaints made it to my radio, and all were resolved amicably. Always remember, you can always ask (nicely) too, it's the neighborly thing to do!
• On Saturday and Sunday, all camps had subs off before even starting up again after the burns. Awesome.
• Some awesome, and MANY on some nights. Word of mouth even brought in a few!
• No real issues from the front or back fields.

The Bad:
.sound patrol never got the items we got approved for in the budget
.got a few calls about a loud speaker in the back field be used late sat. night
.camp wrong way had to be told to turn it down several time's and almost had to cut there sound off.

The ugly:
.a co-coordinator had to leave early and also quit so i had to to cover his Sunday shift.
.seeking a new co-coordinator

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Parking Afterburn Report 2016

The Good:
Great volunteers!!
Weather was nice (very hot) for the first 3 days - this helped dry out the parking lot (until Sunday’s showers started)
No major traffic blunders

The Bad:
The “Bridge” that was just after the entrance to the parking lot and the “Bridge” in the back field made things difficult. At one point vehicle’s undercarriage was ripped off while driving over the bridge after the entrance. Due to the addition of these bridges the parking coordinators felt that drive in/drive would be impossible and implemented the Carry-In / Carry Out procedure.
Due to showers the week before, there was a lot of moisture in the parking lot. There were a lot of soft spots and a few participants vehicles got stuck. One vehicle in particular had to call a tow truck to get pulled out after the event.
Our older radios (used for communicating between the parkers in the lot) are nonfunctional. These could be replaced with cheaper 1 channel models because they are only used for communication between the volunteers in the parking lot.
Golf Carts weren’t as durable as our usual ones. Headlights on one of our carts were directed up into participants eyes as opposed to on the ground where light should be. We attempted to redirect the light with tinfoil and we diffused the light as best we could.

The Ugly:
Bridge construction was dangerous to drive over.

In Conclusion:

Parking ran smoothly. We had a few minor hiccups, but all in all it ran smoothly. We are currently writing our SOPs and will implement them for Fall 2016.

PostPosted: Mon Jul 04, 2016 8:28 pm 

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*** Overview ***
20 projects submitted, 20 grants awarded for a total of $13,638.50 (out of a budget of $14,000), with 2 declining (unable to attend PDF or unable to complete project), 1 never sending in their contract or receipts and 1 unable to bring their project at the last minute. After removing those 4, we granted a total of $11,644.00. Since receipts and expense reports are still being collected, we have not listed reimbursements sent out.

*** Full list of granted projects ***
* 1 --- Bigger Better Lifeguard Chair --- $550.00 --- (Declined grant)
* 2 --- The Luminous Dance Floor --- $400.00
* 3 --- Baggage Drop Off --- $350.00
* 4 --- The gate of change --- $1,800.00
* 5 --- Ziggy Sawdust and the Chainsaws from Mars --- $300.00
* 6 --- The loan card shark --- $250.00
* 7 --- Ripple --- $300.00
* 8 --- Tye dye in the sky --- $250.00
* 9 --- Focus light --- $200.00
* 10 --- Incendio Fiore --- $4,198.00
* 11 --- Underwater Haven --- $400.00 (Declined grant)
* 12 --- The Hive of Splendor --- $644.50 (Unable to bring project)
* 13 --- Balloon Chain & Projection Art --- $550.00
* 14 --- Lotus-- the magic of transformation --- $180.00
* 15 --- Eyes on You! --- $121.00
* 16 --- Pony Screening --- $100.00
* 17 --- Weird Wired Work --- $400.00 (Never sent in contract)
* 18 --- Prancing Pony's Bungee Barrel Rodeo --- $1,665.00
* 19 --- I like Big Ball --- $280.00
* 20 --- Tower of !Babel --- $700.00



* We hosted an artist reception on Saturday afternoon, that was advertised in the What Where When. Although we intended to do an art tour, due to the intense heat, it was called off.

*** What went well ***
* Process
--- We received 20 applications and granted all 20, which I think is a first, at least during my time. 7 of these were fire art.
--- Posting in the P.O.N.Y., BPE, regional BM lists and regional FB groups still seems to work pretty well for us in terms of getting the word out on applying for a grant, though we don’t have a real sense of which is most effective.
--- Our process of discussing applications initially via email, then focusing the conference calls on decisionmaking still seems to work well, though there is some interest in using software specifically geared towards this type of thing. We may investigate using Slack or Trello.
--- We’re able to keep our voting process to one meeting that takes 2-3 hours, with some email-based follow up afterwards as needed.

* Reception
--- Organized by O Man (Co-Coordinator) and Sara Muskulus (Archivist).
--- Relatively low attendance, likely due to the weather conditions (high heat).

* Tour
--- Cancelled due to intensely hot weather condition.
--- Art Grant Archivist, Sara Muskulus, took photos of art grant recipients as well as the pony, despite the tour being cancelled.

