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Proposal: Send Regional Burn Cultural Initiative Letter
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Author:  metapainting [ Sat Feb 11, 2017 4:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Proposal: Send Regional Burn Cultural Initiative Letter

Proposal: Send Regional Burn Cultural Initiative Letter

Below is the text of what I would like our volunteer/coordinator community to agree to express to Burning Man. It is a draft inspired by Smarty Marty and the discussion on the PC call, and my subsequent pondering on the matter.

I would like specific feedback about the text and the idea as I have laid it out, and would appreciate constructive edits if we can come to a consensus on mods, and in general, have what I say best reflect the collective intent.

Here, then, is the proposition:

Regional Burn Cultural Initiative

The 10 Principles underlie the culture of the Burning Man community, a community which exists far past the borders of time, space, and people that frame the annual event. It is a culture generous in spirit, diverse in execution, and one that is growing through the prosperity and understanding that flows both through the annual Burn and the Regional Burn communities. In the US alone there are 21 Regional Burns, and the global footprint of the culture has spread to a dozen other countries.

These facts, and the experiences and expressed thoughts of some of the most dedicated participants at my Regional Burn, Playa Del Fuego, have lead us to the formulation of a question: is this culture, and the experience that we are sharing, truly and fully connected to the founding, annual event? Are we, as regional Volunteers and Coordinators, dedicating significant effort to our events, good stewards of this culture? Do we share its deep commitments in the same powerful way that was envisioned by its founders? Can the Principals alone convey the vigor of experience found in BlackRock?

Now, I know our event hosts a significant community connected to Burning Man. The structure of our organization, Board, and adherence to the guidelines sustains our regional status. As well, hundreds of participants in our twice annual event are former attendees of the "Big Burn," and many make the trek annually, at some effort, which helps maintain a thread of vital cultural continuity. This is at the heart of our interest and invokes the reason for this initiative.

Would Burning Man consider establishing a ticket reserve relationship with well established regional Burns for the purpose of cross-cultural pollination? The idea, put simply, is to instantiate a path for individuals that invest significant time in conducting and organizing events surrounding their regional burns (Coordinators) to first tier tickets by reserve, and reciprocally establish a reserve ticket relationship for Burning Man personnel to the Regional Burn. Our Burn could serve as a pilot for this relationship, and establish the precedent for both feedback and viability of the initiative, going forward.

The details of ticket count, timing, and the level of inter-organization connection during either event would be settled in further discussion. This communication is intended to spark that discussion.

Our burn is powerful and almost sacred to us. Our commitment to nurturing this cultural evolution is obvious and invigorates our efforts during, as well as our lives outside the burn, with magnifying effects. The connection we are seeking is a testament to the desire to understand more fully the complete experience, and through it, the power of what lies ahead of us.

On behalf of the volunteers of PDF
Scott E. Frias
Stage Coordinator
Playa del Fuego


Waddaya think?

Author:  smartie martie [ Thu Feb 23, 2017 3:18 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Proposal: Send Regional Burn Cultural Initiative Letter

All of this stuff seems cool.....

I personally would just like a reserved ticket pool to be available to Burning Man, for community members in a leadership role of an official BM regional.
Trying to obtain a ticket now, to BM is really hard compared to, several years ago. In the past, you use to be able to go into a store, in Reno to buy a ticket to BM.
BM does have reserved ticket pools for Theme Camps. Regional Contacts receive an appreciation ticket to BM.
BM does set the basic rules for our event, if we do not follow their rules. BM threatens to pull our regional status. We have to follow their rules to maintain our regional status. What benefit is it to us to maintain a BM Regional status, except we are an official BM regional.

It would be nice if BMorg would have a set amount of reserved tickets, to distribute, to official BM regionals :D

How can we make this happen?

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