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PostPosted: Tue Oct 11, 2016 6:09 pm 

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Anyone can submit an afterburn report, and we welcome input from everyone, including folks who attended but were otherwise uninvolved.

If your department has a budget or reserved tickets (or, in other words, you got something tangible from the PDF organization), please make sure at least one afterburn report gets posted for your department, because the PC coordinator will stalk you relentlessly if you don't and it's just easier for everyone this way. If you don't have a budget or reserved tickets, putting in a report is still awesome.

If this is your first time doing a report, one common template (that you do not have to use) is to separate it into three paragraphs, "The Good" (stuff that went as expected, lucky coincidences, shout-outs to people that went above and beyond, and so on), "The Bad" (stuff that did not go as expected, unlucky breaks, comments about what could have gone better), and "The Ugly" (stuff that went badly for reasons beyond anyone's control, like mud or flooding. General comments that don't identify specific individuals about observed bad behavior can go here, but please do not specifically call out individuals.) You can also include notes (that aren't under Good, Bad, or Ugly) about ideas on things the event (your department or others) could do better.

PostPosted: Tue Oct 11, 2016 9:50 pm 

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Oh, and because the question has been raised by a board member, I'd like to add an item for discussion at the wrap-up meeting:
There's been a request for an inventory of PDF equipment (which is not unreasonable), including PDF-owned equipment that usually goes home with participants, (like radios). As someone who was using his PDF radio until fairly late Monday evening, I'm a little leery about the proposed method of collecting all radios after PDF and sending them all home with one person responsible for charging and cataloging them.
Question for discussion: Is it reasonable to ask coordinators to ask any of their people in possession of a PDF radio (the Puxings, anyway) to take a picture of the serial number (just pop off the battery, the registration plate is underneath) and email it to a to-be-determined address so we can get a list of radio serial numbers and the (playa) name of the person in possession of it? This would probably be a after-every-burn thing.

PostPosted: Thu Oct 13, 2016 8:57 pm 

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Wood Wrangling:

(I've never done an after burn report on the wood before, but because there were some changes, I thought I'd give it a mention)

Our new wood vendor, Mitsdarfer Brothers, were right on time with their deliveries on both Thursday at 1 p.m. and Saturday at 8:30 a.m. We had ordered 15 cords for the org, and another 3 and a half for theme camps. Although it's difficult to measure just by eyeballing piles of wood, it appeared they had delivered the amount we asked for, charged us $190 a cord and there was no delivery fee!

In case anything happens to me in the future, and someone else needs to place the order, the contact person is Kathryn. Her number is 302-633-1150 or Fred at 302-540-6029. The order needs to be in at least a month beforehand. Theme camp orders can be taken two weeks in advance, because they're smaller.

We had asked for all hard wood, and some soft wood was mixed in. I pointed it out to one of the delivery guys, and he said he thought possibly some Branford Pear had gotten mixed in. There wasn't that much in the piles as far as I could tell, and because they were far cheaper than our last vendor, I wasn't going to complain.

The Vets have said that they're no longer going to collect stray firewood, and that it's up to us to gather it on the main burn pile. Unfortunately, I couldn't get my golf cart to the backfield to pick up wood because it wouldn't make it through the mud. Fortunately, one of the Vets, Icebreaker, said he would pick it up for me. And even more fortunately, the amazing Jim Barker, who was camped back there, took it on himself to pick up the wood.

The only correction I can see for this in the future is just to remind people that we need them to take leftover wood back to the main pile. I mentioned it to people everywhere I saw a pile of wood and burn barrel, and I did see lots of folks doing exactly that, but if I can ask everyone reading this to remind folks of that, I'd appreciate it.

Why yes Chef Phil, I do have wood for your holes.

PostPosted: Wed Oct 26, 2016 2:58 pm 
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Planning Committee After Burn Report, submitted by Owsla (PC Coordinator)

The Good
We came, we met, we planned! Meetings remain under an hour on average. We've seen increased presence of Board Members on calls, too. Decisions from the PC about event budgets and event policies were discussed and completed on schedule for the spring burn.

The Bad
No bad to speak of. :)

The Ugly
No ugly to speak of! :D

As has been announced at the last PC meetings and in other forums, I am looking for someone to train to replace me as PC coord because of the possibility that I'll be moving out of the area/country sometime mid-next year.