*** What could go better ***
* Process
--- While we did bring on a small number of new people into the Art Grants Committee, having some more wouldn’t hurt. We will likely send out a blast to the community once more to see who is interested.
--- We may look to utilize an online project management software to better organize our evaluation and voting process. Trello and Slack have already been mentioned with the group.
--- More reminders seem to be needed for artists for: sending in signed contracts, posting placement requests on PDF website, adding WWW entry for related events, and sending in receipts.
--- Project issues
- Some concerns were expressed that the Focus Light project was not displayed prominently enough and may not have been available to the community as long as we would have liked. We will likely take this into account when considering placement of future projects.
- The big ticket item, Incendio Fiore, never quite reached its fully completed state. There were issues with completing the fire piece of it, partly as a result of sharing components with one of the other artists with a nearby piece doing flame effects. We will see if the artist has an interest in bringing the project in the fall to let the community experience the completed form.

* Reception
--- Attendance from artists and art grant committee members was still a bit low. We may want to consider measures to encourage greater attendance. Perhaps the date and/or time isn’t ideal? Suggestions welcome.
--- This event has yet to generate much participation from the general community. We always welcome them, we need to find ways to draw them in. Doing a pre-event sweep of the playa to announce the event may be a good idea. Other suggestions welcome.

* Tour
--- Did not happen due to weather. Still likely need to find ways to draw in the community to encourage greater participation.

*** Other noteworthy items ***
--- Reception budget - $100 for drinks, snacks and tableware
--- Art Grant Coordinators are working with Hatter and Art Grant Archivist, Sara Muskulus, to create an online space to share art grant photos. Project not yet complete, but we now have 3 PDF’s worth of photos to post.
--- We are still searching for a new co-coordinator to take O Man’s place.
--- “Art Grant Winner” signs were made by Jill for this event. While some artists expressed appreciation for them, some other community members saw the use of the word “Winner” in the signs to be problematic. If done for future events, we will seek to have signs read “Recipient” instead of “Winner”.

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Fire Conclave afterburn report spring 2016
BY Pena

good:There was allot different fire props used and a good number of performers.no one got hurt.

Bad:skully the conclave coordinator was unable to make it to the burn and was unable to call someone to let them know he was not able to make it.
the conclave meeting was set at one time then another and had ppl walking around for hr's trying to find out when the right time was.

ugly: the person who was eventually put in-charge to organize the conclave had to be relieved of there position b/c they were overwhelmed and didn't not know what to do or anything for that matter causing a big confusion right before the conclave.

no budget to report

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The Good..
The Bad...
The Ugly...

I do not like using any of those categories.

People came, we check them in.

Volunteerism was low.

We are always looking for more volunteers for front and back gate.

We are currently looking for an additional assistant coordinator as well as new coordinator for Gate.

You will have to attend Fall PDF to see the changes and updates, participants have suggested and which suggestions we choose to implement at the Gates.

Hugs and Love,
Smartie Martie

The PONY burns in 64 days!

~Ticketing/Gate Coordinator~
~Burning since 2006~

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Theme Camp Placement Afterburn Report - Spring PDF 2016

GOOD: Yes, it was good!

Weather for setup was dry and agreeable.

We were able to recruit the volunteers we needed; all arrived on time as arranged.

I was able to make a site visit three weeks prior to the event for the purpose of surveying the grounds and updating the placement map with the changes that were made by the Vets.

New Rangers location was well received and worked well for Rangers’ needs and new structure, based on my onsite check-in with Ranger coordinators.


Significant rainfall in the weeks before the event contributed to saturated and muddy grounds, and restricted where we could place camps and roads, primarily on the South side of Fields 5 and 6. Large tracts of swamp made it impossible to run roads/paths to certain areas we typically place theme camps.

A few days before the event, we got a request from Art Grants to place 8 art grants that hadn’t submitted placement applications. This was a week after Art Grants reviewed the completed map draft and it was published on the PDF site and submitted to print in the WWW. We were able to find spots for these late requests, but we had very little information, which made it more challenging. Going forward, we will work with Art Grants to better align our processes.


The Vets laid a wooden plank “road” from the red barn extending halfway into the back field. The wood was in poor condition and a potential driving hazard for theme camp vehicles to drive their infrastructure into fields 4, 5, and 6. Fortunately, Parking coordinators were able to lead many theme camp vehicles into their spots via alternate routes on Thursday afternoon.

I heard about the “road” a month before the event from Heidi, who got a call from Pineapple. I got in touch with him and met him onsite to check out the road and other changes to the grounds (fence torn down, new open camping field, new drainage ditch, patches of red clay, and a dirt mound in the back field). I and other coordinators who visited the site shared this news with the coordinator group, and we had to make various adjustments in a tight timeline.

Pineapple suggested multiple times to “have your Board buy gravel” (to smooth and fill out the road), but there was no time before the event to submit a proposal on the PONY, and budgets had already long been finalized for that cycle. I strongly feel that I would be better equipped to do my job well if the BoD informed me of changes coming down the pike that would affect the event map or placement.

We will continue to do our best to share information and work cooperatively with other PDFers.

Respectfully submitted,
Theme Camp Placement Coordinator

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Greeters After Burn Report

The Good
-Gillian and I (Alfred) worked very well together for their first burn coordinating with each other.
-We had art at the back gate, information about our event and consent for burners new and old, and activities ready for people while they waited in line for their parking passes.
-Volunteerism was decent Thursday and Friday.

