Proposal: Allocate reserve ticket for Archivist

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Proposal: Allocate reserve ticket for Archivist

Postby St. Greg » Wed Jul 13, 2016 10:52 pm

As part of our effort to further acknowledge and ensconce the Archivist role that was formally created back in January 2016, we would like to allocate a reserve ticket to the Archivist position (currently held by Sara Muskulus) as part of the Art Grants department.

Our aspiration for this position is to not only archive all of the art grant recipients at PDF, but to document the entire event (ie: theme camps, misc. art projects, events, etc.). We could use detailed records of the event as a promotional tool to recruit artists interested in bringing their projects to PDF.

As we understand it, departments are allowed up to 3 reserve tickets without some kind of special consideration, and the Art Grants department is only using 2 right now, so we ask the PC to expand the Art Grants reserve tickets by 1 so as to have one for the Archivist!

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