Planning Committee Coordinator

PostPosted: Thu Nov 03, 2016 1:20 pm 

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Lamplighters Afterburn Report (Fall 2016 PDF)

What went well:

1. My co-coordinator, Violet, our volunteers, and I were able to get the laborious job of putting up most of the spires done by late afternoon Thursday; last few (in the lower field) were put up early Friday. We put up a total of 15 spires this Burn.

2. Violet, a volunteer, and I were able to undertake a long-overdue inventory of the lamps. The ones that were completely unusable we cannibalized for parts (bulbs and fuel caps), and discarded. We determined that a majority of the remaining disused ones simply needed new wicks (which we have). Between these, and the “reserve” lamps we purchased last Burn, we should need no new lamps for the foreseeable future.

3. We had ample volunteers for the lamplighter processions. We also had ample volunteers to take down the lamps each morning.

4. We still have a surplus of rebar, and will not need replacements for the foreseeable future, assuming it does not vanish.

5. We came in under budget.

6. We now also have a surplus of fuel (kerosene); presuming this does not vanish between burns, fuel costs should be minimal for Spring PDF.

7. Tear-down was completed successfully.

What could go better:

1. One of our dedicated sledgehammers (which I donated when becoming coordinator) has vanished—again.

2. ALL of our dedicated sparkers/lighters had vanished; replacing them led to an unexpected expense.

3. We could use more shepherd’s hooks, and a long-term goal remains to figure a way to repair those few spires with only one hook (the other having broken off).

4. Violet and I made the difficult decision to cancel the Saturday procession due to the day-long rain and resultant mud. The decision was not made lightly, but our opinion was that the setup and staging of the lamps would be difficult in the rain, and the procession treacherous for our volunteers. We also felt that putting away our (fairly) new robes wet would almost certainly lead to mildew, leaving them ruined. Having seen the conditions during and after the rain, we felt our decision was the correct one. I am happy to say that despite the overall-bad conditions, we did do an abbreviated procession on Sunday in the middle field, which was not overly muddy.

Special thanks to my co-coordinator Violet for all her help and leadership, to our volunteers for their work.

Respectfully submitted,
Lamplighters Coordinator

PostPosted: Thu Nov 03, 2016 3:48 pm 

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After Burn Report Fall 2016
Participation Station, written by Diana-Smiles

The good:

Our participants continue to be rock stars! Volunteer coverage continues to strengthen and grow with the PS moved to the new location. We had the best coverage that I can remember on Friday night and almost 100% coverage for all other shifts. The raffle was very successful with even more entries than last burn. The majority of the volunteer sign ups happen onsite.
All-things-in-use inventory was completed with no major issues.

The bad:
Radios. New radios were not purchased as they take 4 to 6 weeks for delivery so there was not time. Using the old radios was less than ideal; they do not cover the whole length of the site. Radios will be purchased earlier via reimbursement so we have them for Spring 2017.
Volunteer coverage was weak on Sunday afternoon and for exodus, as a result of the hurricane and many participants leaving early. I plan to use social media next spring to encourage exodus volunteers, since this group doesn’t have much visibility, and to encourage those that stay “through it all” to sign up for Sunday shifts, since this is the 2nd burn in a row where bad weather late in the weekend resulted in volunteer no-shows.
Unattended fires at the PS. Twice I went by the PS late at night after it had been closed down for the night and the fire put out to find that the fire had been deliberately re-started and needed to be put out again. As our policy is no unattended fires, this is an item of concern. I have been advised who did this, so I will handle it one on one before next burn.
As a result of the weather and the PS station falling down (will be covered in the Ugly portion), I was not able to inventory the items still in the shed that belong to the PS.

The ugly:
Hurricane Matthew. Rain. Mud. Wind. All that follows is related to the hurricane.
As a result of the wind on Saturday night while raining, water got into the PS and onto the tub that was holding the radios, causing the generator the vets had set up for our electricity to repeatedly short out. Pineapple traced the short back to the wet radios in the PS and disconnected us from the electricity. As a result, the PS had no electricity for all of Sunday. Going forward, the radios/electric will be put in a waterproof location during inclement weather.

