Proposal: Increase Stage Reserve Tickets

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Proposal: Increase Stage Reserve Tickets

Postby metapainting » Tue Jan 31, 2017 12:40 am


Increase Stage Volunteer reserve ticket headcount from 2 to 4

During the Fall burn, despite it not being super busy throughout the entire weekend, splitting the stage duties between just 2 of us was a bit more time tied to the stage than most other departments. Increasing our headcount would allow the duties to be split 4 ways, and ensure a better overall coverage for the role. Each volunteer will have to understand the mixer, and be able to troubleshoot gear and add in what comes. To guarantee qualified hands on expensive gear, qualified volunteers are a must.

As I understand it, merely a vote is required to move up to 4 reserve tickets for any department. We are requesting this motion be carried forward for the Spring Burn.
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