MOOP re-education (split topic)

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MOOP re-education (split topic)

Postby B00ga » Sun Aug 14, 2016 12:01 pm

Some thoughts on Moop/Re-education. A spot-check on showers, with a Laminated Poster/Dry erase board put up describing the quality of the stalls, notable items found, and "signed-off by" slots, along with a folding sign with a stand that reads "Showers closed for cleaning". A decision should be made as to whether or not anyone has to abide by it, but I'd love to see the showers actually closed until someone righteously volunteers to go into the stalls with gloves and a bag to remove the Moop. I'd suggest an actual volunteer position created for this, but I fear it wouldn't lessen the amount of Moop.

Before big events at the stage/pavilion, some housekeeping announcements should be made to the community using either megaphone or a speaker system, something along the lines of, "Backfield, I'm not calling anyone out specifically, but if you left that couch here last burn, I wont judge you to your face, I wont judge you while at the Burn, but I will judge you for the remaining 361 days of the year. What you did is bad, and you should feel bad." Announcements can also be catered to event specific instances, as long as you don't get TOO personal. I'm all for radical expression, but I don't want someone new embarrassed enough that they go out into the world and label burners as bullies.

Actually lose the dumpsters. Immediately the community will self-police. The purge cometh, the purge taketh away.

Also, I'm willing to take on an active role in this kind of thing. I've held Burner 101 classes before about the principles, I'm all for drilling this stuff into people's heads in an active and effective way.
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Re: MOOP re-education (split topic)

Postby karnak » Sun Aug 14, 2016 12:10 pm

GodShot and I took Spring off for our moop patrol that covered the Pavillion and Showers - we are back on for fall
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