The soft ground from the rain and the high winds that came in on Sunday after the rain stopped, along with improper set up of the PS station cause the structure to fail on Sunday afternoon and the whole PS station was dismantled on Sunday. Exodus and Sound volunteer boards and the Lost and found were moved to the pavilion. Going forward, the PS will use the footers that are supposed to go with the structure, and make sure the proper number of ratchet straps are used and set properly. A number of the poles bent and will need to be replaced for next burn.

Note: taking down the PS on Sunday was very helpful to me and to DPW, who had one less thing to deal with on Monday. Once the logistics of the lost and found and the remaining volunteer panels were worked out, it didn’t seem to have much impact on the event. I would consider taking it down early again.

PostPosted: Fri Nov 04, 2016 12:16 pm 

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Drum conclave lead checking in.

The good: Despite the rain we drummed. The pavillion makes for a good shelter spot during weather like that considering you can't have anot expensive wood and leather instrument get soaked.

The bad: Due to the combination of the weather and me getting sick to my stomach Friday the drum classes were a bust, my co-coordinator couldn't play due to feeling I'll as well, and that made it harder to maintain rhythm due to a lack of familiarity with each other.

The ugly: Heard some big dude in a hard hat was being snarky about us drumming under the pavillion on Saturday. Guess he was just being snarky for snarks sake and didn't know what he was talking about since he's not a drummer :)

PostPosted: Fri Nov 04, 2016 5:19 pm 

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The Good
-Set up was glorious (thank you dpw!). The structure was well assembled and decorated. Greeter resources were dispersed throughout. There were plenty of snacks and water for volunteers.
-Nyk Giove was imperative as my temp assistant coord. Thank you to him and all my shift leads as well.
-Volunteerism was up for Thursday and Friday.
-Hug menus were a great success. Volunteers appreciated swag. Officially out of bandanas for Greeters.
-There was a megaphone at the Back Gate which saved my voice.
-There seemed to be more/better radios this burn. Puxing seem to be superior for distance.
-Despite Sundays conditions, super volunteers (Steve Brodie, Jamilah Dalton, Tim Crawford, and Greg Morse to name a few) stuck it out and helped clear the road and lot for several hours.
-Breakdown of the Back Gate infrastructure was masterfully handled by Chef Phil and Patty.

The Bad
-Two radios bit the dust-one due to battery acid, one due to falling in the mud.
-Thursday and Friday evenings were a bit clustery, as to be expected during peak times. Carry In/Carry Out was implemented which lead to some less than pleased participants-again as expected.
-We had no power at the Back Gate Thursday. The problem was rectified by the Vets by Fri evening.
-Vet relief was late again on Friday; showed up at 3:30 am.
-Sunday was a cluster again. Mass exodus due to Sunday and storms greatly affected the amount of volunteers available/at the back gate. The back road to the back lot was flooded which led to adjustment in typical GTFIO procedures.

The Ugly
-No real ugly to speak of-muddy conditions and low volunteerism on Sunday were the worst of it. Maybe the fact that some participants were lying about where they were camping to get a parking pass-that's about as ugly as it got.

Potential Changes
-I would like one golf cart for Greeters to shuttle participants arriving at night and when Carry In policies are in effect. If the Vet's tractor is not working for some reason, this would be helpful for our community members. I feel this would be useful for Back Field participants especially and will cut down on the amount of cars we have driving into the back (if drive on is permitted). I'm interested in feedback from the PC on this topic. Is this a service "we" want to provide?

The following changes would require data from Ticketing regarding peak arrival times.
- Martie and I briefly discussed the possibility (emphasis on possibility) of earlier Gate closure time due to low volunteerism during those times. The idea of Greeters at the Front Gate during peak times was also discussed.
-I would like to see either extra shifts during peak times for Greeters or Exodus (which would then turn into some sort of GTFIO team aka Transformus) that could direct traffic inside the gates. The front field/back field parking pass debacle plus a new departure traffic pattern lead to quite a car cluster. I'd love to discuss this more and see if there is a way we can make this easier on everyone.

PostPosted: Fri Nov 04, 2016 9:33 pm 

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Burning Art report:
The good: We had what may be the most awesome pony I've seen so far, and Quentin managed some magic to get a spectacular burn on Sunday night. Despite cold wet weather, we appeared to have enough firewood. As far as I can tell, there were no burning-art-related injuries. We had some neat propane art.

The bad: Cold wet weather. Also, limited art on Sunday night (but hey, get 5 different festivals in the same region on the same weekend and that happens...). We need to be more proactive in communicating expectations to propane artists on stuff like shutoff valve presence and placement (art grant committee has identified someone to vet propane pieces during the selection process, which should help).