The Bad/For Next Time
-Gillian ran into an issue regarding the 5 gallon water dispenser getting refilled. I'm not certain on the details at this time and will defer to her in regards to this situation.
-We need better radios. Of the radios that did work, many of them did not reach the Back Field.
-Bandanas were somehow not ordered with Parking's. I paid out of pocket for them and rush delivery to get them there by Friday.
-It would be really great if we could figure out a way to get Greeters even just one golf cart. I spent a majority of my Thursday and Friday nights shuttling folks and their gear, some with injuries, some just to help out. I don't mind doing this, especially during Carry In conditions. (I'm very open to PC input on this, actually. Is shuttling a service "we" want to make available? Maybe put a pin in this for later.)

The Ugly
-Greeters had great laid plans for the Back Gate that became pretty useless once Carry In policies were implemented. People did not really want to stop to be "properly" greeted while hauling their gear in. The "theme camp infrastructure only" caveat became a bit of an issue. Currently working with shift leads for ideas on how to make this better in the future.
-Carry Out policies coupled with the impending storms on Sunday resulted in a DRAMATIC reduction in volunteerism and participants in general.
-Friday night there was an issue with the Vets relieving the Back Gate. Eventually Butterbean was able to contact Pineapple and it was resolved.

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The Good: Had a decent core of drummers to keep the rhythm. Kept the burn time to about a couple hours which is reasonable for how long I can play straight and let others take shifts in and out. People did a decent job staying together.

The Bad: Didn't think about teaching classes. Gonna do two in the fall. See if I can't get us all synced up on 3 or 4 specific rhythms to keep everyone together. Going to reorganize the way we set up to keep the drummers together to help hold the beat and have additional instruments such as shakers and such along the sides.

Changes requested: Added Rod Gnarley aka Hippee as co-coordinator since he has both dedicated himself to this community and to that drum circle a many a times through the years, and he has proven himself a good hippee wrangler.

 Post subject: Re:DPW Afterburn Report
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DPW After Burn Report in Brief


-Volunteers arrived as scheduled.
-Structures were assembled, and were ready, in time for the needs of each department,
(Ticketing and MASH were setup as the first priority setups, the rest of the setups followed in a timely manner).
-Areas were cleaned up, and freed of moop.
-Structures were disassembled, as they were made ready to be by each department.
-We cleaned up after our collective selves.
-Department infrastructure was returned to the shed.

The following structures were assembled, and then dissasembled;
Front Gate Ticketing
Participation Station
Back Gate Greeters
Out Back Parking

The following areas were marked off, and were un-marked off after the event;

Anti-Aircraft Battery
Service Monuments along the road leading to club house
Flag Pole
Front Field Open Camping
Front Field Open Camping Walkway
New Walk In Camping Area Boundaries
Out Back Along The Electric Fence, going as far back as we have stuff for it.

The following places were cleaned, and had moop removed from them them, before and after the event.

Shed Area
Showers Front
Showers Barn
Burn Pads
The Ground

-We used the straw as best as we could, in the places where it was most needed.
-Communications within DPW, and inter-departmentally, were robust.
-random participants helped, as needed, when supplemental labor was required.

-DPW and the vets worked together to bury a pvc pipe, for power cords, under the road by the back gate. A vet used a front loader to crack up the earth, and a couple of volunteers assisted in the head and grunt-work of laying the pvc pipe, and pulling through the cord.
-DPW assisted camps and participants during different phases of their setups, and their tear-downs.
-DPW helped get cars unstuck from the mud.

The Bad

-There was a slight initial lack of available volunteers, when emergent tasks occured during portions of the event ongoing, and during periods of breakdown(not during setup, that was fine). It seems that this had to do with weather and people leaving early.

-We left a few things out not put away in the shed. A stop-sign(that belonged to a participant who later returned for it), a burn barrel, and wood piles.

-The coordinator of DPW did not submit an after-burn report in a timely manner.

to make it less bad

-In the case of an initial lack of available volunteers it worked out because random people stepped up to help when the need was expressed to them.
-For Fall burn we have been conducting a more robust recruitment campaign for take-down volunteers.

-We have a more multilayered verification-of-work-done protocol in effect for Fall burn to help with minimizing and avoiding the leaving out of items etc, and to help with overall trust but verification of the completion of DPW tasks..

-We are communicating to the community that any extra wood is to be left at the main pile are, and not to be left at camp.They may take it with them if they are not leaving DE with it.

-The DPW coordinator will submit future reports in a timely manner. The DPW coordinator and willing parties are working together to ensure this.

The Ugly

The weather was good, bad and ugly.

Budgeted Items:
Straw $175.00 for 25 bales of straw

Emergent Items:
Power-washer(paid for out of pocket so far, due to difficulties in proving proof of purchase, we are continuing to work on this)

Additional straw delivery $175.00

Total Spent and Reimbursed/Paid for by PDF $325.00

Andrzej Piotr Pawel Bejnar Sasquatch Shitboxer Yeti Swamp-Monkey
DPW- Coordinator
Rangers- Dirt Ranger

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