The ugly: Nothing really rises to the level of ugly

The other: Could we get clarification on what the vets are doing with that berm in the back field? It doesn't seem like it's helping the drainage situation.

Skeleton report for Fire Safety (if Lizard puts in a report, replace this with his report)
The good: Enough firefighters. Weather cool enough to make bunker gear comfortable. No reported injuries or property damage.

The bad: No obvious bads or uglies.

Skeleton report for Perimeter (if Thudd puts in a report, replace this with his report)
The good: Perimeter crew showed up and were able to stay on top of the crowd, even in the mud. Kudos to the perimeter crew for getting toasty to accommodate Quentin's request for the smallest possible perimeter on Sunday night.

The bad: No obvious bads or uglies.

PostPosted: Sun Nov 06, 2016 9:19 pm 

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Moop Coordinator afterburn report
Good: Brian and Apryl were a great help in taking over until I showed up late Friday. Brian helped show me where supplies for sweeps are kept and I added new supplies as well. Brian "ran" the first moop sweep shift and they had some volunteers.
Bad: Personally, I found out at the very last minute that I could make it to the burn, and so I arrived to the event late and had to leave early which soiled some great ideas I had.
As far as the event, there were not many volunteers signed up or showing up for their shifts. The wind and rain made it hard to hold onto all your things which caused a lot of flying moop, which became "lost in the woods/mud" moop. People were giving up and leaving things if they got too destroyed or far away.
Ugly: Hardly anyone staying for Exodus. This is really when we needed the most help and unfortunately many people, including myself, had to leave early. There also was a lot of theft with the lost and found of people just taking things that weren't theirs.
Ideas for next year:
More online preburn prep (getting more volunteer sign ups early, making posts about LNT tips and tricks, have a solid Exodus crew with full sign up sheet before event etc)
Hold a "moop parade" to go around the playa several times a day to educate and gather volunteers
Moop n mimosas - give out mimosa (or virgin alternative orange juice/seltzer) volunteers can "sip n sweep" while cleaning up the playa
Create and bring more signs, maybe have an event for sign making

PostPosted: Mon Nov 07, 2016 12:47 am 

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Pony Wrangler Afterburn report:

Still not sure if this is necessary....but here goes.

GOOD: Yes, it was a great Pony built by Jamilah Dalton. The amount of detail, thought, love and dedication that went into it was astonishing.

BAD: The Pony budget has gotten to be so huge, we can't really ask artists to front half the money any more. $1200 is just too much to ask for most people. I've already encountered potential Pony builders who are hesitant to apply because of financial concerns, and we don't want to risk turning anyone off to building a Pony, so I'll consult with Dave Diller and Art Grants Committee to see how we may smooth out the money situation. (Dave D because he's in charge of $, Art Grants Committee because they're going to be encountering the same problem)

UGLY: Nothing ugly at all

P.S. I'm starting the Pony application process much sooner for the upcoming burn than ever before, because when you give artists some lead time, you get amazing things, like our lovely Lego pony. Let the Pony pleading begin!

PostPosted: Thu Nov 10, 2016 4:43 pm 
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The Front Gate Ticketing After-burn Report

The Good...
Overall everything ran well at the front gates for the fall burn.

I want thank all the volunteers who helped with set up, breakdown and who volunteered at Front Gate Ticketing.

We had many members of our community step up to fulfill empty volunteer slots on Thursday and Friday evening.

The New Participant/Wristband log was very successful for a faster method for participant waiver look up. We did have longer lines due to this new process, we will be improving this system for future burns.

The new fabric wristbands and wristband art contest was successful for this burn. We will be keeping the fabric wristbands, we will have a different style of fabric wristbands for the spring, i.e. no numbers hanging to be cut off.

The new ticketing sign and the rainbow pony looked good at the front gate.

Volunteers loved the Sparkle Pony pendant swag.

The Bad...
Low volunteer turn out on Saturday and Sunday, possibility due to the weather.

The Front Gate structure was not very secure for the rain, due to every other hole was secured, when every hole needs to be secured. I will be purchasing more bungee ball cords, so the structure can be properly secured and safe.

The Ugly...

Nothing really ugly.

Suggestions, Improvements, Proposals

I have discussed with Alfred, we would like to have a pair of Greeters stationed at the Front Gate during high volume check in times, as it is a great opportunity to educate participants.

For future PDF's I am suggesting to officially close the Gates at Midnight on Thursday and Friday evenings. Also to officially closed the Gates Saturday night and Sunday night at 6:00 PM. We seem to always be scrambling for last minute volunteers for these times. I would like the BOD to speak with the Vets about increasing the total number of extra hours, which is 16 per burn at 16.00 per hour, total expense for PDF 256.00. Its not going to break the PDF bank.

Increasing the ticket cap with volunteer reserved tickets for general volunteers, because every volunteer is important to running the event. I have suggested this in the past and it has been shot down several times. Its time to make this a reality. Some departments do not have this problem, for Gate departments, such as Greeters, Ticketing and Parking we do....
Yes, this suggestion will create some more work for some coordinators and BOD, it will also alleviate work and stress of coordinators during the event, because we will have a full staff of volunteers before the event starts. I think we would have more slots filled before the event due to the carrot of a reserved ticket.

A participant volunteers for 6 hours, either 2 three hour shift lead shifts or 3 two hour volunteer shifts.

The Front and Back gate we already have a volunteer shift log book to record volunteer attendance for his or her volunteer shifts.

The volunteer shift logs books can be updated to record additional information such as email address and have two people to sign off for completed shift, such as shift lead, Coordinators and Assistant Coordinator, or G.O.D.'s.

After the event, coordinators would record the reserved volunteer ticket list into a google spreadsheet for his or her department for the following burn.

Send emails out to the volunteers who received the reserved.

During the reserved ticket sales volunteers would be able to purchase a reserved ticket to the burn.

A reserved ticket for Coordinators to Burning Man :D

Still looking for a Ticketing Front Gate Coordinator, Assistant Front Gate Coordinator and G.O.D.'s for Spring PDF, please email gate-lead@playadelfuego.org for more information.

Looking forward to seeing everyone in the Spring.

Hugs and Love,
Smartie Marie

The PONY burns in 198 days!

~Ticketing/Gate Coordinator~
~Burning since 2006~

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 10, 2016 7:04 pm 

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XitUs (Exodus) Afterburn Report
Playa Del Fuego, Fall 2016
Submitted by Lilbit, Asst. Coordinator XitUs

We lost one of our own on Exodus Monday. Out of deference to those still on site at the time, I’ll keep this report to a minimum. We can hold our heads high knowing that every volunteer worked in a professional, calm, and compassionate manner - keeping it together during this uniquely difficult day.

(Quick Note: In addition to the usual jobs assigned to Asst. Coord, I also filled in on site for Fritz Kitz, XitUs Coordinator, who was not able to attend again this burn.)
The Good:
* An excess of stuck participants resulted in fresh volunteers, more than we could handle. Many were motivated, energetic, and expressed interest for next time. We’ll be prepared to harness that energy much more efficiently in Spring.
* Superstar Volunteers (including Booga Booga, Raina Raines, and Godshot) & several Coordinators from key departments sacrificed their Monday respite, staying on site as long as needed. This includes all of the usual suspects as well as some new ones (such as Sam Buca and Brutal from Parking). Much appreciation goes out to them.
* DPW rocked the house, thanks to Yeti and Karnak for their perseverance and ability to lead the crew through (or around) the tough spots to get it all done.
* We were able to feed a majority of volunteers throughout the day due to leftovers being donated and to Poptart being a good cook.
* Significant mass exodus on Sunday night, with only 50% (approx.) of cars still on site Monday AM. Although roughly half (est, by Parking) of the remaining cars needed a push or tow, to my knowledge all cars except 1 were rescued by Monday night.
The Bad:
* Too much mud to comprehend, it was the source of major issues across the board, and completely out of our ability to control. It demanded a massive increase in manpower that we initially weren’t able to match. We moved slower and learned to deal best we could.
* The pavilion was overcrowded with both MOOP and people. Poptart stated it’d been cleaned cleaned up several times, only for her to turn around and find it destroyed again. Despite the sweeps, at the end of the day Purchasing Jim still had to cart 5 full bags to the dumpsters. Then Fernando and Raina, each catching their fifth or tenth wind of the day, somehow summoned the energy to handle the rest of it. (thank you)
* Many participants, and some volunteers, were slow to move throughout the day. Some were cranky on top of it. It was rough all around. I’ll chalk it up to the rain, mud, and other things out of our control and just call it a day. (However, we’re already planning to step up our GTFO procedures for Spring.)
The Ugly:
* Anything that could have been ugly was overshadowed by circumstances completely out of our hands.

For Next Time:
* Ideas include laminated checklists, our additional reserve ticket (the third we’re already allowed), define specific positions/posts such as MOOP Map Volunteer, Hippie Wrangler (stationed at the pavilion), Traffic Director, etc. And checklists so to make sure we don’t miss anything.
* Holding off on anything more specific until we find out how the department will be impacted by impending community, PC, and Bod decisions and new efforts to collaborate with other departments

PostPosted: Sat Nov 12, 2016 9:39 am 

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The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

The Good *
Early Entry/Arrival Setup went well. Volunteers arrived on time, structures and the rest were assembled on time. During take down each dept readied itself, for take down and put away, efficiently and in a timely manner. Straw was useful where ever it was applied.

The Bad *
There was low turnout of willing and able volunteers for take down. Take down of some structures did not begin in earnest until late in the afternoon. Everything was done, and when getting done did not take super-long, its just got started moving in earnest too late in the day

The Ugly *
The shed doors need to be replaced. The shed is nearly completely filled. The lack of open space makes maneuvering inside of it more difficult. If it is not packed precisely, then there is not enough room.

Additional Notes (ideas for improvement / etc)
We need more willing and able core volunteers for take down. Use reserve tickets to encourage core volunteers for take down. We need a bigger/better storage solution. Willing, and able, individuals may follow along with the dpwcoord, during all of the times that dpdwcoord is fulfilling his onsite duties, to gain a holistic and comprehensive understanding of the process from the beginning to the end.

Andrzej Piotr Pawel Bejnar Sasquatch Shitboxer Yeti Swamp-Monkey
DPW- Coordinator
Rangers- Dirt Ranger

PostPosted: Thu Nov 17, 2016 10:52 am 

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sound patrol Afterburn report: by Pena
FALL 2016

Sound patrol Afterburn Report
• Executive summary: Mostly positive with a few blips to iron out.

The Good (some copy/paste from last time, with embellishment)
• Zero neighbor complaints or police reports again
• Nearly everyone remained well within levels the entire weekend. DJs were happy to do whatever was necessary to get in levels when asked.
• Few complaints made it to my radio, and all were resolved amicably. Always remember, you can always ask (nicely) too, it's the neighborly thing to do!
• On Saturday and Sunday, all camps had subs off before even starting up again after the burns. Awesome.
• No real issues from the front or back fields.

The Bad:
.A radio was lost
.had to shut down a sound camp friday night b/c after 5 times,the sound levels keep being turned up after levels were set.
.The rain

The ugly:
.not enough volunteers

PostPosted: Thu Nov 17, 2016 11:12 am 

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Fire Conclave afterburn report fall 2016
BY Pena

good:There was allot different fire props used and a good number of performers.no one got hurt.

Bad-the muddy ground mad it difficult to walk around the pony and made the circle smaller

-skully the conclave coordinator was unable to make it to the burn and was unable to call someone to let them know he was not able to make it for the second time.
-the rain made it hard for the props to light.

for skully to be removed from position and replaced with Sarah groove

PostPosted: Mon Nov 21, 2016 3:25 pm 
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(Posting for MrB!)

Purchasing After Burn Report – October 2016

The purchasing process went much smoother this burn with the new Google based Purchasing Spreadsheet. Folks placed items they wanted along with URL links to Amazon or other sites and I made purchases and had shipped to desired locations. Spreadsheet helped a lot and may make a few tweaks to it prior to the next burn to allow for notes, updates, etc.

Only big issue was groups ordering radios when we discovered they were on national backorder with a 6-8 week delivery time frame (about four weeks after the burn) so will have to be more on top of this earlier in the process next time.

There seems to be a lot of money spent on things that may or may not be being used for more than one burn. I will look at orders, etc over the winter and propose my thoughts in early Feb or March.

Golf carts were great in the mud and after removing a ton of mud off of them late on Monday night they were good as new. Water and other items all worked out as planned and very few issues related to purchasing this burn.

End of Purchasing After Burn Report.

Jim Barker

Planning Committee Coordinator

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